Finishing Up a Solid Trading Week

CURE Pharmaceutical Holding Corp. (OTCMKTS:CURR)

As we mentioned in Wednesday morning’s premarket report, CURE officials conducted a Zoom webcast on the current state of the company yesterday afternoon. Today we just wanted to remind our readers that if you were unable to catch the presentation live, you can still get it on demand at the following link:

CURE has a lot happening right now, so we would highly suggest getting the story straight from the horse’s mouth and hearing what company directors had to say.

Direct all investor inquiries on CURR to:

Gary Zwetchkenbaum
Plum Tree Consulting LLC
Phone: (718) 224-3123
Cell: (516) 455-7662

Options Recaps

Our LEN and ACN idfeas from yesterday’s report panned out pretty well, and we have a couple of fresh ideas to add to the mix as well.

LEN Weekly $75.50-77 Calls
2.55-6.14 (+140%)
$76: 2.26-5.60 (+148%)
$76.50: 1.51-5.10 (+238%)
$77: 1.35-4.90 (+263%)

ACN Weekly $255-262.50 Calls
9.99-15.00 (+50%)
$257.50: 8.19-12.30 (+50%)
$260: 5.79-10.01 (+73%)
$262.50: 4.15-9.00 (+117%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
WGO Weekly $60 Calls
DRI Weekly $115 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Markets Crashing, Bears Cashing!

Options Updates:

In these exceptionally volatile times, it’s always good to have both long and short targets, depending on which way the wind is blowing. With the help of yet another bloody day for the markets at large, the bearish ideas we’ve been tracking in MAR all week tacked on some impressive new highs, and the new CYBR Puts we added in fresh for yesterday’s report immediately went exponential.

In the case of MAR, these numbers represent 2-day swings, and for CYBR, we’ve got yesterday’s intraday ranges:  

MAR Weekly $86.50-85 Puts
2.80-11.72 (+319%)
$86: 2.70-11.27 (+317%)
$85.50: 2.20-9.07 (+312%)
$85: 2.13-10.00 (+369%)

CYBR Weekly $107-104 Puts 

$107: 2.70-11.90 (+341%)
$106: 2.80-9.87 (+253%)
$105: 2.26-10.00 (+342%)
$104: 2.40-9.00 (+275%)

With the aforementioned winds once again blowing in a bearish direction this morning, we’ll keep an eye out for even more new highs in these plays. We’ll also add in a related idea for the SPDR S&P 500 ETF, and put the SPY Weekly $280-278 Puts on watch into tomorrow.

New Options Ideas:
EQM Weekly $15-17.50 Calls
JACK Weekly $65-60 Puts
ONEM Weekly $25-22.50 Puts

Extended Watchlist: