VHGI, Form-4 Scan & Extended Watchlist

 VHGI is an old time favorite of ours (we’ve followed this play since back in 2011) that has crept back into focus. As we encourage our readers to do on a regular basis, we received some correspondence from a subscriber who wanted to be sure that we had noticed yesterday’s 8-K submission by the company.The report states that VHGI has obtained roughly $65 Million in new funding.

The chart is exhibiting some promising conditions as well, having made higher lows for the past four sessions. We’ve pointed to a couple other key indicators that would seem to suggest that it is a good time to begin monitoring VHGI more closely.

Form-4 Scan Vol.II
Most of you will recall our last Form-4 (Insider Trading) Scan back in May which yielded some pretty impressive results. It was that scan that first caused us to become familiarized with stocks such as CETV, and ETRM, which would each go on to produce gains of 30% or more.

We thought it was time for another round of checking for insider buying activity, which can often be a good indicator of the level of confidence an officer has in the future value of his/her company.

Click on each company to visit their filings page:

Zogenix, Inc. ZGNX,
The Wendy’s Company WEN,
Manhattan Bridge Capital, Inc. LOAN,
PRGX Global, Inc. PRGX

We are going to add these to the pool of stocks we are tracking, and see if they fare as well as our last batch of Form-4 plays.

Extended Watchlist: