Getting Back on Track for a Fresh Trading Week

New Options Highs: 

First thing’s first, to start off this fresh trading week we’d like to apologize for the lack of a newsletter on Friday morning. We have only missed a couple of trading days in our entire history, and this time a power outage at our offices prevented us from doing our normal work, but we’re back in the saddle fully powered up and ready for another solid week of stock and options speculation!

So what we’re going to do before we hop right back on track, is go over the new highs that our options ideas from Wednesday morning registered to close things out on Friday, and then we’ll jump in with some fresh options ideas for today. As you can see in Wednesday’s report, we were tracking the YY Weekly $29-32 Calls, the BABA Weekly $85-90 Calls, and the DKNG 06/17 $20 Calls.

With the exception of the YY $29’s, we got new highs in all of these plays on Friday, so these figures represent the total possible gains in a two-day swing in these targets: 

YY Weekly $29-32 Calls
$30: 3.02-12.05 (+299%)
$31: 2.21-11.09 (+402%)
$32: 2.43-9.50 (+291%)

BABA Weekly $85-90 Calls
 4.77-26.00 (+445%)
$86: 4.24-24.25 (+472%)
$87: 3.76-24.20 (+543%)
$88: 3.16-23.30 (+637%)
$89: 2.69-22.48 (+735%)
$90: 2.30-21.45 (+832%)

DKNG 06/17 $20 Calls
1.79-3.05 (+70%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PDD Weekly $44-46 Calls
MRNS 04/14 $10-9 Puts
PCOR 04/14 $60-65 Calls 

Stock Runners:

We’ve also got a couple of updates from the stock we placed on Thursday morning’s extended watchlist. The following ranges and percentage gains occurred from their lows on Thursday to their highs on Friday.

Zhihu Inc. ZH
Initial Alert: Mar. 17th
Range: 2.00-3.43
Gained: +72%

Kingsoft Cloud Holdings Ltd. KC
Initial Alert: Mar. 17th
Range: 4.90-7.62
Gained: +56%

Extended Watchlist: