Options Review, Bearish on New Plays

BAC, SYF Options Review: 

We made good on both of the short-term options trading ideas we issued in yesterday morning’s premarket report. with our long -term play needing some more time to mature. We typically steer clear of banks, but occasionally we will take a shot following an earnings drop and we did so successfully with Bank of America.

We were zeroed in on the BAC Weekly $36.50-37.50 Calls, as well as the SYF Weekly $37-39 Calls, which also produced significant intraday gain opportunities for us on the day. The daily ranges and total possible profits off of those ideas were as follows:

BAC Weekly $36.50-37.50 Calls 

$36.50: 1.18-2.86 (+142%)
$37: .84-2.35 (+179%)
$37.50: .56-1.90 (+239%)

SYF Weekly $37-39 Calls
2.20-3.46 (+57%)
$38: .85-2.45 (+188%)
$39: .39-1.75 (+348%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
HAL Weekly $41.50-40.50 Puts
LMT Weekly $460-465 Puts

Casa Systems Inc. CASA – Recap:

Another winner from yesterday morning’s report was CASA, which we tagged for the first time in our extended watchlist. The stock would go on to place as the top gainer on the NASDAQ for the day. From an early low of 5.63, CASA ran to a high of 7.18, marking down a respectable intraday run of 28%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Pharma News

Pharma News Drives Sector

Somewhat of a reversal of fortunes has befallen major healthcare middlemen this week, and for them it’s good news. The Trump administration is doing a 180° on proposed changes to drug rebates that would have cost the healthcare industry.

The development is causing healthcare stocks to rise here in the premarket, and a few that have caught our eye in particular, are UNH, CI, and CVS. Each of these plays is flying high in early trading, so what we’re going to look for is a classic dip-and-rip scenario. Profit-taking right out of the starting gate should drive these stocks down off of their lofty premarket highs, and that’s when where we come in with the following ideas.

CVS Health Corp. CVS Weekly $57-58.50 Calls
Cigna Corp. CI $167.50-175 Calls
United Health Corp. UNH $250-255 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: LAHO Update & More

Lans Holdings, Inc. LAHO

When we brought LAHO to our readers exactly a week ago today, it was trading at .0005. After just a couple of sessions, it had registered a huge 240% move to a high of .0017. The stock then pulled back .0006 on Friday, and over another two sessions, ran back to .0014. That marks another upswing of 133% bring our four-day cumulative total to 373%

As sub-penny plays tend to do, we would expect to see LAHO continue to bounce around in this fashion. Savvy traders may yet see similar chances to profit, moving forward.

Wellness Matrix Group Inc. WMGR

WMGR is another stock that we wanted to put on our radars this morning. Regular readers of ours may recall that we occasionally include mentions of plays that are suggested to us by our followers themselves, when warranted. Such is the case with WMGR, which was brought to us by David S.

What we’ve got in WMGR is an incredibly low float stock (Just 4M shares!) that has been inching up incrementally on rising volume in recent sessions. We’re going to want to monitor in in the days and weeks ahead, as such low flot plays have the ability to make notable upswings over a relatively short time period.

NAVB & ABIO – Bottom-Bouncers

We also would like to call attention to a couple of stocks that we’ve mentioned on multiple occasions in the past, both in the biotech/pharma space. NAVB and ABIO registered as the NASDAQ’s 2nd and 4th top gainers of the day yesterday. In both cases, this followed considerable sell-offs. NAVB had been in steady decline since early April, and ABIO for the past three weeks.

We want to keep an eye on the situation on the chance that these bottom bounces were not isolated events. We’ll look for NAVB and ABIO to begin to establish higher highs and higher lows in coming sessions.

Extended Watchlist: