Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AAPL, SPY Winners & More

Apple, Inc. AAPL – Recap

We submitted two separate options trading ideas in yesterday morning’s premarket report, the first of which being the AAPL Weekly $160-162.50 Calls. It’s beeen quite some time since we played with the AAPL chain, but it is the stock that originally brought us into the fold of options day and swing trading that we’ve adopted as one of our main functions.

It came as no surprise when the Fed announced no interest rate hike yesterday that the markets responded bullishly and allowed for some very nice multi-bag moves on our designated targets.

$160 Calls – Range: 2.14-6.32 – Max Gain: 195%
$162.50 Calls – Range: 1.05-4.19 – Max Gain: 299%

SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) – Recap 

Our second set of options ideas from yesterday were the SPY Weekly $264-265.50 Calls, and of course, those also fared well with the SPY being an excellent market analog, and another well that we revisit on a regular basis for short term options plays.

The gains on our highlighted contracts were even more impressive in this case, with each and every strike point returning potential gains ranging from 343-598% in a single session.

$264 Calls – Range: 1.07-4.74 – Max Gain: 343%
$264.50 Calls – Range: .82-4.03 – Max Gain: 385%
$265 Calls – Range: .59-3.50 – Max Gain: 493%
$265.50 Calls – Range: .43-3.00 – Max Gain: 598%


Fresh Options Ideas:
UPS Weekly $104-107 Calls
MA Weekly $207.50-217.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Review & More

Apple, Inc. AAPL

We began tracking some options ideas for AAPL on Tuesday morning when we slated the AAPL 06/01 $167.50 & $170 Calls for observation. Then yesterday, we followed up with another set of ideas based on the performance of the stock, signaling the AAPL Weekly $172.50 & $175 Calls. We’re happy to report that all four of the ideas we put forth for the Apple options chain have yielded excellent chances for quick strike profits.

Beginning with the 6/01 $167.50 & $170 Calls – The $167.50′s traded up from 4.36 to hit 10.85, a rise of 149%, and the $170′s have run from 3.30-8.80 for a 167% swing.

As for our followup additions from yesterday morning, the Weekly $172.50 & $175 Calls we were very pleased with the single-session moves made by those as well. The $172.50′s ran from 2.08-3.26 (+57%) , and the $175′s went from 2.37-5.45 (+130%).


Mastercard, Inc. MA 

We also want to follow up with the other fresh options idea we placed in yesterday’s report, the MA Weekly $182.50-187.50 Calls, which all also posted some excellent multi-bag intraday gain chances.

$382.50 Calls – Range: 2.20-5.66 – Max Gain: 157%
$385 Calls – Range: 1.00-3.53 – Max Gain: 253%
$382.50 Calls – Range: .26-1.69 – Max Gain: 550%

Fresh Idea: TSLA Weekly $285-277.50 Puts

Beyond Commerce, Inc. BYOC

We like the setup of the current chart on BYOC, so we wanted to include this one as well. Its setup is currently sporting several key indicators that we always look for, and have also pointed out on the chart below.

We’ll put the stock on watch in coming sessions; with a break past the current 50DMA of .10, things could get interesting. We noted the prior resistance around .16, which would represent a nice gain from current levels if the stock were to return there.


Eleven Biotherapeutics, Inc. EBIO

To round things off with another successful stock call we made recently, we have EBIO, which we initially alerted on April 23rd at 1.86. Yesterday, after its fourth straight bullish session, EBIO hit 3.50, marking a move of 88% in just eight trading days.

Extended Watchlist:

BOSC, PSUN, ETAK, TGRO & Extended Watchlist

BOS Better Online Solutions Ltd. BOSC

Pacific Sunwear of California, Inc. PSUN

& Elephant Talk Communications, Inc. ETAK

Each of these three stocks traded up on unusually high volume on Friday after appearing in our Extended Watchlist, and wrapped up what was a very successful week of trading.

BOSC tapered back from opening above 9.00, and found its bottom at 7.9001. The stock then proceeded to rebound, bouncing back as high 8.80 for a nice 11% intraday gain on more than 10X the 3mo. average volume.

PSUN increased steadily all day on Friday, running from 2.92 to 3.44, good for a gain of 18% on roughly six times the 3mo. average volume.

ETAK saw a low of 1.01 on Friday, and enjoyed a respectable 17% gain to a high of 1.18, besting its average volume by more than 4X.

Tiger Oil & Energy, Inc. TGRO

We caught TGRO on a scan for plays with unusual activity, and thought we’d mention it this morning. This is a stock that was trading by appointment only for quite some time, that has sprung to life all of the sudden.

This comes shortly after a recent press release citing a proposed partnership with Toto Energy, LLC, wherein the two companies would undertake a joint venture of drilling up to three gas wells, in which TGRO would have a 30% interest. >>>More on the Joint Venture

Extended Watchlist:
RDCM, ADXS, UQM, HEB, ROSG, YRCW, GERN, BIEL (Coming off bottom with news)

PLUG, YRCW, VNDA, PCGX, FNMA, FMCC & Extended Watchlist

Plug Power, Inc. PLUG
PLUG continues to be a winner for us, seemingly, every time we mention it in one of our reports. Yesterday, we were anticipating a potentially profitable session based on observed indicators on the chart, and once again our timing proved to be extremely accurate.After touching a low of .58 early in the day, PLUG would climb for the rest of the session, closing at its high-of-day, .67. That represents a solid 16% increase on slightly less than twice the 3mo. average volume. With a head of steam like that building, we’ll be sure to continue monitoring PLUG today.

YRC Worldwide, Inc. YRCW

On Wednesday, YRCW appeared in our extended watchlist as a play that was gapping down, noting that we were on the lookout for a reversal. That’s just what happened, as we observed a 13% intraday move from the stock on that day. We continued to monitor YRCW yesterday and were once again met with positive results.

Trading in a daily range from a low of 7.51, YRCW was up as high as 8.699, marking a 16% intraday gain.

Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Inc. VNDA

After an appearance in Tuesday’s extended watchlist, and a feature in Wednesday’s report, wherein we were expecting FDA-related news from VNDA regarding a New Drug Application. The result was so highly-anticipated that it warranted NASDAQ to halt the stock on Thursday.

The FDA committee indeed met and are recommending approval of the company’s drug “tasimelteon, proposed tradename HETLIOZ(TM), for the treatment of Non-24-Hour Disorder (Non-24) in the totally blind.” Non-24 is

As expected, the stock has resumed trading today and is gapping up this morning, with trades going off in the 14.60-16.50 range. This is already a substantial increase from our initial alert price at 11.07, and with positively-charged FDA news hot off the presses, profit margins could very well expand even further.

Virtual Sourcing, Inc. PGCX

Our timing was just a little bit early in our October 24th mention of PGCX. We were looking out for a bottom that would take until early last week to occur. However, when it did, it bounced off of support at .08, and subsequently made a 100% rip to .16.

The stock caught our eye yesterday, as it appeared to be searching out support once again, and found it at .09. We are curious to see how high the resulting bounce here could be in comparison to the one we observed previously.

Fannie Mae FNMA
& Freddie Mac FMCC

We follow this mortgage lending pair fairly regularly, and began re-introducing them onto our main watchlist on October 24th. At the time FNMA was trading as low as 1.86, and FMCC at 1.69.  Each has been on a steady increase since that time, with Fannie hitting a high of 3.08, and Freddie, 2.90. Both show no signs of relenting today, and are gapping up in premarket trading. (FNMA last traded at 3.42, FMCC at 3.30)

Some of you might remember the gains amounting to 350% we saw from these play earlier this year, so if past results are any indication of what we can expect from these two moving forward, we could be in for yet another wild ride at their expense.

Extended Watchlist:

NURO, YRCW, PLUG & Extended Watchlist

NeuroMetrix, Inc. NURO
A selection from yesterday’s extended watchlist, NURO put up quite the performance. The stock hit its low of 2.23 early on in the session and ran into the close, touching 2.81 (+26%) before finishing out the afternoon strong at 2.79.

Any time a stock ends on a high note, its always a good idea to stay tuned into its activity the following day. NURO is up in pre-market trading, making it a candidate to continue its run today.

YRC Worldwide, Inc. YRCW

Yesterday morning’s report mentioned that we were on the lookout for a reversal from YRCW, which had gapped down heavily from the previous session. The stock did indeed rebound off of its low of 7.06, bouncing as high as 7.96. That was good for a 13% intraday gain.

Plug Power, Inc. PLUG

We first mentioned PLUG back on February 15th. The stock traded as low as .1155 following that initial alert, and subsequently reached a high of .80 (09/10), representing an overall move of 593%.

Following that monster run we recently saw a consolidation to last week’s low of .45, and since that time has displayed noticeable signs of recovery. We are back to paying close attention here as PLUG has passed its 50DMA in premarket trading, and the MACD is on the cusp of a bullish cross. The RSI is also coming off of being oversold, and is pointing North in apparent preparation to break the 50-line.

Regaining even a portion the ground leading up to its September highs would mean significant gains out of PLUG.

Extended Watchlist: