6000% Gainer Recap, 5 Fresh Ideas

Winning Options Review:

We went two for three on our ideas from our premarket report yesterday morning, a performance that is literally not half bad. Not to mention the fact that the ideas we did have put up some really nice double and multibag runs on the day.

In addition to our winning plays, the ASML Weekly $990-980 Puts, and the JNJ Weekly $150-152.50 Calls, we also want to swing back around and recap a target we selected last Thursday morning, the WDFC 07/19 $250 Calls which absolutely skyrocketed en route to a SIXTY-BAGGER! That’s a great way to end the week, as we will be taking an extremely rare vacation day tomorrow. We’ll see everyone bright and early Monday morning to kick off another great trading week filled with opportunities.

ASML Weekly $990-980 Puts
 26.06-58.21 (+123%)
$985: 23.28-51.50 (+121%)
$980: 19.06-48.40 (+154%)

JNJ Weekly $150-152.50 Calls
 2.05-7.54 (+268%)
$152.50: .61-5.19 (+751%)

WDFC 07/19 $250 Calls (Range from 07/11-07/17)
$250: .10-6.16 (+6060%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
NVS Weekly $110-105 Puts
TSM Weekly $172.50-177.50 Calls
UAL Weekly $46.50-47.50 Calls
NVDA Weekly $120-121 Calls
TSLA Weekly $250-252.50 Calls 

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Monday’s Movers, 5 Fresh Options Ideas

Excellent Way to Start the Week:

After a strong close to the last trading week, we opened things up on Monday with an equally fortuitous start to this fresh week. We cast a net of four potential options plays in our premarket report for the session, and witnessed positive intraday movement in every last target. Not only that, but glancing at the earnings calendar this morning, it appears the recent dry spell of reporters is coming to an end, with many big names releasing their figures.

Yesterday’s possibilities were the SPY 07/15 $561-562 Calls, the DJT Weekly $44-46 Calls, the NVDA Weekly $130-131 Calls, and the TSLA Weekly $250-255 Calls, and here were the daily runs they delivered, which, in the case of the SPY Calls in particular, were enormous:

SPY 07/15 $561-562 Calls
 .04-1.03 (+2475%)
$562: .02-.14 (+600%)

DJT Weekly $44-46 Calls
 2.40-3.85 (+60%)
$45: 2.16-3.60 (+67%)

NVDA Weekly $130-131 Calls
$130: 2.48-3.30 (+33%)
$131: 1.59-2.07 (+30%)

TSLA Weekly $250-255 Calls
$250: 9.61-18.29 (+90%)
$252.50: 8.43-16.45 (+95%)
$255: 7.20-14.50 (+101%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
UNH Weekly $520-530 Calls
PGR Weekly $215-220 Calls
SCHW Weekly $72.50-71 Puts

We’ve got strong multiple bottom signals on both YELP and SBUX, so we want to enter a couple of longer-term recovery ideas for those chains as well:

YELP 08/16 $37-38 Calls
SBUX 08/16 $75-80 Calls 

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Friday Review, News Alert, New Options Ideas

Furious Friday Gainers:

Friday turned out to be an excellent cap to a solid trading week for us, with the markets ripping, and everything we were looking at making nice intraday upswings. We highlighted four potential plays in our premarket report for the day and really liked the activity that was registered. We’ve been navigating this relatively dry period for earnings reporters with success over the past couple of weeks.

Friday’s winning ideas were the PLAY 08/16 $42-43 Calls, the C Weekly $66-68 Calls, the SPY 07/12 $556-557 Calls, and the NVDA Weekly $127-128 Calls. Here were the runs they recorded on the day:

PLAY 08/16 $42-43 Calls
 .85-1.76 (+106%)
$43: .65-1.35 (+108%)

C Weekly $66-68 Calls
$66: .02-.14 (+600%)
$67: .01-.04 (+300%)
$68: .01-.05 (+400%)

SPY 07/12 $556-557 Calls
$556: 1.74-7.67 (+341%)
$557: 1.17-6.63 (+467%)

NVDA Weekly $127-128 Calls
$127: 1.47-4.95 (+237%)
$128: .96-3.90 (+306%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 07/15 $561-562 Calls
DJT Weekly $44-46 Calls
NVDA Weekly $130-131 Calls
TSLA Weekly $250-255 Calls

Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBIH) – News Update:

More news has hit from CBIH this morning that we wanted to pass along to those of you who have been following its story with us. One of the things we like best about the way this company operates, are the frequent PR updates that it provides.

HOUSTON, July 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings (OTCMKTS:CBIH) has initiated a strategic move to expand its presence in the cannabis market by filing applications for crucial licenses covering the manufacturing, production, and retail components of its cannabis product range.

Preparations are underway for the production and distribution of our products, and continue to foster revenue expansion, which could only be achieved through the practical application of the skills and experiences gained over the past 15 years. Therefore, we are now navigating the licensing phase for our manufacturing units. This involves securing permissions for the production, manufacture and provision of cannabinoid-based items. (>>View Full PR)

For more information on CBIH, please visit cbih.net
and/or contact Peter Nicosia at (585) 703-6565 with any inquiries.

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