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Winnebago Calls Run Quickly: 

In yesterday’s report, we went with a selection of July calls in what we would consider ‘longer-term’ ideas. For quick-strike plays we would typically look for contracts that expired at the end of the week. Out of those, the Winnebago calls produced instant results. We’ll continue to monitor these, along with the other potential plays we mentioned yesterday, over the next few weeks before they expire. Today’s fresh ideas will also include several July calls.

The specific targets that took off immediately during yesterday’s session were the  WGO 07/15 $45-50 Calls
and the moves they made were as follows:

WGO 07/15 $45-50 Calls
3.00-5.45 (+82%)
$50: .95-2.46 (+159%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
ACN Weekly $277.50-272.50 Puts
DRI 07/15 $120-125 Calls
KBH 07/15 $27-28 Calls
APOG 07/15 $40-45 Calls

Southern Home Medical, Inc. SHOM – Recap:

Another item from our watchlist that has recently made a solid run as well, is SHOM. We flagged this OTC stock on
Tuesday morning
, and it ran to new highs yesterday. Following our mention of this play, it traded up from a low of .0008 to .0025, which marks a two-day swing of 212%

Extended Watchlist: 

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Z Follow-Up & More

Zillow Group, Inc. Z

First thing’s first- we wanted to update our readers once again on the Zillow calls we made on Tuesday morning. We designated the Z Weekly $48-49 Calls as our targets and after a good first day, the stock continued its upward climb during yesterday’s session.

That move alloted for even further increases on our observed range of contracts, and pushed our two-day observed swings well into multi-bag territory:

$48 Calls – Range: 1.30-3.55 – Max Gain: 173%
$48.50 Calls – Range: 1.10-2.60 – Max Gain: 136%
$49 Calls – Range: .80-2.60 – Max Gain: 225%

Fresh Ideas:
YELP Weekly $43-44.50 Calls
ROKU Weekly $52-53.50 Calls

Healthmed Services, Inc HEME

It isn’t often these days that we target a subpenny OTC stock. Our long-time followers know that those were our primary focus when we started out exactly 7 years ago this past Tuesday. We did very well in that capacity for many years, despite having recently shifted focus more to fast-paced options trading.

Of any of the sectors we ever covered in the OTC space, cannabis has certainly been the most exciting, and continues to be one of our primary interests on the stock side of things to this day.

That’s why we just want to put HEME on our readers radars. Despite being listed as defunct on OTC Markets, the company recently revealed its intentions to get things back on track and enter the marijuana space.

According to its updated website, HEME is presently acquiring, leasing and licensing growers for the cultivation, production and distribution of cannabis and cannabis-related products in southern California. The project site has state Highway access, water and local transportation are convenient and accessible, and the City government has designated the project site – legal planting zoning.

We are going to keep tabs on the company’s progress toward not only developing in this new direction, but also coming current on its reporting.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: BCLI Recap & More

BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics, Inc. BCLI

2015 is upon us and our first order of business is to address one of the stocks we tagged in Wednesday’s premarket report. BCLI had a strong session, as it pushed its way up from an early low of 4.02 to an aftyernoon high of 4.94; a solid +23% performance.

The strong session was apparently aided by the pre-emptive PR the company released which served as a reminder that results from Phase 2a trials of its ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) treatment would be released on Monday. This morning the stock is gapping up wildly as anticipation grows, having already hit a premarket high of 7.28, which represents a total increase of 81% over the low we observed on New Year’s Eve.

Monday’s data release, which is expected to be positive, should most likely produce one of two effects. Either the results will beat expectations and facilitate another strong move, or they will fail to meet the mark and cause a pullback. In case of the latter, there may be rebound opportunities waiting just around the corner.

RedHill BioPharma Ltd. RDHL & NephroGenex, Inc. NRX

We also had this pair of standouts appear in Wednesday’s report, with each stock making a similar move. Both started the day with significant spikes in PPS, followed by a tapering off into the close.

RDHL made a sensational jump beginning almost immediately at the open running from 12.52 on up to 17.85 before its pullback, an intraday spike equaling 42.5%. Coincidentally, the stock ended the session having traded 42.5X its 3-month average volume.

saw an initial low of 12.96, followed by a healthy 39% run to a high of 17.98. This play would offer one more opportunity in the form of an intraday swing as it came down and rebounded off of the 12.60-mark before returning to 15.15, an added 20% move, bringing the day’s cumulative total of possible gains to 59% .

Extended Watchlist: