EDXC, VGHI & Extended Watchlist


We noticed that this medical marijuana stock that we’ve talked about in the past is currently the subject of some promotional activity, based on the chatter we were observing over the weekend. The last time we mentioned EDXC was on April 9th. We saw a run in the following days; the stock was as low as .06 on the 16th, and reached a subsequent high of .105 the next day.
As for today, we are looking to take advantage of any price surge that may occur as a result of the pending promotions, locking in profits by selling into strength, and exiting before the excitement dies down. We expect a pullback to immediately follow any significant run, at which time we can re-assess the feasibility of re-entry.

This play is another prime example of a stock that we’ve already been tracking and are familiar with, being the focal point of promotional activity. As is often the case, we bring these plays to our audience well in advance. It is also the reason why we continually track all of the stocks that appear in our reports, even after the trail has gone cold, because you never know when one is going to heat up once again.


PHOENIX, April 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Endexx Corporation (OTC Pink: EDXC) introduces M3 Hub (Medical Marijuana Management) and www.m3hub.com.

The M3 Hub Technology Platform is a new division of Endexx and is being prepared for “go to market” in 2013/2014. Over 18 States have received voter approval for the legalization and advancement of the Medical Marijuana Movement. Endexx initiated an intense due diligence and technology solutions research cycle at the beginning of 2013. We have established key industry relationships, made two acquisitions and have identified multiple joint venture candidates, technology and service alliances and most importantly the necessary technology solutions that will establish M3 Hub as one of the key companies in the sustainability and growth of the Medical Marijuana Industry. Please visit the new website for further information on the company.

VHGI Holdings, Inc.

Some of you may remember us mentioning our being featured as the winner of the Penny Stock Rumble recently as a result of our call of VGHI. In fact, this play has brought us several hundreds in percentage gains over the long period of time we’ve been following its activity.

Recently, the stock has been holding support in the high .05’s-.06 range. We think the current conditions could provide us with a chance at further gains, if it can continue to hold above the 20DMA at .0653.

Last week, the company updated us as to the ongoing status of its multi-year coal supply contract:

SULLIVAN, Ind., April 22, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — VHGI Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: VHGI), announced today that it has successfully delivered 4,836 tons of coal from the Landree Mine to a previously announced local utility. The shipment represents the second delivery of coal to this local utility under a multi-year agreement. For 2013, VHGI has shipped approximately 10,500 tons under the contract. The next shipment is scheduled for early May 2013.


Side Notes: LLTI – Recently Filed Form 4 Showing Insider Buying

AAPL – Next key resistance at $429. We will be paying close attention to the $415 and $420 Calls. Friday, the $415 Calls went from a low of .58, to a high of 3.75. Fridays are our favorite day to trade the weekly options, because by then, some of the premium is sucked out through time decay!

Extended Watchlist: