Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Key Updates & More

NovaVax, Inc. NVAX

NVAX continued its multi-day recovery with a fourth straight session of intraday gains leading to a new high for us yesterday. We’ve talked about it almost every day this week, initially bringing it up in Monday morning’s report; at the time the stock was trading as low as 1.36.

It has made some nice, steady progress, and yesterday the stock made its way to  high of 2.25, marking an intraweek upswing of 65% on extremely heavy volume throughout.

We’ve also taken notice of series of Form-4 buys that were reported after hours yesterday, the largest of which was a 100,000 share block at an exercise price of 1.72. We’ll look for the stock, to maintain support at or above that level on any pullbacks moving forward in order to stay interested in tracking it.

APT Systems, Inc. APTY

This is another play we’ve been tracking since last Friday, and it too has managed an excellent uptrend this week, after we initially observed a low of .0036 subsequent to indicating our interest. Yesterday the stock traded in a range from .0065-.0125 for a 93% intraday push, and that new high marked a one week swing of 247%

We’re definitely going to stay on its trail heading into next week, provided it can hold support in the channel between .0072 and .01 on any upcoming pullbacks.

ACRE Reality Investments, Inc. AIII

Part of our bottom-watchlist that we submitted for Tuesday morning’s premarket report, AIII has made solid steps to the upside throughout the rest of the week, confirming the fact that we timed the bottom with absolute precision.

From Tuesday low of 1.0194, the stock has sustained a good recovery, and made its way back to a high of 1.32 yesterday (+29%). This is another one we’ll continue to follow into next week, as there still appears to be room for it to run.

As we’ve pointed out on the annotated chart below, the RSI is gaining strength having just breached the 50-line, the MACD is on the verge of a bullish cross, and the PPS is approaching key resistance at the 50 and 200DMA’s of 1.33 and 1.35 respectively. We’ll continue to monitor the situation as we close out another trading week.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: YHOO Options Review & More

Yahoo, Inc. YHOO – Options

After an impressive run of tracking multiple winning stock plays in recent sessions, we got back to some options-trading ideas with YHOO yesterday morning and were quite pleased with the result.

YHOO was gapping up early on speculation of a possible sale of its core web business, and we were looking for a way to take advantage of the hustle and bustle. Our signaled range was the YHOO Weekly $34-35.50 Calls and big intraday returns in each set of contracts were there for the taking:

$34 Calls – Trading Range: .97-2.36  – Max Gain: 143%
$34.50 Calls – Trading Range: .64-1.91   – Max Gain: 198%
$35 Calls – Trading Range: .40-1.45 – Max Gain: 263%
$35.50 Calls – Trading Range: .30-1.10 – Max Gain: 266%

It’s worthwhile to mention that big gains were also possible at higher strike prices, and it became apparent very early on. We mentioned this in our chatroom*, and members had the chance at up to 120% gains as the $36 Calls ran from .36-80.

CD International, Enterprises, Inc. CDII

CDII was among a group of plays that we put on our radars at the beginning of the short holiday week that have been jumping off of the page with big gains this week. One of our valued chatroom* participants, DJ, reminded everyone yesterday prior to the opening bell that there was activity in CDII (snapshot below) and everyone had to hold onto their hats from there!

What ensued was a monster run from .0019 to .07, which represents an unreal 3584% intraday romp. The news contained the announcement of a $350M purchase order, and traders went wild trying to soak up shares in what ultimately amounted to a dream-scenario.

We’ll be very interested to continue to track the stock moving forward. After its epic run it pulled back considerably into the close and is currently gapping once again in the premarket to the .035 area. We’ll continue to be interested provided it can hold a minimum of .03 as support once things get going this morning. Ideally we’d like to see the stock break through .04 once again and maintain that as a new level of support.

*We encourage anyone who’d like to get involved with our traders chats, simply send a Skype contact request to username ‘stocksumo’. We’d be happy to let any of our faithful readers get in on the fun!

Tautachrome, Inc. TTCM

We tagged TTCM for observation in yesterday’s extended watchlist, and the stock went on to carve out a solid 30% run from .03 to .039. It pulled back only slightly into the close at .035, and did so on roughly twice the monthly average volume.  It also marked the second day of higher recorded highs and lows for the stock, so we’ll continue to track TTCM provided it can sustain that trend.

Extended Watchlist:

ENTB, BMSN, VELT & Extended Watchlist

Entest BioMedical, Inc. ENTB
BioMatrix Scientific Group, Inc. BMSN

We’ve talked about each of these stocks in the past, and wanted to bring them back into the discussion this morning. Both of these subpenny biomed plays has been trading in a sideways channel and have found new levels of support, and we’d like to start monitoring for any signs of increasing volume. In both cases, a relatively small amount of buying pressure could give way to some serious gains.

Earlier this year, ENTB brought us gains in excess of 960% as we called its run from .001 to .0104, and BMSN generated the opportunity at a mind-numbing 5400% in in monstrous spike from .0003 to .0165. Thus we are well aware of each of these stocks capability of making huge moves. We’ll be following closely through the upcoming fall season for any signs of history repeating itself.

Velti Plc. VELT

We added VELT to our watchlists yesterday, stating it was “gapping down to all time lows…” and to “keep on watch for a potential bounce”. We observed the stock fall to a low of .33, and this morning it appears that VELT is gapping up to the tune of 17% It’s possible that this is a signal of the bounce we were looking for, so this one will be near the top of our tickers today.

Extended Watchlist: