ENTB, BMSN, VELT & Extended Watchlist

Entest BioMedical, Inc. ENTB
BioMatrix Scientific Group, Inc. BMSN

We’ve talked about each of these stocks in the past, and wanted to bring them back into the discussion this morning. Both of these subpenny biomed plays has been trading in a sideways channel and have found new levels of support, and we’d like to start monitoring for any signs of increasing volume. In both cases, a relatively small amount of buying pressure could give way to some serious gains.

Earlier this year, ENTB brought us gains in excess of 960% as we called its run from .001 to .0104, and BMSN generated the opportunity at a mind-numbing 5400% in in monstrous spike from .0003 to .0165. Thus we are well aware of each of these stocks capability of making huge moves. We’ll be following closely through the upcoming fall season for any signs of history repeating itself.

Velti Plc. VELT

We added VELT to our watchlists yesterday, stating it was “gapping down to all time lows…” and to “keep on watch for a potential bounce”. We observed the stock fall to a low of .33, and this morning it appears that VELT is gapping up to the tune of 17% It’s possible that this is a signal of the bounce we were looking for, so this one will be near the top of our tickers today.

Extended Watchlist:

VHGI, Form-4 Scan & Extended Watchlist

 VHGI is an old time favorite of ours (we’ve followed this play since back in 2011) that has crept back into focus. As we encourage our readers to do on a regular basis, we received some correspondence from a subscriber who wanted to be sure that we had noticed yesterday’s 8-K submission by the company.The report states that VHGI has obtained roughly $65 Million in new funding.

The chart is exhibiting some promising conditions as well, having made higher lows for the past four sessions. We’ve pointed to a couple other key indicators that would seem to suggest that it is a good time to begin monitoring VHGI more closely.

Form-4 Scan Vol.II
Most of you will recall our last Form-4 (Insider Trading) Scan back in May which yielded some pretty impressive results. It was that scan that first caused us to become familiarized with stocks such as CETV, and ETRM, which would each go on to produce gains of 30% or more.

We thought it was time for another round of checking for insider buying activity, which can often be a good indicator of the level of confidence an officer has in the future value of his/her company.

Click on each company to visit their filings page:

Zogenix, Inc. ZGNX,
The Wendy’s Company WEN,
Manhattan Bridge Capital, Inc. LOAN,
PRGX Global, Inc. PRGX

We are going to add these to the pool of stocks we are tracking, and see if they fare as well as our last batch of Form-4 plays.

Extended Watchlist:

LLTI, AAPL Options & Extended Watchlist

LaserLock Technologies Inc. LLTI

LLTI appeared in Monday’s report, as we pointed out that the company had submitted a Form 4 Showing Insider Buying. At the time, the stock was trading as low as .19. Both on Tuesday, and yesterday, the stock closed at its high of day.

On Monday it broke above the 50DMA of .198, and continued on through .249 which was a previous swing high from back in March. We’d like to see the stock hold in that range as a future level of support.

At yesterday’s close of .258 we were looking at gains of up to 36% in just two sessions.

We are well aware of LLTI’s ability to make monstrous moves over relatively short periods. Earlier this year, the stock saw a run from as low as .025 in January, to .50 by February. If it can gain a head of steam, and retest those previous highs, we could see up to another 100% in gains.

As you can see on the chart below, LLTI has been gaining quite a bit of momentum, and we feel there is a fair chance that it will continue. We have an RSI that just cracked into the powerzone. We have a stairstepper of an uptrend currently in progress, and volume has been picking up. The PPO is turned sharply upward, and is diverging, as the bars on the histogram are building up to the bullish side.

LaserLock Technologies, Inc. creates proven innovative security technologies that protect industries, governments, and individuals from the rising threat of counterfeiting and fraud. Whether covert or overt, LaserLock’s solutions are secure, trustworthy, and cost effective and have been protecting businesses and their customers worldwide for more than a decade.

More Info @ http://www.laserlocktech.com/index.html

Apple, Inc. AAPL (Options Trading)

Our timing in pointing out AAPL on Monday couldn’t have been any better. The Street really took a liking to Apple’s iBond Offering, with more than 3X the available amount being requested, as you can read below from a PR released this morning. As this is happening, we are still looking at AAPL Calls, and must now move our strike price closer to the money. We want to monitor the $445, $450, and possibly even the $455 Calls.

Most of you will remember the $415 and $420 Calls that we touted on Monday, turning into multi-baggers. We saw 300-500% moves out of both of them in just two days.


01, 2013 (Los Angeles Times – McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) — First came the frenzy for iPhones and iPads. Now there’s a scramble for iBonds.

Apple Inc. sold $17 billion in bonds Tuesday, a gargantuan deal that ranked as the largest in global corporate history. And even though the securities are paying microscopically low interest, investors tripped over themselves to buy in.

In the financial equivalent of a line stretching around the block, investors reportedly submitted more than $50 billion in requests, or more than three times the amount available.

The demand stunned Wall Street, where fixed-income offerings are typically staid affairs generating far less hype than Facebook-type stock deals. But after a decade in which investors were bloodied by free falls in the housing and stock markets, the public is desperate for any investments viewed as safe.

Extended Watchlist:

VHGI, ECUI & Extended Watchlist

VHGI Holdings, Inc. VHGI

As you can see below, VGHI earned us a spot on the Penny Stock Rumble on Friday as the #1 Penny Stock Newsletter, for the fourth time in recent memory.

The success of VHGI doesn’t surprise us at all, if you recall Friday’s report, this is a stock that has brought us hundreds upon hundreds of percentage gains in the past. The stock followed suit once again, gaining a solid 30%, as it ran from the daily low of .068, and went on to close at the high of day at .09.

We’d like to see the stock break that level going forward. Following the .09-.10 range, the next resistance doesn’t come until .195.

We prepared a video presentation of the VHGI chart as well:

Most Recent PR:

SULLIVAN Ind., April 1, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — VHGI Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: VHGI) is pleased to announce the successful delivery of 4,868 tons of coal from the Landree Mine to Indianapolis Power & Light on Friday March 29, 2013. This shipment, along with a 10 car test train the week before, brings the total shipped in March to approximately 5,700 tons.

Those of you who may be new to our reports, and unfamiliar with VHGI, the company has assets and interests in the Precious Metals, Energy Resource, and Technology fields. Specifically, Gold, Coal, and Medical Office Software.

More Information At: VHGIHoldings.com


Ecuity, Inc. ECUI

ECUI has done very well since we put it on our watchlist. We feel compelled to mention that the stock is currently designated Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) by OTCMarkets, usually meaning that they are not up to date with current information. So we want to be very cautious with this play. At the same token, as we said, the stock has done well for us, and remains on our watchlists.

The stock has appeared in our reports several times, on February 27th, again on March 28th, and most recently, on April 9th.

Since that time, it has traded as low as .0008, and on Friday the stock hit a high of .0023, representing a 188% move. The chart still shows positive indications, with the PPO pinching and the Slow SLO in the midst of a bullish cross.

We prepared a video chart for ECUI as well today:


Extended Watchlist:
NFLX, WPNV (Lots of message board chatter over the weekend), LBYE (News Out Today)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FSLR, VHGI, JRRD

First Solar, Inc. FSLR

On February 27th, FSLR appeared on our watchlist as a stock we were monitoring  for a bounce opportunity off of an earnings gap-down. Following that report, it was as low as 24.46. This week, we saw a big pop out of FSLR, running as high as 41.00, for a whopping 68% gain. Quite impressive, as it is not often that we see such sizable gains off of a stock traded on the NASDAQ.

Following that run, a consolidation ensued, as it found a base at 35.95; a level that we’d like to see held as future support.


VHGI Holdings, Inc. VHGI

We’ve been following VHGI for a LONG time. More specifically, since December 9th, 2011. In that period of roughly 16 months, we’ve had quite a bit of success trading this stock.

We saw an intitial run from .21-.52, 148% for our first ever alert on VHGI. We then proceeded to see another move from .225 in December, to .746 (+230%) in January of last year. But it didn’t stop there.

After taking a bit of a hiatus, VHGI cropped up on our radars once again, on June 25th. By that time, it had come all the way down to .055. A few weeks hence, we celebrated a gain of 255% as the stock touched .195.

We then backed off for awhile, until it began appearing once again in our extended watchlist last month March 1st. This is after we noticed it coming off of its 52-week lows, and out of the sub-penny range. That was on a Friday, and the PPS had reach one penny exactly. By the following Monday, trades were going off at .048, marking another solid move, this time, to the tune of 380%

Once again, the play appeared on our watchlists, on April 2nd, and as a feature in our reports on April 3rd. At that time, we observed a run from .0195, to a break of its previous swing high of .048 (which nearly coincides with the 200DMA at .045) up to a high of .07, adding close to 260% in added profit. The significance of breaking the 200DMA is huge for the bullishness of VHGI. We’d like to see support hold there (~.05) moving forward.

If anyone knows this stock, it would be us. It stands as one of the longest-running tracked stocks in our history.


Journal of Radiology, Inc. JRRD

JRRD has appeared in our extended watchlist, for the first time on April 2nd and 3rd. Following that time, the stock was trading as low as .0005, most recently on Wednesday. Yesterday, we observed a high of .0025, marking a huge 400% rip in just a few day’s time. Those of you who didn’t have it on your watchlists from the time of our original alerts, could still have managed gains of up to 67%, as it ran from .0015 to .0025 during yesterday’s session alone.


Extended Watchlist: