Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CELZ Recap & More

Creative Medical Technology Holdings, Inc. CELZ

We mentioned CELZ at the outset of this week, in our report from Monday morning, and we wanted to return today to recap the stock’s excellent performance since then. On Monday a low of .0283 was recorded, and after a few bullish sessions it attained a new high of .0575 yesterday.

That worked out to a three-day increase of 103% on steadily rising volume, and with the PPS now currently in blue skies, we’re going to be very interested to continue monitoring the activity in CELZ as we head into week’s end.

General Mills, Inc. GIS

We would also like to recap the performance of the options ideas we submitted for General Mills yesterday. The pair of contracts we highlighted, the GIS Weekly $45 & $47.50 Calls, each managed to produce notable intraday moves.

The $45 Calls ran from a low of 1.22 to as much as 2.39 for a gain of 96% The $47.50′s fared slightly better, trading up from a low of .34 to .78; a 129% single-session rip.

Fresh Options Idea:
Accenture plc. ACN Weekly $157.50-162.50 Calls

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MRTX Recap & More

 Mirati Therapeutics, Inc. MRTX

After reporting positive cancer trial results on Friday, we talked about MRTX being poised for a big move and we weren’t incorrect.

The stock exploded out of the gate right from the outset, and traded in an impressive range from 9.15 to 12.40 early on in the day. That was good for a 35% intraday run- excellent for a $9+ stock. This is the third time in as many weeks we’ve called a stock that was approaching the ten dollar range and saw it gain more than a third in value in a single session.

Not only did MRTX trade up big on many times more thanits average volume, but it managed to maintain well over half of its daily advance, so we’ll be interested to continue monitoring its activity as we kick off a fresh trading week.

Iconic Brands, Inc. ICNB

We want to place ICNB on bottom-watch after taking a look at the recent history of the chart. This stock exhibits some really nice volatility and is coming down off of a significant spike.

When it finds support and rebounds, we could see a notable swing trade opportunity. The last such swing took the stock from the .003 range to .014.

The company recently announced its brand of Prosecco endorsed by former supermodel Christie Brinkley would be carried by Publix stores, so we’ll also be looking for further updates on that part of the story as well.

Pluristem Therapeutics, Inc. PSTI

We tagged PSTI for observation roughly a month ago, and have since seen a moderate move up on the chart, and will want to continue monitoring the situation.

The run the stock has made thus far is a marginal 27%, but things this morning have taken an interesting turn as the company announced the FDA granted fast track status to one of its treatments.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: APYP Recap & More

AppYea, Inc. APYP

We re-alerted our readers on APYP on Friday morning, after having included it in our premarket report exactly two weeks ago today. It has made some good progress since then, so we’d like to kick things off this morning by providing an update on the moves it has made.

Friday’s session produced a nice intraday gain from a low of .0029 up to a new high of .0044, for a solid 52% upswing, and from the low we observed subsequent to our next most recent mention (.0009), it represented an overall increase of 389% in just under two week’s time.


Both of the following stocks have recently fallen to new annual lows. We’re always on the lookout for potential bottom-bounce plays, so we’re going to want to place each of them on watch over the next few sessions.

Pain Therapeutics, Inc. PTIE – This stock underwent a massive gap-down and sell-off a couple weeks back following an FDA application denial for the extended release oxycodone capsules that the company has been licensed to develop since 2002.

We’re going to track it closely as it searches for its ultimate lows, which, if present indicators are any guide, could be forthcoming at any time now.

Cosi, Inc. COSI – While there is no gap to the upside on the COSI chart, we can see the same sort of major selloff that occurred a couple of weeks ago, and continuing up until Friday, when a new 52-week low was recorded.

As you can see on the snapshots, however, COSI is even more heavily oversold than the previously mentioned play. The volatility of its precipitous decline is what interests us most in tracking the stock for its eventual rebound.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Bottom-Plays, Options & More

Novavax, Inc. NVAX

Our first item of interest this morning is going to be NVAX. This play set off our alarms on Friday when the stock was downgraded on the heels of ill-received trial data on the company’s RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) vaccine.

Whenever we see knee-jerk reactions take place, and Friday’s backslide of more than 80% certainly qualifies in that category, we like to place the battered stocks on watch for the subsequent recoveries that occur as often as not.

With the monster gap that Friday’s activity left on the chart (1.20′s to 8.10′s), it will be very interesting to see how the stock responds as we kick off a fresh trading week. Prior to that it had been on a fairly steady four month uptrend that almost reached the 100%-mark. All these factors playing in at once are plenty enough to reserve a slot for NVAX on our radars in coming sessions.

Netflix, Inc. NFLX – Options Idea

We’ve tracked NFLX options to great success on multiple occasion in the past, and today seems like a good time to take another run at it. Along with being on the uptrend for the past six or seven weeks, the stock breached its 200DMA in a bullish manner on Friday, a signal that further advances could be in the cards this week. NFLX is gapping up slightly in the premarket this morning.

In accordance, we want to have an options idea ready and waiting to take advantage should a continued surge be in the cards. The targets we want to zero in on are the NFLX Weekly $99.50-101 Calls for potential swing trades.

APT Systems, Inc. APTY

We alerted our readers to a PR put out by APTY on Friday alluding to the planned purchase of shares out of the open market by the company’s CEO. That coincided with a reasonable amount of momentum that the stock had carried into that session from the one prior.

We mentioned that we liked the chances of the stock seeing some further increases for Friday’s session, and we weren’t disappointed on that front. APTY traded in a solid range from .0032 to .0044, a respectable intraday gain totaling 38%

We’ll remain interested in this play provided it can maintain support above Friday’s swing-low of .0032.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PBR, PTIE Updates, & More

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR Options

Our long-time favorite options-trading target, PBR, after taking a significant beating over the past couple of weeks, finally found support in the 10.80′s and began to bounce back during yesterday’s session. It marked the lowest PPS we’ve witnessed since we first began watching this play. We’re also seeing a moderate gap-up in premarket trading this morning. We want to see it achieve higher lows and higher highs over the next few sessions to confirm the trend.

We’ve experienced many dips and rips with PBR over the roughly 7-month period we’ve been tracking it, and as we usually do in this situation, we’re going to attempt to take advantage of the recovery pattern we’re observing. For a specific idea, we want to radar the November 14th 12.00 Calls.

Pain Therapeutics, Inc. PTIE 

The huge gap down we noticed in the premarket yesterday is what drew us to include PTIE in our morning report. We mentioned that we’d monitor it for a eventual bounce and it came almost immediately. The stock saw a brief morning low of 1.61, and bounced back as high as 2.14 in the afternoon.

It marked a 33% intraday move, and intrigued us enough to want to continue watching as the week progresses.

The cause of the enormous gap-down was the nixing of an agreement the company had with Pfizer to develop and commercialize its Remoxy pain medication. It’s worth it to note that despite the huge setback, the stock came into this week with an analyst price target of 8.00/share.

Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. ASTI

ASTI is one we’ve had an eye on for the past several weeks as it has searched out its own lows, and after reaching a bottom in the 1.40-range a couple of weeks ago, the stock has been making some nice strides to recover lost ground.

This morning the stock is gapping up over $2 on the heels of an early morning PR relating to a key milestone in a potentially lucrative Chinese joint venture.

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