Big Moves Across the Board

Blink Charging Co. BLNK – Recap 

Our first order of business this morning as we wrap up another great trading week, is to take a look at the incredible performance we’ve seen from BLNK since we flagged it back on September 30th.

After coming down to a low of 7.33 in October, BLNK has spent this entire month on the uptick, which culminated in a new high of 19.10 during yesterday’s session. That move represents an increase of 161% and firmly plants the stock in blue sky territory. The stock is gapping up in the premarket this morning and it looks like we should see some new highs once again.

Alpine 4 Technologies Ltd. ALPP – Recap

We also signaled interest in ALPP on Wednesday morning, and that stock has made a multibag move in just a couple of sessions. We’ve observed a run from .0735 up to a high of .162. That comes out to an upswing of 120%

NetEase Inc. NTES

We hashed out a fresh options idea for the NTES chain in yesterday morning’s premarket report, targeting the NTES Weekly $86.50-87.50 Calls and they all exploded.

Here are the fantastically impressive moves those contracts made, including a single session TEN BAGGER on the $87.50 Calls!

NTES Weekly $86.50-87.50 Calls
: .65-3.90 (+500%)
$87: 1.35-3.60 (+167%)
$87.50: .26-3.00 (+1054%)

Fresh Options Ideas*:
BKE Weekly $27.50-30 Calls
HIBB Weekly $45 Calls
GSX Weekly $63-60 Puts
NTES Weekly $90 Calls 

*Please don’t trade options with a weekly expiration on Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds.

Extended Watchlist:

Recent Bottom-Bouncers & More

Recent Reversals

We are tracking three unrelated yet similar plays as our first area of interest this morning. These are all stocks that have recently recorded a bottom-bounce reversal, with recoveries underway.

Blink Charging Co. BLNK
Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. KNDI
Sorrento Therapeutics Inc. SRNE

We are going to place these stocks on our watchlist moving forward and begin to track their movements in the days and weeks ahead. Their current runs may only just be getting started.

McCormick & Co. MKC – Options Update

We also offered up an options idea in yesterday’s premarket report, targeting the MKC 10/16 $195 Puts, on the heels of the company’s earnings report.

We got some very nice early activity out of that contract, which traded up from a low of  5.84 and went on to hit 12.85. That represents an intraday gain of 120%

Fresh Options Idea:
SPY Weekly $334-335 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Options Winners, New Targets

Blink Charging Co. BLNK 

We initially began tracking BLNK during the first week of last month, subsequent to which time we would witness a spectacular run in the stock that took it from a low of  5.05 up to 14.58 for a gain of 188%

We wanted to check in on BLNK again today as we close out another solid trading week, as it appears the stock could be gearing up to test those recent highs and potentially add to our observed range of increases.

Fresh Options Ideas 

Both of our fresh options ideas in yesterday’s report turned in solid cards for the day:

TSLA Weekly $1625-1640 Calls
 7.95-50.08 (+530%)
$1630: 12.35-47.50  (+285%)
$1635: 11.55-45.00 (+290%)
$1640: 10.87-43.00 (+296%)

SPY 08/17 $337-339 Calls

$337: 1.76-2.57  (+46%)
$338: 1.16-2.39 (+106%)
$339: .81-1.85 (+128%)

Fresh Ideas:
FTCH 08/21 $28-30 Calls
VRNA 08/21 $7.50 Calls & 09/18 $10 Calls
DKNG Weekly $35.50-34 Puts 

Extended Watchlist: