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Novavax, Inc. NVAX – Recap

We would like to kick things off this morning by circling back around to an options idea we had submitted last week. We targeted the NVAX 05/22 $38-40 Calls which saw their lows on Thursday and ran into this week, posting some really nice moves.

We wanted to highlight those, potential gains, although it would appear the stock’s run is over, so we likely won’t be tracking these into expiration. The company announced a huge capital raise this morning which is not being looked upon favorably by the investment community.

At any rate, the ranges on our NVAX targets from last week into this week were as follows: 

NVAX 05/22 $38-40 Calls
3.08-20.86 (+122%)
$39: 2.67-20.00 (+246%)
$40: 2.10-20.00 (+293%)

Fresh Ideas:
LOW Weekly $120-125 Calls
WMT 05/29 $129-130 Calls

Verastem, Inc. VSTM

This biotech isn’t coronavirus related, and we have not done a whole lot of technical trading since the crisis started, but we do like where this play is on the chart at the moment.

It had come down to hold support near a previous bottom, stringing together some higher lows and higher highs this week, and we’re going to put it on our running watchlist going forward.

Extended Watchlist:

Markets Crashing, Bears Cashing!

Options Updates:

In these exceptionally volatile times, it’s always good to have both long and short targets, depending on which way the wind is blowing. With the help of yet another bloody day for the markets at large, the bearish ideas we’ve been tracking in MAR all week tacked on some impressive new highs, and the new CYBR Puts we added in fresh for yesterday’s report immediately went exponential.

In the case of MAR, these numbers represent 2-day swings, and for CYBR, we’ve got yesterday’s intraday ranges:  

MAR Weekly $86.50-85 Puts
2.80-11.72 (+319%)
$86: 2.70-11.27 (+317%)
$85.50: 2.20-9.07 (+312%)
$85: 2.13-10.00 (+369%)

CYBR Weekly $107-104 Puts 

$107: 2.70-11.90 (+341%)
$106: 2.80-9.87 (+253%)
$105: 2.26-10.00 (+342%)
$104: 2.40-9.00 (+275%)

With the aforementioned winds once again blowing in a bearish direction this morning, we’ll keep an eye out for even more new highs in these plays. We’ll also add in a related idea for the SPDR S&P 500 ETF, and put the SPY Weekly $280-278 Puts on watch into tomorrow.

New Options Ideas:
EQM Weekly $15-17.50 Calls
JACK Weekly $65-60 Puts
ONEM Weekly $25-22.50 Puts

Extended Watchlist:

Stock and Options Success

Options Review

A couple of the options trading ideas we floated in yesterday morning’s premarket report turned out to be solid winners on the day. We had highlighted calls in the SNAP and CMG chains and in both cases we met with some serious opportunities.

SNAP Weekly $14-15 Calls 
$14:1.20-3.10 (+158%)
$14.50: .65-2.58 (+297%)
$15: .61-2.15 (+252%)

CMG Weekly $810-840 Calls 
$810: 39.61-83.10 (+110%)
$820: 29.60-84.00 (+184%)
$830: 26-70.40.00 (+50%)
$840: 20.36-64.00 (+214%)

Fresh Options Ideas

ORLY 05/15 $390-400 Calls 
LLY Weekly $155-160 Calls 

Other Updates – Here are some stock calls we’ve scored on so far this month, that were helped to new highs yesterday as the markets surged and stayed green throughout the course of the day.

Decision Diagnostics Corp. DECN
Called: April 7th,
Overall Range: .125-.40
Gained: 220%

BioSig Technologies, Inc. BSGM
Called: April 7th, April 22nd
Overall Range: 3.45-7.23
Gained: 110%