Explosive Options Gains, More New Ideas

Options Train Keeps Rolling:

Once again, we’re kicking off our daily report with positive options trading highlights. With an assist from the markets which reversed off of the previous sessions’ bearishness and pushed to new highs all day, all of the quick-strike weekly options plays we signaled in yesterday morning’s report experienced considerable intraday moves.

We were looking at the ISRG Weekly $835-850 Calls, the EW Weekly $89.50-92 Calls, and the NFLX Weekly $495-505 Calls, and some of the targets therein produced exceedingly impressive runs on the day. The ranges and total possible daily profits in those contract sets were as follows:

ISRG Weekly $835-850 Calls 
$835: 9.70-58.03 (+498%)
$840: 4.30-51.90 (+1106%)
$845 : 5.42-44.60 (+723%)
$850 : 2.35-43.63 (+1756%)

EW Weekly $89.50-92 Calls 
$89.50: 2.50-6.50 (+160%)
$90: 1.30-5.62 (+332%)
$91 : 1.11-4.40 (+296%)
$92 : .50-3.70 (+640%)

NFLX Weekly $495-505 Calls
$495: 13.00-20.58 (+58%)
$497.50: 12.00-18.51 (+54%)
$500 : 9.20-16.79 (+82%)
$502.50 : 8.00-14.22 (+78%)
$505 : 6.08-12.73 (+109%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
BA Weekly $235-237.50 Calls
BA 05/07 $242.50-245 Calls
EFX 05/21 $210-220 Calls
KMI Weekly $16.50-17 Calls

Blue Sphere Corp. BLSP – We also had BLSP jump off of yesterday’s extended watchlist and make a considerable move. Our watchlists are typically where you can find our more speculative interests such as OTC plays. In this case the stock bore a Caveat Emptor designation which is typically something to steer clear of, but our decision to include it in our report was good one.

We saw a sizable intraday run from a low of .0028 to a high of .006, which marks a very respectable move of 114%

Extended Watchlist:

Massive Options Gainers

Friday’s Options Blowout:

On Friday morning, we came with a considerable variety of options ideas, and we’re pleased to report that the vast majority of those targets were spot-on winners that provided our readers with some serious intraday moneymaking opportunities!

Our interests included the SPY Weekly $416-417 Calls which we had added to the $416-417 Calls that we signaled on Thursday morning, and all four sets streaked to new highs. Also fresh for Friday’s report were the AA Weekly $32.50-34 Calls and the LLY Weekly $185-187.50 Calls.

SPY Weekly $414-417 Calls
 1.15-3.90 (+239%)
$415: .71-2.90 (+308%)
$416: .76-1.94 (+155%)
$417: .29-1.00 (+245%)

AA Weekly $32.50-34 Calls
$32.50: 1.60-3.50 (+119%)
$33: 1.02-3.02 (+196%)
$33.50: .80-2.34 (+192%)
$34: .30-2.00 (+553%)

LLY Weekly $185-187.50 Calls
 2.53-5.00 (+98%)
$187.50: .61-2.50 (+310%)

Finally, the Friday morning before last we had signaled the LEVI 04/16 $26-27 Calls, which streaked into their expiration on Friday setting new highs. Here were the overall two week ranges and MASSIVE possible gains on those plays:

LEVI 04/16 $26-27 Calls
$26: .25-3.03 (+1112%)
$27: .05-2.10 (+4100%)

Fresh Options Idea:
SPY Weekly $415-416 Calls 

American Diversified Holdings Corp. ADHC – We also wanted to provide a brief update on ADHC, which has been cropping up in our watchlist over the last few weeks. The stock was as low as .005 following our April 1st tag, and after reappearing in Friday’s report, ran to .023, marking an rise of 360%

Extended Watchlist:

SPY Calls Run as Markets Reach New Highs

Solid SPY Returns:

Our fresh quick strike options play to start off the week targeted SPY Weekly $401-403 Calls, in yesterday morning’s report. For newer readers who may not yet be aware, we often use the SPY (SPDR S&P 500 ETF) as a market analog for intraday swing trades. Yesterday, the markets got off to a hot start and didn’t let up much throughout the course of the day, with the NASDAQ and the S&P hitting new record highs. .

The bullish session provided our SPY targets with the impetus to record the following intraday moves and total potential gains:  

SPY Weekly $401-403 Calls
$401: 2.12-5.93 (+180%)
$402: 1.59-4.95 (+211%)
$403: .92-3.98 (+333%)

Fresh Options Idea:
ACAD 06/18 $24-26 Calls 

Investview, Inc. INVU – Recap:

We last mentioned INVU in our morning report from a week ago today as a chatroom play from our Veteran Trading premium service. Since that time, we’ve witnessed a run from .315-.596 for an increase of 89% Our premium members had the chance to get in as low as .255 as you can see at the link above. That works out to a total upswing of 134%

We encourage any of our readers who may be interested in exactly how we formulate our daily trading ideas, and interested in learning to do so themselves, to contact us about subscribing to Veteran Trading. Click here to email us your contact information, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Extended Watchlist: