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Options Updates
Johnson & Johnson JNJ – 
We initially made the longer-term call on the JNJ 09/18 $150-155 Calls at the beginning of last week, and yesterday morning as part of an update on those targets we also gave a more immediate idea with the JNJ Weekly $134-137 Calls. The markets absolutely ripped yesterday, and that catapulted both sets of ideas to new heights.

Here are the updated highs on last Monday’s September calls, as well as the single-session ranges on the weeklies:

09/18 $150-155 Calls
$150: 2.90-5.80 (+100%)
$155: 2.27-4.00 (+76%)

JNJ Weekly $134-137 Calls.
$134: 3.19-7.20 (+126%)
$135: 2.54-6.00 (+136%)
$136: 2.09-3.95 (+89%)

We would also like to roll up to include the Weekly $140-142 Calls on our watchlist.


SPDR S&P500 (ETF) SPY – We also signaled interest in a range of SPY calls in yesterday morning’s ;premarket report, highlighting the Weekly $258-260 Calls.

The bullish day for stocks across the board facilitated some very good moves in those three contract sets on the session. We expect these gains to be extended at the open, as the markets are gapping up once again this morning in early trading.

Weekly $258-260 Calls 
$258: 4.07-10.66 (+162%)
$259: 3.61-9.98 (+176%)
$260: 3.11-9.25 (+197%)

Extended  Watchlist:

Fresh Options Ideas & More

No Borders, Inc. NBDR

We opened up yesterday’s report by highlighting the 337% move from .0112-.0489 made by NBDR since we tagged it last Wednesday. It is one of a number of OTC stocks we’ve been tracking in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic response.

The stock absolutely blasted off once again during yesterday’s session, this time reaching a new high of .089. That works out to a total increase of 695% in a span of just 5 trading days! We’ve done our best to continue bringing our readers chances to make quick-strike trades for profit during this crisis, and have in fact done a fantastic job of doing so.

Options Recaps

Speaking of success quick-strike trades, we also formulated an options idea in the Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. (SPCE) chain yesterday morning, and were met with instant results. The stock enjoyed a solid session, as did most stocks, and it produced very respectable gain opportunities in our target range, the SPCE Weekly $13.50-16.50 Calls:

$13.50: 2.25-4.45 (+98%)
$14: 1.80-4.20 (+133%)
$15: 1.35-3.35 (+148%)
$16.50: .60-2.48 (+313%)

Our other options idea fresh for yesterday’s report was the Direxion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bull 3X (ETF) JNUG Weekly $4-5 Calls. Those also produced some nice moves on the day for us:

 1.38-2.10 (+52%)
$5.00: .89-1.47 (+65%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY Weekly $240-245 Calls
WGO 04/17 $25-30 Calls

NKE Weekly $78-81 Calls

Extended Watchlist: