Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Huge Options Wins

Cronos Group, Inc. CRON – Recap

We’ve been tracking CRON heavily this week, after having observed its swing low of 6.50 last week, the stock has now strung together seven consecutive bullish sessions, and yesterday attained a new high of 9.95, marking a 53% increase in roughly a week.

CRON Weekly $8 & $8.50 Calls were initially targeted in our report from Tuesday morning, and those attained new highs. We’ve now seen a move from the $8 Calls from .50-1.85 for a gain of 270%, and the $8.50′s updated range runs from .30 to 1.40, a gain of 367% in just two sessions’ time.

Yesterday we mentioned that we’d also look to roll up to higher strike points with the $9 & $9.50 Calls and those produced huge gain opportunities on the day. The $9′s moved up from a low of .20 and went on to hit a dollar, for a 400% rip, while the $9.50′s took the cake with a mega run from .10 to 70, a 600% gain.

CRON looks to be gearing down a bit this morning, but at this point it owes us nothing, and was a really great midweek play for us on the options front.

CVS Health Corp. CVS – Update

We also targeted some CVS calls on Tuesday- the CVS Weekly $75 & $75.50 Calls and did very well with those right out of the gate. We have some new highs there as well thanks to a solid session yesterday.

So far we’ve seen the $75 Calls trade from 1.05 to their new high at 6.00 (+471%), while the $75.50′s have run from .84-5.00 for gains of up to 495%, continuing our stellar week of fantastic options calls.

We also provided a pair of fresh options ideas in yesterday’s report, and kept the multi-bag profit train rolling with both targets:

ETSY Weekly $45 Calls
2.40-6.70 – Max Gain: 179%

TWLO Weekly $80-82 Calls
$80 – 3.15-16.37 (+420%)
$80.50 - 2.70-7.02 (+160%)
$81 – 2.33-14.80 (+535%)
$81.50 – 2.70-10.89 (+303%)
$82 – 2.25-13.80 (+513%)

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CYBR, MCP, MEIP & More

CyberArk Software, Ltd. CYBR

Our first experiences with CYBR were good ones, when we successfully called a couple of potentially lucrative options trades around the middle of last month. It was in our report from February 13ththat we targeted CYBR $50 and $55 Calls, and that day we saw moves in those contracts of 72% and 165% respectively.
We flagged CYBR once again yesterday, which had previously been under several weeks of consolidation, yet was gapping up in the premarket. The stock did well in reversing its path, trading in a range from 50.79-55.03, and holding the majority of those gains into the close.

Our current options idea is going to be the 04/17 $50 Calls (Closed at 6.60 yesterday). Should CYBR reach its way back to the $60-level anytime in the next few weeks, the gains we see in those contracts will be quite substantial.

Molycorp, Inc. MCP

MCP appeared in yesterday’s extended watchlist and demonstrated a reversal of its own. We’re going to place MCP on more intensive watch as the week progresses, as it has the markings of a potential bottom play.

We’ve illustrated some of the key characteristics of the chart below, which appears to be gearing up for what could be a big swing. The stock ran well over a dollar at the beginning of last month, so the potential for rapid gains has certainly been demonstrated.

MEI Pharma, Inc. MEIP

We’ve also got an eye on MEIP after the stock was crushed down to a 52-week low yesterday, following the company’s announcement of the failure of its cancer drug in middle-stage testing.

A single-session depreciation on the order of 70% is the hallmark of one heck of a knee-jerk reaction, and the stock appears to be gapping up slightly this morning, so we’ll be on the lookout for a recovery in MEIP shares in coming days.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Recap, Cyber-Security Watchlist & More

Recapping Friday’s Options Ideas

Nike, Inc. NKE -  On Friday morning, NKE was in the midst of gapping up on the heels of its earnings call, and we came up with daytrading ideas for the $100-104 Weekly Calls. There turned out to be great opportunity in that range as NKE surged to a daily high of 103.79:

$100 Calls - Range:1.38-3.75 – Max Gain: 172%
$101 Calls – Range: .70-2.80 – Max Gain: 300%
$102 Calls – Range: .18-1.75 – Max Gain: 872%
$103 Calls – Range: .10-.85 – Max Gain: 750%


Prothena Corp plc PRTA was the other options target we were monitoring on Friday for swing trades.  Specifically, we were looking at the $40 and $45 Calls, and both sets of contracts made big initial moves, followed by pullbacks and additional swings later in the session.

The $35 Calls first shot out of the gate trading at a low of  5.32 and running as high as 9.50 for an initial pop of 78%, before tapering back to 2.40 then recovering to 3.92, for an added 63% move.

The $40′s would open with a 116% spike from 3.00-6.50, followed by a later swing from 2.45-2.90, an extra 18% swing.

Cyber-Security Watchlist

We want to re-radar a couple of cyber security firms that we’ve mentioned in the past, as they have both been on a bit of a downtrend, yet appear to be gapping up this morning.

 CyberArk Software Ltd. CYBR  & FireEye, Inc. FEYE are going to go back on our active watchlist as we kick off a new trading week. Once we’re able to confirm reversals for each of these plays, we can then begin to formulate options strategies accordingly. Stay tuned to our reports this week, and we’ll be sure to have some ideas to pass along.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Review & More

Last Week’s Options Ideas

Heading into the end of last week we had already been on fire with our options calls in prior sessions, and the exciting trend of huge gain opportunities continued on Friday as well. We floated a couple of last minute daytrading ideas in the web security sector with the following plays, and were handsomely rewarded for our efforts:

CyberArk Software, Ltd. CYBR – With CYBR, we were especially interested in the $50 and $55 Calls. The trading range on the $50′s was from 3.30-5.90. and that registered as an intraday gain of 72% The $55′s saw an even larger move from a low of  .85 on up to 2.25, for chances at gains in excess of 165%

FireEye, Inc. FEYE - For FEYE, we targeted the $39.50, $40, and $40.50 Calls, and once again saw our ideas go green across the board. The $39.50 Calls made a move from 1.28-2.96, increasing 131% intraday. The $40′s made a big leap as well, logging a 220% move up from .75-2.40. Finally, traders in the $40.50 Calls had the opportunity for a double-bagger also, with those contracts rising from a low of .59, and reaching their peak at 1.82, a 208% gain.

Gevo, Inc. GEVO & Lucas Energy, Inc. LEI

These two stocks were two standouts from Friday’s extended watchlist. Both plays offered notable intraday moves, and each of them is gapping up even further this morning.

GEVO traded in a range from .201-.24 for an intraday gain of 19%, and this morning’s premarket high of .28 updates that increase to 39%

LEI performed quite well on Friday also, recording an intraday move from .26 to .362 (+39%). Rising as high as .399 in premarket trading today reflects a total gain of 53% that we’ve seen from Friday’s low.

Earnings Beats to Watch

As most of you are aware we’ve had tremendous good fortune this earnings season using exceeded expectations as leverage in some incredible options trades. We’ve got another pair of potential targets this morning which just beat Wall St. estimates:

VASCO Data Security International, Inc. VDSI – Another play in the presently-popular data security industry, our interest in VDSI is currently in the 03/20 $25 Calls (Closed at 5.06 on Friday) We suspect that they will open significantly higher given VDSI’s gapping up in today’s premarket trading.

Medtronic plc MDT – Concerning MDT, we’re going to keep an eye on the 03/20 $77.50 and $80 Calls. That gives us just under a month before expiration, qualifying both of these options ideas as longer-term items.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PCLN, EXPE Recaps & More

Yesterday’s Options Ideas
The Priceline Group, Inc. PCLN- The buyout of Orbitz by Expedia yesterday seemed to cause a ripple effect throughout the travel-booking sector yesterday, with many similar stocks making strong performances on the day.

The contracts that we proclaimed our interest in for PCLN were the the $1065-$1085 Calls, and with PCLN rising as high as 1102.26, substantial profits were there for the taking.

The $1065 Calls made an excellent 140% move from a low of 15.04 all the way to 36.20, while the $1085′s shot from  4.50 to 17.15 in a huge intraday increase of 281%

Expedia, Inc. EXPE - As far as EXPE itself, our premarket idea of the $86 Weeklies yielded an excellent opportunity as they moved up from 1.50 to 5.77, a 285% spike.

Those traders who chose to strike a bit closer to the money could have scored big with the $88 Calls as well, which traded in a range from .45-2.95 (+555%)

More New Ideas

We’ve done so well with options calls these past few weeks that there’s no point in stopping now! We’ve got a couple of new ideas to radar this morning in the web security business.

Both stocks are gapping up today, so we will be on the lookout for dip-and-rip scenarios to facilitate potential trades in the following:

CyberArk Software, Ltd. CYBR – With CYBR, we’re going to start off looking at the $50 Calls, which closed yesterday at 1.70, and the  $55 Calls which closed at .60.

FireEye, Inc. FEYE - For FEYE, we’ll want to monitor the $39.50, $40, and $40.50 Calls (Closed at .55, .35, and .15 respectively.)

Extended Watchlist: