Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Quick Strike Ideas

India Globalization Capital, Inc. IGCC

First up this morning is a recap of IGCC following its inclusion in our premarket extended watchlist yesterday. The stock didn’t blow its lid, but it did continue the solid run of intraday performances off of its lows from earlier this week which were precipitated by the company’s recent delisting from the NASDAQ down to the OTC Markets.

The stock traded in a range from 1.22-1.84 before tapering back off, which stood as an intraday gain of 51% We’re going to look for IGCC to continue to fill the remaining gap on the chart. As you can see on the included snapshot, the MACD is also beginning to converge toward a bullish cross.

Fresh Options Ideas*:

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. BABA - After beating on earnings and missing on revenues, BABA surged this morning, making it our prime bullish target among companies that reported their quarterly earnings today. We’re going to focus on the BABA Weekly 152.50-160 Calls*.

SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) – We’ve had some good luck with the SPY this week, which isn’t all that surprising when considering the fact that we have a long documented history of success with this fund. We’re so deep in the money with our previously targeted calls, that we’re going to go ahead and roll up our potential strike prices to the SPY Weekly $274.50-276 Calls* as we close out the week.

Weight Watchers International, Inc. WTW – Strangely enough, despite also beating on earnings and missing on revs like the aforementioned play, WTW took a gut punch and appears on track for a bearish session. We’re going to be tracking the WTW Weekly $58.50-56.50 Puts* as a result.

Bonus Idea: AMD Weekly $20-21 Calls*

*NEVER trade weekly options on a Friday unless you’re an expert level trader with disposable funds!

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PHOT Recap, Options Review & More

Growlife, Inc. PHOT

Amid a troubled market when a lot of stocks are stagnating, or even worse, plummeting, we managed to catch onto a great idea in yesterday’s premarket report with PHOT. Granted that we hadn’t mentioned the stock since the end of October, the timing in bringing back to the table was impeccable.

As you can see on the intraday chart below, PHOT logged a morning low of a penny before ramping its way up a full 100% to a daily high of .02 by early afternoon. It traded in a tight channel for the remainder of the session and managed to maintain a vast majority of those gains into the close at .0195.

While its actions alone certainly qualify for putting PHOT on a continued momentum watch, we’d urge a strong note of caution due to the fact that it is currently garnering a grey listing and caveat emptor warning at OTC Markets.

Alphabet Inc. GOOG – Options Idea

Our options idea from yesterday’s report turned up some excellent quick-strike chances in the first half of the session. We tagged a wide swathe of contracts in the range of GOOG Weekly $780-800 Calls, and each of the eight included targets provided similar gain opportunities.

In the interest of time, we’ll just provide the intraday swings on the first and last contracts in the series. The $780 Calls ran from a low of 6.70 to a high of 15.45 (+131%) and the $800′s made a jump from 1.90-5.50 (+190%).

Again, similar profits could have been attained with any one of the contracts in our highlighted range. Cheers to anyone able to take advantage of those moves which were propelled by GOOG’s post-market earnings beat on Monday.

Added Note: Stay tuned for tomorrow’s report when we’ll be formulating some fresh ideas based off of one or more of the high profile earnings releases slated for post-market today (GPRO, GM, YUM, etc.)

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