RENU & Extended Watchlist

Renuen Corp. RENU

RENU appeared on our extended watchlist back on March 14th. At the time, it was trading as low as .0021, and went on to hit .0045 on March 25th. After receding back to its support level at .0022, the stock ran again, this time to .0037. This week, we’ve seen an increase in volume as a result of recent positive news announcements, which bode well for the company. We want to continue to monitor RENU’s activity, as well as participate in tonights conference call, details of which can be found below.

The conditions on the chart are somewhat favorable, though we would like to see momentum and volume continue to pick up. We like the way the RSI is heading North, both the MACD and the Slow STO recently crossed over and are showing divergence at this time.

Included in the recent developments was the acquisition of Total Exteriors Corporation, a solar and renewable energy construction company.

In addition, CEO Don Wood will conduct a webinar tonight, May 2, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. EDT. The company will discuss current projects, acquisitions, growth strategy, and more.To participate, register at the following address: You will then be able to listen on your computer, or call: (470) 200-0305 Access Code: 857-011-329 Webinar ID: 407-072-665.

Extended Watchlist: