Kicking Off the Final Week of 2021!

Multibag Runner Review: 

We hope everyone enjoyed the long holiday weekend, and are ready to kick off short trading week number two! Despite the fact that there haven’t been many earnings reporters, which is typical for the holiday season, we still managed to track down some excellent gain opportunities in our premarket report on Thursday.

We signaled our interest in the SPY 12/23 $467-469 Calls, and the CROX 01/21 $150-155 Calls, and got some very nice intraday results from both sets of ideas. We’ve also got some figures for the moves made by the SNAP 01/28 $50-53 Calls we formulated in our report from last Monday morning

SPY 12/23 $467-469 Calls
 2.05-5.17 (+152%)
$468: 1.29-4.23 (+228%)
$469: .78-3.25 (+317%)

CROX 01/21 $150-155 Calls
.90-1.90 (+111%)
$155: .64-1.40 (+119%)

SNAP 01/28 $50-53 Calls 
$50: 1.10-2.56 (+133%)
$51: 1.03-2.10 (+104%)
$52: .81-1.82 (+123%)
$53: .69-1.50 (+117%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SFIX 02/04 $21-23 Calls 

SPY 12/27 $471-473 Calls 

South Beach Spirits, Inc. SBES:

We also wanted to provide a quick update on SBES, a stock which we tagged for observation the week before last on the morning of the 16th. This subpenny runner made quite a move subsequent to our alert, trading up from a low of .0017 and running as high .0051 last week. That works out to an overall move of 200%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Reviewing Recent Winners


Much of our focus gets devoted to options ideas these days, as they represent the greatest chance for large short term gains for traders. However, we still scan every day for stocks, and we wanted to begin this new trading week by highlighting a few of our recent picks that have met or exceeded our expectations.

Bio-Path Holdings, Inc. BPTH – Beginning with the least recent, roughly five weeks ago on January 23rd, BPTH was a stock we tagged as a bottom-watch play. The stock essentially traded sideways for the next month, only making nominal gains. That is until the latter half of last week, when it began to heat up on Thursday, and subsequently explode on Friday, performing beautifully on the day. The stock logged the number one gain on the entire NASDAQ, as it traded up from a low of 2.65 before reaching a high of 8.84.

That works out to a mind-melting 234% single-session rise on massive volume, which is extremely uncommon for big board plays. Cheers to anyone who caught a ride on this shooting star!

Lexicon Pharma, Inc. LXRX – Appearing in Friday morning’s report was LXRX, which certainly didn’t see the level of activity as the previously mentioned play, but still posted positive figures on the day. From a low of 5.55, the stock rose as high as 7.07, marking a comparatively small but respectable intraday increase of 27%

China Internet Nationwide Financial Services, Inc. CIFS – Also included in Friday’s report was CIFS, which also had a reasonably strong session following our alert. The low came in at 2.30 before the stock surged into the close at its high of day of 3.25. That represents a solid intraday gain of 41% We’ll also want to see if the stock can carry some of that momentum at the close, over to this fresh trading week.

Funko, Inc. FNKO – Options Review

We also signaled our interest in the FNKO 03/15 $22.50 & 25 Calls on Friday, and we got solid performances out of those contracts. The $22.50 Calls ran from .28-.70 for a gain of 150%
while the $25 also recorded a 150% pop from .10-.25.

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 03/04 $280.50-282 Calls*

*Never trade options on their day of expiration unless you are a highly experienced trader with access to disposable funds!

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MRTX Recap & More

 Mirati Therapeutics, Inc. MRTX

After reporting positive cancer trial results on Friday, we talked about MRTX being poised for a big move and we weren’t incorrect.

The stock exploded out of the gate right from the outset, and traded in an impressive range from 9.15 to 12.40 early on in the day. That was good for a 35% intraday run- excellent for a $9+ stock. This is the third time in as many weeks we’ve called a stock that was approaching the ten dollar range and saw it gain more than a third in value in a single session.

Not only did MRTX trade up big on many times more thanits average volume, but it managed to maintain well over half of its daily advance, so we’ll be interested to continue monitoring its activity as we kick off a fresh trading week.

Iconic Brands, Inc. ICNB

We want to place ICNB on bottom-watch after taking a look at the recent history of the chart. This stock exhibits some really nice volatility and is coming down off of a significant spike.

When it finds support and rebounds, we could see a notable swing trade opportunity. The last such swing took the stock from the .003 range to .014.

The company recently announced its brand of Prosecco endorsed by former supermodel Christie Brinkley would be carried by Publix stores, so we’ll also be looking for further updates on that part of the story as well.

Pluristem Therapeutics, Inc. PSTI

We tagged PSTI for observation roughly a month ago, and have since seen a moderate move up on the chart, and will want to continue monitoring the situation.

The run the stock has made thus far is a marginal 27%, but things this morning have taken an interesting turn as the company announced the FDA granted fast track status to one of its treatments.

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