Explosive Options Gains, More New Ideas

Options Train Keeps Rolling:

Once again, we’re kicking off our daily report with positive options trading highlights. With an assist from the markets which reversed off of the previous sessions’ bearishness and pushed to new highs all day, all of the quick-strike weekly options plays we signaled in yesterday morning’s report experienced considerable intraday moves.

We were looking at the ISRG Weekly $835-850 Calls, the EW Weekly $89.50-92 Calls, and the NFLX Weekly $495-505 Calls, and some of the targets therein produced exceedingly impressive runs on the day. The ranges and total possible daily profits in those contract sets were as follows:

ISRG Weekly $835-850 Calls 
$835: 9.70-58.03 (+498%)
$840: 4.30-51.90 (+1106%)
$845 : 5.42-44.60 (+723%)
$850 : 2.35-43.63 (+1756%)

EW Weekly $89.50-92 Calls 
$89.50: 2.50-6.50 (+160%)
$90: 1.30-5.62 (+332%)
$91 : 1.11-4.40 (+296%)
$92 : .50-3.70 (+640%)

NFLX Weekly $495-505 Calls
$495: 13.00-20.58 (+58%)
$497.50: 12.00-18.51 (+54%)
$500 : 9.20-16.79 (+82%)
$502.50 : 8.00-14.22 (+78%)
$505 : 6.08-12.73 (+109%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
BA Weekly $235-237.50 Calls
BA 05/07 $242.50-245 Calls
EFX 05/21 $210-220 Calls
KMI Weekly $16.50-17 Calls

Blue Sphere Corp. BLSP – We also had BLSP jump off of yesterday’s extended watchlist and make a considerable move. Our watchlists are typically where you can find our more speculative interests such as OTC plays. In this case the stock bore a Caveat Emptor designation which is typically something to steer clear of, but our decision to include it in our report was good one.

We saw a sizable intraday run from a low of .0028 to a high of .006, which marks a very respectable move of 114%

Extended Watchlist:

Options Ideas, OTC Runners & More

Options Review: 

Our pair of fresh options ideas from yesterday morning’s premarket report in the UPS and TLRY chains, turned out to be solid picks. We saw multibag intraday gain opportunities in each and every contract we watchlisted.

Here are the daily ranges and total single-session gains possible for anyone who caught our alert: 

UPS Weekly $157.50-165 Calls
 2.03-6.27 (+209%)
$160: 1.11-4.31 (+288%)
$162.50: .61-2.78 (+356%)
$165: .36-1.65 (+388%)

TLRY Weekly $19-19.50 Calls 
$19: 1.21-5.00 (+313%)
$19.50: 1.00-4.70 (+370%)

We’re going to want to stick with TLRY, which has been on the move along with other cannabis related stocks, and will go ahead and roll up our targeted strike area to the TLRY  Weekly $24-26 Calls.

Fresh Options Ideas:
EA Weekly $146-144 Puts
SNE Weekly $104-106 Calls

OTC Alternative Energy Runners

We’ve seen all kinds of increased trading activity on the OTC Markets in recent months, with new opportunities coming on a daily basis. For example, here are a couple of plays that we featured in Monday’s premarket report which focused on the green energy space, and the very respectable runs they have subsequently recorded.

Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. CETY 
Range: .09-.1849
Gained: 105%

Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. ASTI
Range: .0168-.023
Gained: 37%

Viper Networks, Inc. VPER 

We brought VPER to the members of our premium service private chat last Monday, January 25th, at which time the stock was trading for as little as .0013 per share. Yesterday the stock touched a new high of .0165, which marked a six-session upswing of 1169%

We have enrolled dozens of traders who are eager to learn, and encourage anyone with interest to contact us today about becoming a premium member. Here’s the current pay schedule, subject to change as membership continues to grow, so secure your spot now:

– $75: Access to our private Telegram channel where we post real-time trade ideas

– $125: Same as above, also includes video of new and archived bi-weekly classes

 – $250: All of the above + 30 minutes of 1-on-1 time with an expert each month

To get enrolled today, please send an email with your contact information and a brief description of your trading history to bullinadvantage@aol.com

Extended Watchlist:

Green Energy Stocks, Form-4’s, Fresh Options Ideas

Alternative Energy Focus:

At the end of last week, we indicated that we had an interesting alternative energy play to look at this morning. Instead of one, we went ahead and unearthed a trio of companies in the space. In addition to the US rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, it would seem likely that further measures toward curtailing pollution are definitely on the horizon, out of necessity.

We expect to be focusing more and more on “green” plays as time goes on, and society is forced into finding more sustainable and renewable ways to serve its high energy demand. From waste-to-energy, to solar, and everything in between, these are the types of ideas that will endure long after the last drop of fossil fuel has been burned. Today, we’ve selected a variety of different alternative energy stocks trading at very different price points on the OTC Market to spotlight.

Renewable Energy & Power, Inc. RBNW
Last Traded: .0007

Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. ASTI
:Last Traded: .0177

Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. CETY 
Last Traded: .093

We expect to continue building a watchlist of interesting clean and renewable energy companies going forward, as the need for them grows in an increasingly energy hungry world.

Athira Pharma, Inc. ATHA 

We also caught ATHA this morning as a stock with a solid setup on the chart, along with some recent insider buying near its current bottom. Just a month a ago the stock was trading close to $35, and has recently been showing signs of a bottom bounce down here in the $21-22 area.

In addition to a topside gap on the chart, ATHA is currently seeing its MACD converging for a bullish cross, so we’re definitely going to put this one on watch.

Fresh Options Ideas:
BABA Weekly $255 Calls
ON Weekly $34.50-35 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: