Wrapping Up the Short Week | Happy Holidays!

Blink Charging Co. BLNK

It was a month ago today that we last mentioned BLNK, and commented on its progress since our initial alert on the morning of September 30th. when the stock was going for as little as 7.33 a share. BLNK had already scored multi-bag gains at that point, but this month has brought a tremendous performance as well, pushing it to new highs.

This week BLNK reached a new peak at 48.70. Following last months report on the stock, that marked a run of 159% and from our initially observed low of 7.33, an overall increase of 564% in just a couple of months.

Alpine 4 Technologies, Inc. ALPP 

Another stock that we were talking about around this time last month ALPP, which we initially caught on the morning of November 18th at a low of .0735, and have tagged multiple times since.

This stock has gone on a meteoric rise in the month of December, helping us to close out what has been a hugely successful calendar year. This week ALPP hit a hit a new high of 2.67, which works out to a 3532% mega-run in just over a month’s time!

DSG Global, Inc. DSGT

Continuing along the same theme from above with plays that we began tracking this fall, we’ve got DSGT, which we initially marked for observation on the 30th of October, after which time the stock saw a low of .1333.

Like the others, DSGT has set impressive new highs here in the closing days of 2020, which feels like a sign of great opportunity to come in the new year. The stock hit .718 on Tuesday, which works out to a gain of 439% over our observed low.

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