Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SPY Calls, Bottom Bouncers & More

Fresh Options Idea

SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) – The SPY is one of our favorite funds to take advantage of when market conditions permit, and based on the general atmosphere this morning after crude oil’s impressive rally yesterday, we definitely want to signal a range of contracts for tracking.

We’re specifically looking for the heaviest activity to fall within the SPY Weekly $187-191 Calls*, with the SPY trading in the $189-range here in the premarket. If we do see a dip to start the day, we’ll need the subsequent bounce to occur above that $187-level for this idea to remain valid.

*Don’t forget that trading weekly options contracts on a Friday is an inherently risky proposition, as they are on the verge of expiration. It can, however, be a chance for experienced traders to take advantage as premiums dissipate and volatility increases. 

Decision Diagnostics Corp. DECN

DECN was included in our pool of interests from yesterday’s premarket report, and the stock went on to put up a respectable performance.

From a low of .15, DECN ran as high as .24 for potential intraday gains of up to 60% and the move happened with the aid of roughly nine times the monthly average volume.

TubeMogul, Inc.  TUBE

There have been a couple of events that have TUBE flirting with new relative lows this week. A nominal amount of insider selling seems to have coincided with some  third-party content in its news feed casting the stock in a disparaging light.

Events like these awaken the bargain hunters within us. The stock is approaching previous levels of support as we’ve pointed out on the chart below, so we’ll be monitoring for a possible reversal to occur in that channel in forthcoming sessions.

Synergy Resources Corp. SYRG

We’ve noticed SYRG trending up off of its own recent bottom over the past couple of sessions, and we like the overall look of the chart and the strength building therein. We’re looking for this stock to record higher highs and higher lows and continue to build momentum.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Continued Options Tracking & More

 Tracking Options Ideas

To continue following up with the pair of options ideas we started the week with, we’re glad to report that the opportunities kept flowing yesterday for the second consecutive session.

Tiffany & Co. TIF – Puts

We said we were looking for more downside on TIF despite the fact that its $65 and $64 Puts had already presented us with chances for gains ranging from 132-223% on Tuesday, and that’s just what we ultimately observed. In the first half of the day TIF shares plunged from the $62 range and briefly fell below $60 before it followed suit with the marketwide rally that occurred around midday.

Both the $65 and $64 Puts would experience impressive new highs as TIF was trending down in the morning. The $65 Puts, which we caught at a low of .51, rocketed as high as 4.80, marking a two-day swing of 841%. The $64′s managed to hit 4.10, which from our observed low of .56 on Tuesday represents a move of 632%


Netflix, Inc. NFLX – Calls

On the flip-side of the coin we had NFLX Calls, which obviously struggled during the overall market’s morning dip, but then flourished when that epic mid-to-late-day rally kicked in. On Tuesday we had zeroed in on the $105-107 Calls and found opportunities for relatively modest gains in the 40%-range.

For yesterday’s report, we mentioned we’d be rolling up strike prices to the $110-112, and those ideas yielded intraday upswings of a much more significant nature:

$110 Calls – Trading Range: .53-2.94  – Max Gain: 454%
$111 Calls – Trading Range: .47-2.48 – Max Gain: 428%
$112 Calls – Trading Range: .40-2.10 – Max Gain: 425%

NFLX’s afternoon run fell just short of a significant psychological barrier at $110, reaching its daily high at 109.99. A break of the $110 price point would obviously spell more big moves for these NFLX contracts.

Other Notable Gainers

We were tracking both Pleasant Kids, Inc. PLKD and Goodrich Petroleum Corp. GDPM for the second straight day in yesterday’s report, and both stocks offered up modest, yet noteworthy intraday spikes.

PLKD traded in a range from .21-.31 for a 48% spike, while GDPM ran 30% from a low of .076 to .099. Both moves occurred on relatively average volume.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Landmark Week for Options

Apple, Inc. AAPL – Options
We targeted AAPL Options for the first time in several months this week, and our timing in re-entering the mix was extremely fortuitous. Just to break it down for those who may have missed the bulk of this week’s coverage, we entered our ideas in Wednesday’s premarket report, citing AAPL Calls in the range of $113-117 as being high interest.

Things worked out great that first day, with three sets of call contracts in that range ($114, $115, $116) yielding up gains ranging from 167%-235%  AAPL continued to surge yesterday as it briefly breached the $119-mark, and as a result, those highs on our tracked calls were pushed significantly higher.

The $114 Calls, from Wednesday’s low of 2.23, managed to reach as high as 5.20, equal to an overnight increase of 133%

The $115 Calls saw their low at 1.58, and at the peak of yesterday’s session were trading for as much as 4.20. That marks a two-day jump of 166%

The $116 Calls overall move was also very impressive, ranging from 1.10-3.25, gains of up to 195% were made possible.

At the high end of our initial range of interest were the $117 Calls, which hit an early low of .45 yesterday, and subsequently touched a high of 2.35, registering as a single session move of 422% All in all, there was really no way to go wrong with our AAPL Calls this week following a big earnings beat by the tech giant., Inc. AMZN – Options

Speaking of exceeded expectations on earnings, AMZN smashed its previous two-quarter trend of losses by posting Q4 profits of $214M on just over $29B in sales. As a result, the stock spiked significantly, and continues to do so in this morning’s premarket. To take advantage of the resultant price action as we did with AAPL, we’ll be outlining some options ideas for AMZN as well.

For a possible intraday flip opportunities we’re looking at the Weekly $345 (Last traded: 1.49) and $350 Calls (Last traded: 1.24). For more of a longer-term interest, we’ll  keep an eye on the 02/20 $350 Calls (Last traded: 3.25).

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