All New Options Ideas

3-Pack of Options Ideas 

This morning we want offer up trio of fresh options ideas to track through this week, with some high profile earnings plays as well as a target in the SPY. Stocks in general are looking solid today, so the wind is blowing in the proper direction for it for the time being.

In addition to the SPY, we are looking at opportunities in the ADBE and FDX chains. Both companies are not slated to drop their quarterlies until after market hours, so we’ll be watching these in the run-up to that, and presumably for the remainder of the week after they present their figures.

Here are the specific targets we are interested in tracking: 

SPY 09/16 $340-342 Calls
FDX Weekly $237.50 Calls
ADBE Weekly $490-495 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

ATWT Update, Fresh Options Ideas

ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ATWT)

We’re going to kick this week off by swinging back around for an update on ATWT, which we did a special report on a couple of weeks ago.

Last week on Wednesday, the stock bounced off of support at .058 and notched a high .0745 on Friday. That’s an 3-day swing of 28% which has showed us that ATWT can make the type of quick gains that we and our readers are always after.

Take a couple of minutes to view the video chart we recorded for ATWT this morning, outlining the present positioning of the chart. 

Watch ATWT Video Chart for 09/08/20

For More Information on ATWT, visit: 

The Cooper Companies, Inc. COO – Options Recap

We signaled a pair of options target in the COO chain on Friday, the COO 09/18 $310-320 Calls, and saw some very nice activity on those immediately.

Both contract sets ran straight out of the gate, with the $310 Calls trading from 12.28-25.30 (+106%) and the $320’s running 116% from 8.33-18.00.

 Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 09/09 $340-338 Puts 
BYND Weekly $125 Puts

Extended Watchlist:

NWBO Update, Options Plays

Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. NWBO

Today we wanted to swing back and recap the performance of NWBO, which we’ve been tracking for the last couple of sessions via our extended watchlists in our reports from Wednesday and yesterday.

This momentum play has made some moderate gains over the course of those two trading days, moving up from a low of .405 on Wednesday to a high of .6711 yesterday. That works out to a respectable rise of 66% which has come on greatly increased volume. We’ll want to keep this one on our radar going forward to monitor for continued advances.

Fresh Options Ideas:

We’re going to wrap up another solid week of options trading ideas with, you guessed it- more options trading ideas! The markets are paring losses from yesterday’s selloff,  we’ve got a couple of earnings plays in COO and SWBI, and a short on CDAY, which is falling off a cliff after a recent billion dollar insider selloff.

COO 09/18 $310-320 Calls
SWBI 09/18 $17.50-20 Calls 

CDAY 09/18 $70-65 Puts 

Extended Watchlist: