Blue Horseshoe Stock: More Options Success

General Motors Co. GM

We went very options heavy in our report yesterday morning, updating our readers on the success of ideas we had earlier in the week, and also including a pair of fresh ideas, GM Weekly $40-42 Calls.

We’re pleased to report that all five of the contracts in our designated range produced the opportunity for tangible intraday profits.

$21 Calls – Range: 1.61-2.73 – Max Gain: 70%
$21.50 Calls – Range: 1.00-2.22 – Max Gain: 122%
$22 Calls – Range: .73-1.70 – Max Gain: 133%
$21.50 Calls – Range: .42-1.26 – Max Gain: 200%
$22 Calls – Range: .18-.85 – Max Gain: 372%


Burlington Stores, Inc. BURL

Also freshly formulated in yesterday’s report was our idea for the BURL Weekly $141-144 Calls, and we were not disappointed on that front either. While the bottom half of the range was pushed too deep into the money for any serious activity, we quickly zeroed in on the top performers, the $143 and $144 Calls.

The $143′s managed a huge run from 1.45-5.80, marking an intraday surge of 300% while the $144‘s posted a range of 1.40-4.00, which works out to a 186% rip.

More Fresh Options Ideas

For the second day in a row we’ll present a fresh pair of options ideas, one longer-term and one for potential day trades today*:

Bank of America BAC 07/20 $29 & $30 Calls
Lululemon Athletica LULU Weekly $111-114 Calls

*Never trade weekly options on a Friday unless you an expert level trader with disposable funds

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: DE Options Recap & More

Urban Outfitters, Inc. URBN – Options Rehash

We have been hitting one home run after another with our options ideas recently, and kept the trend going on Wednesday before the holiday break. We offered up the Deere & Co. DE Weekly $143-146 Calls as a fresh idea for the day in our premarket report, and it turned out to be another good one.

All but one of the contracts contained within our highlighted range recorded single-session gains exceeding two hundred percent!

DE Weekly $143-146 Calls
$143 Calls –
Range:  .82-2.50 – Max Gain: 205%
$144 Calls – Range:  .50-1.53 – Max Gain: 206%
$145 Calls – Range:  .30-1.00 – Max Gain: 233%
$146 Calls – Range: .19-.53 – Max Gain: 220%

From the looks of things this morning , we could actually end up seeing these ranges extended even further. Just be aware that the normal extreme risk associated with trading weekly options on a Friday is heightened even more in a half-day scenario like today.

General Electric Co. GE – More Options Ideas

We’ve been watching GE try to find a bottom for more than a month now, and finally, we’ve got a coupls solid signals that this could be the moment we were waiting for. Not only did the stock make a moderate rebound off of its newly-registered 52-week lows, but we’ve also noticed an enormous tranche of insider buying.

An order for 3M shares was executed earlier this week in the amount of roughly $53M. You don’t generally tend to see that kind of money sunk into a stock by someone in-the-know, unless they’re fairly certain that the current support will hold.

As a result, we are going to signal a range of options ideas here as well for a longer-term recovery play, with the targets being the GE 01/19 $18-19 Calls.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options, Bottom-Play Updates & More

Options Updates

We formulated our first options ideas of the week yesterday morning, and unsurprisingly, we hit on each and every one of them. Our acumen when it comes to identifying quick-strike options plays is really top-drawer, a fact to which any of our regular readers can attest.

Bank of America Corp. BAC

We took note of BAC 07/15 $15 Calls yesterday, which had extremely high open interest to the point of suspicion on our part. We were right  to want to follow the money in this case, because despite the fact that we have designated this a longer-term play, the potential returns were instant. Those contracts traded up from .51-.71 for possible gains of up to 39% on the day.

We’re certain that our observed range is going to increase even further with BAC having cracked the $15-mark here in the premarket this morning. Should the stock follow up yesterday’s session with another bullish performance, things could get very interesting, very quickly.


ProShares Short VIX Short-Term Futures SVXY- Our targets here were the SVXY Weekly $53.50-55 Calls and despite the SVXY closing slightly down on the day, we first witnessed some nice intraday moves to the upside that facilitated opportunities for the following gains:

$53.50 Calls – Trading Range: 1.60-2.10 – Max Gain: 31%
$54 Calls – Trading Range: 1.50-1.70 – Max Gain: 13%
$54.50 Calls– Trading Range: 1.10-1.65 – Max Gain: 50%
$55 Calls – Trading Range: .74-1.25 – Max Gain: 69%


We won’t leave you hanging solely with an update from yesterday’s action- we’ve got a couple of fresh ranges to monitor in the GM and UA options chains as well. In both cases we’ve got stocks that are gapping up on the strength of earnings beat this morning. Our corresponding ideas are as follows:

General Motors Co. GM – Weekly $32-34 Calls

Under Armour, Inc. UA – Weekly $45-48 Calls

Bottom-Watchlist Update

We placed RNVA and CLMT on a bottom-watchlist at the end of yesterday morning’s premarket report, following a newly registered 52-week low for each of them on Tuesday. We just wanted to rehash those ideas this morning, as both plays rebounded off of their lows in a stroke of excellent timing on our part.

Rennova Health, Inc. RNVA traded in a range from .57-.70, an intraday gain of 23%, while Calumet Specialty Products Partners CLMT made a 16% move from 4.64-5.39.

Now we’ll just want to verify the reversal in each case by monitoring the stocks in sessions to come for telltale signs of a continued recovery.


We’re also going to signal interest in The ONE Group Hospitality, Inc. STKS for an extended-term bottom-watch.

Extended Watchlist: