Excellent Weekly Options Performance, Fresh Plays

Closing Out a Great Trading Week:

We continued a fantastic week of quick strike options trading yesterday, once again going three for four on the daily selections in our premarket report. That puts our overall record for the week so far out of 15 selections at an overwhelmingly positive 13-2! We also had a large influx of new subscribers yesterday, so we’d like to welcome the newcomers into our ranks.

Our winning runners for the day yesterday were the COP Weekly $92-93 Calls, the BABA Weekly $98-101 Calls, and the FTNT 08/19 $56-55 Puts. Those prime targets put forth the following intraday moves and total possible profits for traders:

COP Weekly $92-93 Calls
 .46-1.35 (+193%)
$93: .36-.85 (+136%)

BABA Weekly $98-101 Calls
 1.10-2.20 (+100%)
$99: .87-1.71 (+97%)
$100: .66-1.39 (+111%)
$101: .55-1.05 (+91%)

FTNT 08/19 $56-55 Puts
$56: 1.95-4.55 (+133%)
$55: 1.58-3.70 (+134%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
GT Weekly $12.50-13 Calls*
DKNG Weekly $16.50-17 Calls*
TEAM Weekly $245-250 Calls*
WDC Weekly $47.50-46.50 Puts*
SQ Weekly $85-83 Puts*

*Trading options on their day of expiration can carry a heightened level of risk and should only be attempted by seasoned traders. 

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: VTVT New Highs & More

vTv Therapeutics, Inc. VTVT

We’ve been closely tracking VTVT since including it our report on Tuesday morning as a bottom play. As we mentioned yesterday, the timing was essentially perfect. It took off on Tuesday, and yesterday that run persisted just as we suggested it may.

The stock traded in a range from 1.24 to a new high of 2.67 yesterday, representing an intraday move of 115% From Tuesday’s low of .79 the stock has registered a two-day upswing of 238% and has easily been the NASDAQ’s top play of the week.

Onconova Therapeutics, Inc. ONTX

Speaking of bottom plays, we’re always searching for the next heavily oversold stock, and we’ve got a candidate to bring forth today in ONTX. As you can plainly view on the chart snapshot below, the stock has been heavily sold off, and the RSI is definitely giving off that heavily oversold signal.

The last time that happened the stock did mount an appreciable recovery in the ensuing weeks, so we’re going to put ONTX on extended watch.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ATOS Recap & More

Atossa Genetics, Inc. ATOS

We’re coming back to ATOS for the third consecutive day this week, after our initial alert in Monday’s report, and on that morning we observed a low of .50, followed by a modest but solid run 27% to .636.

We mentioned this yesterday morning, subsequent to which point the stock launched into another bullish session. dwarfing Monday’s performance. It traded from a low of .65 right at the outset, to an afternoon high of 1.50, which works out to an intraday upswing of 130% and a two-day swing of 200%

We were also reminding readers of the conference call the company has scheduled for 10AM this morning at www.atossagenetics.com.

Caterpillar, Inc. CAT

Our post-earnings beat options ideas for CAT yesterday morning were the CAT Weekly $136-141 Calls. While every set of contracts did see upward movement, we’re only going to list the numbers for the $136-138’s, as the gains in the $139-141’s were minimal by comparison. We did however, see two separate chances for swing trades on the day.

$136 Calls – Swings: 2.75- 4.03 (+ 47%), 2.00-3.04 (+52%).
$137 Calls – Swings: 2.05-3.20, (+56%), 1.38-2.21 (+60%).
$138 Calls – Swings: 1.60-2.42 (+51%), .91-1.55 (+70%).


Fresh Idea: Walgreens Boots-Alliance Inc. WBA

We noticed WBA this morning on the premarket earnings calendar, and in addition to exceeding expectations with their quarterly report, the stock was already looking ripe for a bottom bounce.

We’re going to signal the WBA Weekly $69-70.50 Calls for observation for the remainder of the week.

Extended Watchlist: