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Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. PLPL

Good morning traders, we hope everyone had an enjoyable long weekend. We’re bringing a new stock into the mix this morning in the agricultural/biotechnology business. The company’s main holding consists of an 8000+ acre plantation located in Mpumalanga, South Africa (2000 acres of which are used for production of green tea), and a recent licensing and raw-material provision agreement has it aligned with Phyto Nutricare.

This partnership will facilitate the delivery of Phytofare™ branded botanical extracts and nutraceuticals to the international marketplace. Some of the highlights of the Phytofare line include:

  • Patented Formula – The products are a result of years of research into plant extracts.
  • Consist of extracts taken from LIVING plant material, setting Phytofare™ apart.
  • Improved integration into bloodstream, known as “bio-availability” (More on that below)
  • Contain Nano-Sized Particles for maximum cell permeability.
  • Unique Isomeric Properties (Isomers are particles with the same molecular properties as a given element, while having different chemical properties.)

Plandai, through Phytofare™, has a chance at making a real dent in the green tea extract market. Currently, even high-purity green tea extracts on today’s market have been tested and found to be lacking in bio-availability, that is only a small amount (≤10%) of the essential nutrients are absorbed into the system. However, in USDA tests, Phytofare extracts have demonstrated improved bio-availability levels to as much as 60-80% which obviously is a dramatic increase in potency.

This apparent leap forward in green tea extract technology should allow PLPL to make its mark on the cosmeceutical, health & wellness, as well as the food & beverage industries. After all, who among current green tea extract consumers wouldn’t want the benefit of the same products they’ve come to appreciate having exponentially increased effectiveness? For this reason, we’re anxious to include PLPL on our watchlists moving forward.

We’ve also prepared a video of the PLPL chart to point out some of the highlights:

Additionally, the good folks over at BARCHART.COM currently give PLPL a 72% Overall “Buy” Rating, Including a 100% Rating on Long-Term Indicators.

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