Blue Horseshoe Stocks: WFM Followup, ZSAN & More

Whole Foods Market, Inc. WFM – Options Update

Our primary focus for yesterday morning’s premarket report was our running options idea from last week. We were mentioning that the WFM 02/17 $30 and 30.50 Calls had begun to heat up, and we didn’t want to miss out on the activity that seemed ready to kick our idea into effect.

Our assumptions turned out to be accurate, with WFM stringing on another good session performance. The $30 Calls traded up from a low of .54 to .90 (+66%), while the $30.50′s made their way from .20-.42 (+110%).

We also mentioned that a break of the 50DMA at 30.76 for WFM would prompt us to look at contracts with a higher strike price and later expiration, the WFM 02/24 $31 Calls. We did indeed witness a breach of that price point toward the end of the session, and those calls came into play as well, running from 20-.35 for a chance at a nice 75% gain.

Should the solid uptrend WFM has been putting together continue into future sessions, these could be an ongoing item of interest for us.

Zosano Pharma Corp. ZSAN

ZSAN is a play we highlighted on Monday after the company reported that in its ZOTRIP pivotal efficacy study, its M207 transdermal migraine therapy patch met both primary, as well as secondary endpoints.

We mentioned that not only were we going to experience the effect of positive study data, but a technically ripening chart as well, leading us to put the stock on high alert in coming sessions.

It was a good decision, as the stock has really gained momentum this week, putting together some solid sessions. In fact, yesterday the stock closed as the NASDAQ’s top gainer of the day. We’ve watched as ZSAN has traded up from a low of 1.65 to yesterday’s new high of 3.49, representing an intraweek upswing of 112% Cheers to those of our readers who came along for the ride!

Opko Health, Inc. OPK

We put OPK on bottom watch earlier this month, and after a few sessions of further consolidation, the past four trading days have shown some convincing bottom-bounce action.

The stock ultimately found support at the 7.99-level last week, from which it has logged five straight sessions of higher highs and higher lows, reaching 8.66 yesterday. While that action only equates to an 8% increase, it’s the massive gap on the chart to the upside from just under $10 to just over $11.50. We’ll look for the stock to continue to build gradually and maintain the current trend in hopes of seeing a run toward a gap-fill.


Kate Spade & Co. KATE Weekly $20 and $21 Calls

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MCIG Review & More

mCig, Inc. MCIG

The first thing we want to do to kick off the short trading week, is rehash the recent performance of MCIG. In our first report of the year, we were reminding our members of our ongoing interest in the cannabis sector and related fields, and gave a laundry list of plays that we wanted to track going forward from that point.

The following morning, we would observe a low of .1599 in MCIG, before it began a two week bullish run, and it hasn’t looked back since.

On Friday, MCIG attained a new three-year high of .38, where it also closed. That works out to an overall increase of 138% that we’ve witnessed with MCIG in the first two weeks of 2017. With the strong close, we’ll be sure to watch its activity closely as we head into the third.

Retractable Technologies, Inc. RVP

The next thing crossing our screens that we feel warrants some attention is the present situation with RVP. We took notice of a Form-4 filing last week, alluding to the purchase of a large block of shares by the CEO.  Thomas Shaw picked up two million shares at .89, just a penny above the stock’s four-year low of .88, which was recorded on Friday.

With listing standards stipulating the maintenance of a PPS of at least a dollar, and the added confidence engendered by an executive placing faith in his stock through purchase on the open market, we feel RVP has the makings of a prime bottom-play, and we’ll be very interested to track its progress in this regard.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: TBIO Recap & More

Transgenomic, Inc. TBIO

After noticing the stock’s significant premarket bullishness, we placed TBIO in yesterday morning’s report, and it’s a good thing that we did. It responded with a meteoric rise on the day en route to a very strong close.

TBIO traded in a daily range from a low of .67 up as high as 1.27, making intraday gains of up 90% possible, and the activity came on a torrent of volume, in the neighborhood of more than 37X the 3-month average volume.

TBIO continued to plow upward in post-market trading, and this morning has changed hands for as much as 1.64 a share in the premarket. Given the present circumstances, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the stock attain new highs once again today.

Puration, Inc. PURA

We were also keeping an eye on PURA, listing it in yesterday’s watchlist, and the stock recorded a modest yet solid session. On roughly eight times the monthly average, it traded up from a low of  .037 to .0482, a 30% increase.

PURA has been on a fairly steady upswing for most of this month so far, yesterday’s activity just being an extension of that pattern, so we’ll be on the lookout for a continuation of that current trend.

Ampliphi Biosciences Corp. APHB

We want to signal APHB as a possible bottom-bounce play this morning. Between it just showing a flicker of life off of recent relative lows, and the fact that it was trading at triple its current value just three months ago, we definitely want to keep this one on watch.

We’ve included a snap of the current chart, which illustrates what we’re talking about. This has the potential to become a solid recovery play in the days and/or weeks ahead.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: TBIO Review & More

Transgenomic, Inc. TBIO

TBIO was included in yesterday’s morning report, and the stock recorded a notable session with the help of a favorable press release. The stock started out from an early low of 1.58, and ran 29% to 2.04, dipped back to 1.77 before going on to hit its high of day at 2.11, an added 19% swing. Volume was immense, to the tune of more than nine times the 3-month average.

The news release from yesterday was pertaining to the company’s claim that they’ve developed the most comprehensive test to date for the diagnosis of Leukodystrophy, a disorder that has been notoriously difficult to diagnose; in many cases taking years. >>VIEW PR

There are a number of attractive features of the TBIO chart even after the considerable run it has enjoyed over the past few days- The strengthening RSI just broke the 50-line, and the MACD is gearing up for a bullish cross.

We’ll look for TBIO to continue registering higher lows, preferably above the 50DMA of 1.76, and for it to test resistance in the channel between yesterday’s high of 2.11 and the 200DMA of 2.15. TBIO certainly has a history of making breakout-type moves; twice this year the stock has traded for more than 3.50.

New Options Ideas

We’ve identified a couple of fresh options ideas to pass along to our readers this morning. For each of the following movers, we’ll be on the lookout for the occurrence of a dip-and-rip scenario Both stocks are gapping up here in the premarket.

FitBit, Inc. FIT

For FIT, we are going to monitor Weekly Calls (Friday Expiration) in the $45.50-48 range. We want to pay close attention to them the next couple of sessions as FIT has been establishing higher highs and higher lows on the chart. We’re watching for a dip from profit-taking, and subsequent rebound. If and when that happens, we should see some nice action in the range we highlighted.

Netflix, Inc. NFLX

As for NFLX, which has brought us serious options trading success in the past, we’re going to look for chances in Weekly Calls priced from $100-105. The stock just underwent a forward split, and there is some precedent for price increases following such an event (e.g. AAPL).

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CLTX Recap & More

Celsus Therapeutics Plc. CLTX

The big winner from yesterday’s report turned out to be CLTX. We tagged the stock after catching it on a routine news scan; the company announced an all-stock exchange agreement with Volution Immuno Pharmaceuticals in which CLTX will absorb the company as a wholly-owned subsidiary, and form a new company aimed at developing treatments for a range of rare and orphan autoimmune and inflammatory diseases >> READ PR

Back in February, a bleak annual report led CLTX to fall off of a cliff, tumbling from the $6+ range down to roughly a dollar. Over the next several months, the stock continued to trend downward, culminating in a 52-week low of .40 at the end of May. Since that time, it received a little boost, rising to the .60-range.

That’s where we came upon it yesterday, and it was fortunate that we began paying attention when we did. After dipping to a daily low of .5012, the stock ran into the close, reaching a high of .68; a solid 36% intraday move. The late boost of momentum is carrying over into the premarket today, with CLTX hitting an early high of .99. From our observed low yesterday, that’s a 98% swing.

We’ll look for it to continue to build its base with higher lows, and to potentially crack through resistance into dollar-territory.

Callaway Golf Co. ELY

ELY is contributing to the newsreel this morning, announcing the signing of a highly talented young golfer. Upon taking notice of this, we’ve also seen that ELY has been building a heck of a chart setup over the past few sessions.

The stock has registered higher lows for each of the last four consecutive trading sessions, and is exhibiting a great deal of promise with regard to a number of bullish signals on the chart that we’ve pointed out on the snapshot below. Between that, and it being the peak of golf season, we’ll be paying close attention to ELY.

CARLSBAD, Calif., July 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – Today Callaway Golf officially announced that it has reached a Staff Pro agreement with former college golf phenom, Julien Brun. A native of Anitbes, France, Brun turns pro after an unbelievable career at Texas Christian University (TCU), where he was a 3-time First Team All-American and a 3-time Academic All-American.>> FULL PR

EnteroMedics, Inc.  ETRM

Speaking of ripening charts, we’ve got to tag ETRM this morning as a bottom-play that could be in line for a serious rebound. One look at the chart is all it takes to see what we mean.

We’ve got an egregiously oversold RSI, and the stock has fallen to new 52-week lows in the past couple of sessions.  There are also a couple of gaps to fill from 44-.50 and from .83-.96 on a possible retrace, so we’ll be monitoring this play which we feel has breakout potential based on these factors.

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