Blue Horseshoe Stocks: NFLX, MCD Options Recaps & More

Options Recaps

Netflix, Inc. NFLX – We persisted in tracking the NFLX options idea that we formulated on Tuesday for the remainder of the week, and they ended up performing great yet again on Friday.  If you recall, our designated targets were the NFLX Weekly $117-120 Calls, and they didn’t have a down day all week.

The following figures indicate the lows we observed on Tuesday morning, and the subsequent highs reached during Friday’s session. What we were faced with were four incredible intraweek increases:

$117 Calls – Range: 2.19-10.77 – Max Gain: 392%
$118 Calls – Range: 1.43-10.02 – Max Gain: 601%
$119 Calls – Range: 1.03-8.87 – Max Gain: 761%
$120 Calls – Range: 1.07-7.83 – Max Gain: 631%


 McDonalds Corp. MCD - Our highlighted range of MCD Weekly $113-115 Calls was fresh for Friday’s session, and it bore fruit as well. While we didn’t sweep the range in terms of hefty gains, the $113′s in particular did provide a nice chance to profit on the day.

Those calls traded in a range from .33 and shot to 1.43, allowing for  single-session gains of up to 333%

Agritek Holdings, Inc. AGTK 

Subsequent to the alert we put out on AGTK last month on the 14th, we would observe an overall low of .003, and the stock has never fallen below that level since. In fact, what began as a subpenny play, has rumbled its way to multiple pennies after a fantastic performance last week.

Running to a new high of .0298 on Friday, the stock registered an overall increase of 893% over our observed low, and with a strong close at .028, we’ll be on the lookout for some momentum spillover into this week. The possibility of a dip-and-rip forming on the chart also appears to be a plausible scenario, so we’ll be on our toes watching for that possibility as well.

AGTK is also a part of the cannabis sector, which of course we’ve been watching more intently, and plan to continue doing so leading into election day the week after next.

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PPHM

This is another familiar play for us, and we want to tag it for closer observation again this morning on the strength of both a fresh PR hitting the wires along with an attractive technical setup on the chart.

As you can see below, the stock has recorded a higher low in each of the last five sessions since coming off a bottom, and indicators suggest that things could heat up for this play at any time. We’ll keep an eye peeled.

Preclinical Research Demonstrates Peregrine Pharmaceuticals’ PS-Targeting Antibodies Enhance the Anti-Tumor Activity of PD-L1 Checkpoint Inhibitors in Model of Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC)(>>Read PR)

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Idea, Updates & More

Provectus Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. PVCT

We want to submit PVCT as a potential bottom-play candidate this morning after noticing the stock register a new annual low last week, followed by the recording of higher lows in the two sessions that followed.

We’re going to place the stock on watch for the possibility of an extended rebound, which would certainly be long overdue.

Alcoa, Inc. AA – Options Idea

After a disappointing earnings call this morning leading to a gap-down, compounded with the chart having been on the toppy side to begin with, we may be looking to go short on Alcoa, and the way we do that is by formulating some options trading targets.

The ones we’re particularly interested in are the AA Weekly $32-30 Puts, which could be in line for significant moves to the upside if the stock continues to lose ground once the session commences.

GreenGro Technologies, Inc. GRNH

GRNH, like several other stocks operating in the cannabis space, has been seeing increased activity of late. We’ve experienced this trend leading up to elections in previous years, and especially with a major vote for recreational usage coming up in California less than a month from now, we’re going to plan on keeping a close eye on anything tied to the sector until further notice.

After signaling GRNH in a report last week and observing a subsequent low of .0651, the stock continued to make appreciable moves to the upside, trading up from .0815 to .09518 (+17%) yesterday, and an overall 41% increase.

MyDx, Inc. MYDX

MYDX appeared in our report yesterday for the first time in awhile, and the stock made a solid intraday increase for us.

From a low of .0258 it reached as high as .034, a 32% rise. The move occurred on more than twice the monthly average volume, and the PPS only slid back to .0329 into the close, so we’ll certainly want to keep monitoring MYDX for further opportunities as the week progresses.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SUNE, DIS Updates & More

SunEdison, Inc. SUNE

We first began mentioning SUNE last month, as we were noticing the stock had been steadily beaten back since midsummer. We placed the stock on bottom-watch and since reaching its ultimate low of 2.55 on November 20th, it has been making steady strides to the upside.

We tagged the stock for more intensive tracking in yesterday’s premarket report, and were met with even more advances. SUNE put forth a modest but solid 15% increase as it traded in a range from 5.65-6.47. From our observed low just a few weeks ago, SUNE has produced an overall increase of 154%  We’ll continue to stay hot on its trail for as long as the bullish trend remains intact.

Options Recap – The Walt Disney Co. DIS

We were able to take advantage of the excitement surrounding DIS yesterday morning by submitting Weekly DIS $112-116 Calls for tracking, and in what seems like it’s become a regular occurrence for us, each and every set of contracts in our specified range made excellent intraday moves.

Here are the gains that were possible during yesterday’s session with these calls:

$112 Calls – Trading Range: 1.25-2.32  – Max Gain: 86%
$113 Calls – Trading Range: .80-1.58  – Max Gain: 98%
$114 Calls – Trading Range: .46-.95 – Max Gain: 107%
$115 Calls – Trading Range: .29-.54 – Max Gain: 86%
$116 Calls – Trading Range: .16-.29 – Max Gain: 81%

More Chatroom Success

Our good friend and chatroom participant, DJ, was up to his old tricks yesterday, entering yet another winning play into the mix.

NUVI was .008 x .009 at the time of DJ’s post (pictured above) and the stock ended up pushing to .0272 for an awesome 240% intraday surge.

Once again, a great example of why its a good idea to participate in our daily trader’s chats. To get involved, just send a Skype request to ‘stocksumo’.

Fresh Options Ideas – AAPL

This morning we’re looking to AAPL for a possible rally; the stock is gapping up and thus we will be looking for a potential dip-and-rip scenario. We are going to want to keep the Weekly $111-113 Calls on watch for today and tomorrow.

In the event AAPL pushes past the $113-mark, we’d of course look to roll up our strike prices to the $114′s and possibly even $115′s, depending on the magnitude of the surge.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SPY Recap, GEQU & More

SPY Options Recap

We have found tremendous success in options trading this week. We enjoyed multi-bag moves from contracts in the FB and GPRO chains early on, and yesterday, we saw the same success in our targeted SPY Calls.

The specific contracts we tagged for observation were the SPY Weekly $191.50-193 Calls and in addition to some healthy initial pops, we saw dip-and-rip patterns in every case providing for a second chance for huge intraday gains, which registered as follows:

$191.50 Calls  – Initial Run: .49-1.01 – Gain: 106% – 2nd Swing: .27-.87 – Gain: 222%
$192 Calls  – Initial Run: .67-1.27 – Gain: 90% – 2nd Swing: ..41-1.15 – Gain: 180%
$192.50 Calls  – Initial Run: .49-1.01 – Gain: 106% – 2nd Swing: .27-.88 – Gain: 226%
$193 Calls  – Initial Run: .33-.77 – Gain: 133% – 2nd Swing: ..19-.64 – Gain: 237%

Pretty much every options-trading idea we submitted in our reports this week worked out exceedingly well, so congratulations to any of our followers who enjoyed some of the same success. It’s a perfect example of why we like to mix  options ideas in with the ideas we have pertaining to stocks. Be sure to stick with us into next week, when we’ll be sure to do it all over again!

Global Equity International, Inc. GEQU

This had certainly been one of our biggest standouts of the week in terms of equities. On Monday we flagged GEQU and subsequently observed the stock trading at a low of .021 that day. By Wednesday it had hit .036 (+70%), and continued to pile on the gains during yesterday’s session.

We noted the stock’s recent tendency to push to higher PPS levels despite bearing a chart which looks heavily overbought, and that trend continued with an intraday move from a low of .0355 to .044, a 24% percent jump. From Monday’s low, it marked a four-session increase of 110%

Again, when the momentum finally dies down, we’ll be looking to take advantage of a consolidation followed by a rebound.

Cherubim Interests, Inc. CHIT

CHIT is a stock that we’ve been tracking since last Friday, and despite trading sideways for most of the week the stock did end up making quite an appreciable move. We saw it rise from a low of .0016 and fall just a tick short of cracking into pennyland.

Yesterday’s high represented a three-session swing of 725% and the move came on nearly seven times the monthly average volume.

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