Torrent of Earnings Reporters Continues

Abbott Laboratories Inc. ABT – Options Recap:

ABT was among our targeted options plays in yesterday morning’s premarket report, and the company’s daily activity allowed for some solid options runs.

We were after the ABT Weekly $122-124 Calls in the wake of Abbott’s Q2 earnings drop, and thanks to a solid beat on both profits and and sales along with a lofty outlook for the remainder of the year, we saw the following multibag intraday moves from our selected target contract sets.

ABT Weekly $122-124 Calls

$122: 1.12-2.08 (+86%)
$123: .62-1.45 (+134%)
$124: .34-.85 (+150%)

We also had some NFLX Calls from Tuesday that underwent a massive dip and rip and posted the following numbers yesterday:

NFLX Weekly $635-640 Calls
 3.17-9.50 (+227%)
$640: 2.20-7.20 (+200%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 

CSX Weekly $34-36 Calls
BX Weekly $130-133 Calls
T Weekly $25.50-26.50 Calls 

OTC Reviews:

We’ve also caught a couple of runners on the OTC Markets this week that we wanted to report on. We tagged initially BTZI on Monday, and LIGA yesterday morning, and they both yielded rapid results for us.

Bots Inc. BTZI

Initial Alert: Oct 18th
Range: .0795-.1749
Gained: +120%

LIG Assets, Inc. LIGA

Initial Alert: Oct 20th
Range: .0069-.013
Gained: +88%

Extended Watchlist:

Interesting RETC Development & More

Dewmar International BMC, Inc. DEWM 

We have been seeing a lot of OTC runners cropping up recently, with another hot play coming off of our extended watchlist yet again in yesterday’s report.

The stock traded nearly a billion and a half shares as it ran from a daily low of .0012 up as high as .0035. That represented an intraday rip of 192% and with that kind of spike in volume and volatility, we’ll certainly want to maintain a close watch over this breakout play.

12 Retech Corp. RETC – New Update 

As we were mentioning yesterday morning, RETC is another big OTC runner that we’ve seen make moves of over 500% since 04/21.

Yesterday, per the following post on his Twitter page, George Sharp was awarded custodianship of the company. He has a reputation for exposing fraud and working with legitimate companies, and thus it may have intriguing ramifications for the direction and status of RETC moving forward.

The stock is gapping up to new highs this morning as well, so things continue to be quite interesting with RETC, and should remain so in the days and weeks ahead.

T-Mobile US, Inc. TMUS – Options Recap

The standout options idea from yesterday morning’s premarket report was our target in the T-Mobile chain, the TMUS Weekly $129-131 Calls. 

Following its report of strong Q1 earnings and guidance, not to mention a heavy influx of new subscribers, the stock tested new highs, and provided the following considerable gain opportunities on the day:

TMUS Weekly $129-131 Calls 
$129 : 2.91-5.86 (+101%)
$130 : 1.92-5.32 (+177%)
$131 : 1.64-3.90 (+137%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PYPL Weekly $255-260 Calls
BUD Weekly $73-74 Calls
LIN 05/21 $290-300 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Closing Out Another Fruitful Week

Innerscope Hearing Technologies, Inc. INND: 

Some of our regular readers may recall INND, an OTC stock we began following in the first week of February, at which time, we witnessed an amazing run from a .01 low up to an impressive .098 high for potential profits on the order of 880%

Since pulling back off of that high, the stock has made quite a nice rebound over the past month. INND came down to .0143, and has since returned to a high .059, for another upswing of 313% That bring our cumulative observed total gains on INND to 1193% in just a couple of months’ time.

We’ve seen volume and momentum pick up over the last week in particular, so we’ll continue to observe the situation in INND going forward as it may have a chance to retest those previous highs.

Constellation Brands Inc. STZ – Recap:

We were tracking some puts in the Constellation chain yesterday, which turned in some nice gains on the day as well.

We were looking at the STZ Weekly $222.50-217.50 Puts, however through a typo that we didn’t catch until after our email had gone out, the correct idea was only available to those who caught it on, where all of our newsletters are published daily. We are only human and sometimes errors occur, so that’s why it’s always a good idea to bookmark and check our site each day even if you receive our newsletters via email.

For those readers who do use the website regularly, the potential gains in those ideas were considerable: 

STZ Weekly $222.50-217.50 Puts
$222.50: 1.05-4.15 (+295%)
$220: .21-1.70 (+709%)
$217.50: .15-.35 (+133%)

Fresh Options Idea:
LEVI 04/16 $26-27 Calls

Extended Watchlist: