Wrapping Up the Short Week | Happy Holidays!

Blink Charging Co. BLNK

It was a month ago today that we last mentioned BLNK, and commented on its progress since our initial alert on the morning of September 30th. when the stock was going for as little as 7.33 a share. BLNK had already scored multi-bag gains at that point, but this month has brought a tremendous performance as well, pushing it to new highs.

This week BLNK reached a new peak at 48.70. Following last months report on the stock, that marked a run of 159% and from our initially observed low of 7.33, an overall increase of 564% in just a couple of months.

Alpine 4 Technologies, Inc. ALPP 

Another stock that we were talking about around this time last month ALPP, which we initially caught on the morning of November 18th at a low of .0735, and have tagged multiple times since.

This stock has gone on a meteoric rise in the month of December, helping us to close out what has been a hugely successful calendar year. This week ALPP hit a hit a new high of 2.67, which works out to a 3532% mega-run in just over a month’s time!

DSG Global, Inc. DSGT

Continuing along the same theme from above with plays that we began tracking this fall, we’ve got DSGT, which we initially marked for observation on the 30th of October, after which time the stock saw a low of .1333.

Like the others, DSGT has set impressive new highs here in the closing days of 2020, which feels like a sign of great opportunity to come in the new year. The stock hit .718 on Tuesday, which works out to a gain of 439% over our observed low.

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We want to thank all of our longstanding and new subscribers alike for all the great support we’ve been receiving in 2020! From our family to yours, we wish everyone the safest and happiest three-day weekend possible, however you and yours choose to celebrate it! We’ll see you bright and early on Monday morning to kick off one more holiday-shortened week before the new year is upon us! 

CURR News Update & More

CURE Pharmaceutical Holding Corp. (OTCMKTS:CURR)

The last time we looked in on CURE Pharma, the company had just announced a new brand ambassadorship for the company’s wholly-owned SeraLabs subsidiary with award-winning actress Nicole Kidman. Today, we’re tracking back once again to share a fresh PR.

The news released by CURR yesterday pertains to two key events that are taking place today and Thursday, that will be of interest to both current and potential shareholders alike:

CURE Pharmaceutical Holdings (“CURE” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: CURR), a holding company focused on the innovation of pharmaceutical technology, wellness products and drug delivery, today announced that management will present on the company at the LD Micro Main Event Conference on Tuesday, December 15, 2020 at 11:00 AM Pacific Time. Additionally, the Company will host a video webcast with the investment community on Thursday, December 17, 2020, at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

On the Investor Video Webcast, Rob Davidson, CEO of CURE, Nancy Duitch, CEO of wholly-owned subsidiary The Sera Labs and Chief Strategy Officer for the Company, and Mike Redard, CFO of CURE, will present on the Company’s strategic positioning among other topics and will address shareholder questions at the end of the webcast.

To register for this webcast, please use the link below:

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More OTC Runners 

We have recently tagged a number of other OTC traded stocks in our extended watchlist, which have produced significant gain opportunities. It’s very important that our readers don’t simply gloss over these added stocks to track, which are included in most of our premarket reports.

In the case of HAVLF, ZAAG, and AEPT, we just flagged them for observation yesterday morning and they instantly delivered premium chances for a quick profit. ALPP first began appearing in our daily report on November 20th, and has since made an excellent move.

Havn Life Sciences Inc. HAVLF
Range: .62-1.25 (+102%)

ZA Group, Inc. ZAAG
Range: .0225-.038 (+69%)

American Energy Partners, Inc. AEPT
Range: .0081-.0179 (+121%)

Alpine 4 Technologies, Ltd. ALPP 
Range: .152-1.20 (+689%)

Weibo Corp. WB – Update

We tagged the WB Weekly $40-41 Calls and we did see a solid move from the $40’s from 1.55-2.75 (+77%). We’ll continue to track these targets as the week progresses, which should produce further positive activity if the current hopes for another coronavirus stimulus package hold true.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: GNCA Review & More


We wrapped things up on Friday by going over some of our successes for the week,. and we also provided readers with a couple of quick strike options ideas for Friday’s session itself. It should come as no surprise, given the sheer numbers of winners we routinely unearth, that both of our ideas proved to be excellent chances to finish the week on a very high note.

Here are the ideas along with the total possible gains that could have been achieved on the day.

OKTA Weekly $111-113 Calls
$111 Calls – Range: 2.20-8.62  – Max Gain: 292%
$112 Calls – Range: 1.81-7.69 – Max Gain: 325%
$113 Calls – Range: 1.28-6.20 – Max Gain: 384%

BIG 06/21 $30-32.50 Calls
$30 Calls – Range: .15-.35   – Max Gain: 133%
$32.50 Calls – Range: .05-.15 – Max Gain: 200%

If the SPY can break 275.27, we’ll be looking at the Weekly $275.50 Calls, and if it falls below 274.50, we’ll be tracking the Weekly $274 Puts.

Genocea Biosciences, Inc. GNCA

We originally began tracking GNCA in our very first report of the new year (01/02) and we wanted to follow up with it now, five months later, as we are very impressed with where the stock has ended up. The stock actually set its 2019 low of 2.50 on January 2nd and it hasn’t looked back since.

By the end of February, the stock had doubled to five dollars, and now, it has doubled again. This morning in premarket trading, we’ve witnessed a new of 12.22 from GNCA, representing an total rise of 388% over our observed low. We’re going to be very interested to see what it’s going to do in this newfound blue-sky territory.

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