Blue Horseshoe Stocks: NQ Review & More

NQ Mobile, Inc.  NQ

Our coverage of NQ stretches all the way back to the Fall of 2013 when the stock made a huge run, and we tracked it to a similar albeit smaller-scale spike in October, so we are quite familiar with this play. We have good reason to re-assess NQ this morning in the wake of an interesting PR, coupled with a good positioning of the chart.

In terms of the NQ chart, there a couple of finer points that we’ll point out on the following snapshot:

This morning’s PR relates to a big open market stock repurchase by management which seems to be fueling NQ in the premarket. >>> VIEW PR  

Cannabis Coverage:

A few of the marijuana-related stocks we were mentioning yesterday morning managed to put up some solid numbers over the course of the day.

CBIS traded in a range from .068-.08 (+17%) on roughly 4X its monthly average volume.

MCIG did slightly better as recorded a 19% move from .15 to .178, trading more than twice its average volume.

also had a heavy volume day to the tune of roughly 3X its average, and made a healthy jump of 21% as it traded from its open at .024 to a high of .029.

As medical and recreational marijuana acceptance continues to spread, we’ll need to keep a close eye on these and many other cannabis plays, as we tend to believe that growth in this arena will be more substantial in 2015 than any previous year.

A few other pot plays to watch this week: WDHR, NRTI, MDCN, LATF, VPOR

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Updates on LWSP, TTDZ & PBR

Legacy Platinum Group, Inc. LWSP

We’d like to update everyone on the status of one of this week’s successful picks. We first brought LWSP to our readers on Tuesdaymorning, at which time the stock opened up at .187.LWSP spent the next two sessions on the upswing, culminating in yesterday’s push to  a new high of .33. That marks a three-day overall increase of 76%

Moving forward, we’ll need to see support hold at or above .21 in order for us to remain interested in LWSP.

Remember, per Tuesday’s PR, we’re waiting for an upcoming name and symbol change, expected to begin on May 16th.  We’ll also be on the lookout for further updates from the company on its new direction in the e-cigarette and portable vaporizer market.

Triton Distribution Systems, Inc. TTDZ

For some of our newer readers, allow us to do a quick recap of how TTDZ has become one of 2014’s superstar picks for us. Beginning with our first alert on the stock on January 30th, we observed a low of .0012. and it has been pushing its upper boundaries ever since.

By the time mid-March rolled around, the stock had punched above .015, gaining well over 1200% from our first call, but the party was just getting started.

Flash forward to the present, and TTDZ has pressed its way all the way to an impressive high of .0385. Which means that in less than two months, we’ve seen a total increase of 3108% out of TTDZ.

This is another play that recently transitioned into the cannabis sector that has applied for a name and symbol change, and we expect to have an update on that within the next few weeks.

Petroleo Brasiliero SA (Petrobras) PBR

After picking up on PBR exactly two weeks ago today, we’ve seen some impressive trading action in that short time, especially with regard to the options chain.

Besides coming across this stock shortly after it hit all-time lows, and witnessing the start of one heck of a recovery, we also received news this week of PBR’s boosted production numbers from February, which were significantly higher than those of previous months.

Today we’ll be looking at the $13 and $13.50 Weekly Calls for possible intraday flip-opportunities. For those without the ability to stay glued to your screens all day, for longer-term possibilities, we’ve noted our interest in the May $12 Calls and the April $14 Calls.

In the event that PBR fails to hold support at or above the 13-dollar mark, we would have to reassess our opinions.

Extended Watchlist:
UDHI (News), LATF (Financials), JRJC, RGDX, ROSG, USAT, ZGNX

ERBB, LATF, MEDT, VMGI & Extended Watchlist

Over the past couple of weeks, our coverage of cannabis stocks has been relatively toned down. Both an abundance of other interests, as well as sector-wide consolidations pushed many of these plays to the back burner. Today we want to talk about some of the ones that are once again showing signs of life.

Transbyte Corp. ERBB

The last time we mentioned ERBB was at the end of January. By that time, we had already seen monstrous gains from this stock over the previous year, coming all the way from subpenny territory. At the time of our last mention, ERBB was trading at .0122, and this week we’ve noticed the stock reaching new highs, touching .045 on Wednesday. In just three weeks, that’s a 269% jump.

Yesterday also brought an exciting PR that we wanted to share. Tranzbyte’s marijuana vending solution, the ZaZZZ machine, will be put into use for the first time at a Colorado dispensary. Click through to the full PR for details:

TEMPE, AZ, Feb 20, 2014 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — Tranzbyte Corporation (OTC Pink: ERBB) announced today that it has signed a formal agreement with Herbal Elements LLP, a legal Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Eagle-Vail, Colorado to assist in the final aspects of machine roll-out specific to Colorado. >>> FULL PR

Latteno Food Corp. LATF

We last pointed out LATF On February 11th, after witnessing a nice 43% intraday move the day prior, from .007 to .01. Since that time the stock has been on a bullish run, pushing its way upward and culminating at a high of .0154 yesterday. That means we’ve seen a positive move of 120% in a span of just eight sessions.

LATF also had news out yesterday, alluding to forthcoming quarterly figures that blow last year’s numbers out of the water:

SANTA ANA, CA, Feb 20, 2014 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — Latteno Food Corp. (OTC Pink: LATF) is pleased to announce that preliminary Fourth Quarter financials for 2013 shows record numbers for LATF shareholders.Preliminary Fourth Quarter reports 3,100% increase in prior year’s revenues and over $413,000 in net income versus a net income of only $7,000 for prior year 2012. Year-end financials are anticipated to be filed with OTC within 30 days.

Media Technics Corp. MEDT

MEDT last appeared in our reports along with ERBB on Jan. 29th. In addition to gaining as much as 90% from its recent low of .001 to yesterday’s high of .0019, we also wanted to point out this morning’s press release:

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, Feb. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — MediaTechnics Corporation (PINKSHEETS: MEDT) is pleased to announce that Henri Atamian has stepped down as President and CEO and appointed Jeremy Carr as MEDT’s president and sole director. Mr. Carr, who was a former director of MEDT, will oversee the review and publishing of the Company’s 2013 and 2012 Financial Statements, as well as an updated Initial Company Information Statement and intends to publish them via OTC Markets in the near future.Mr. Carr has extensive contacts in the industry and intends to lease lighting and hydroponic equipment to licensed marijuana related businesses that are fully comply with state marijuana laws, as well as overseeing the development of software and mobile apps for this growing industry.

Verde Media Group, Inc. VMGI

We’re putting VMGI up on our radar at the suggestion of one of our faithful readers, Craig S. This is another cannabis-related stock to add to our enormous tracking list, thanks Craig!

Options Trading Side Notes:

The BBRY 02/28 $10 Calls we mentioned in yesterday’s extended watchlist fared well, making a 50% intraday move from .12 to .18. We’re going to continue monitoring these contracts into their expiration date.

In addition to those, we’re going to be looking at FB $69.50 and $70 Weekly Calls for a possible intraday flip opportunity.

Extended Watchlist: