Tuesday’s Runners, Wednesday’s Watchlist

Tuesday’s Twin Targets:  

As we were mentioning in yesterday morning’s premarket report, we’re pretty thin on earnings reports from big name companies with multi-billion dollar market caps, which are typically our favorite catalysts for the kind of intraday activity that is useful to daytraders. This relative dry period will unfortunately persist until the back end of October, but, as we did yesterday, we’ll continue to hash out whatever remaining targets look best on any given morning.

Yesterday we formed a pair of potential plays, the APOG 10/20 $50-55 Calls and the DAVA 10/20 $45 Puts, and they both exhibited some nice moves for us on the day, with a double-bagger coming out of both chains. Here’s what we were working with:

APOG 10/20 $50-55 Calls
 1.70-2.50 (+47%)
$55: .05-.30 (+100%)

DAVA 10/20 $45 Puts

$45: 15-.30 (+100%).

Fresh Options Ideas:
GIS 10/20 $65-67.50 Calls
EMN 10/20 $80 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Monday’s Runners, Pair of Longer-Term Plays

Good Start to the Week:  

We got the fresh trading week off to a pretty good start yesterday morning. Despite having no big name earnings reporters to work with, we floated a few ideas that flew in the face of the overall trend of the day, yet still managed to log some serious intraday upswings. Unfortunately, we’re just entering another dry spell for earnings, and as usual, we’ll get along however we sit fit on the day-to-day.

As for yesterday’s targets, we were looking at the TSLA Weekly $277.50-272.50 Puts, the NVDA Weekly $435-430 Puts, and the SPY 09/18 $444-443 Puts, and here are the kinds of intraday runs they established on the session:

TSLA Weekly $277.50-272.50 Puts
 9.80-14.80 (+51%)
$275: 7.80-12.90 (+65%)
$272.50: 6.40-11.05 (+73%)

NVDA Weekly $435-430 Puts
$435: 4.60-6.62 (+44%)
$432.50: 3.80-5.58 (+47%)
$430: 3.10-4.72 (+52%)

SPY 09/18 $444-443 Puts
$444: .14-.88 (+528%)
$443: .47-.99 (+111%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
APOG 10/20 $50-55 Calls
DAVA 10/20 $45 Puts

Extended Watchlist:

Recent Movers Recap, Fresh Plays

Recapping Our Most Recent Movers:

We are off to a very rare late start this week, so let us first apologize for the unusual absence of a premarket report for yesterday’ session. Our data was temporarily down, so what we’ll do now that we’re back up and running, is go over the moves we’ve seen from the options ideas contained in Friday’s premarket report, then we’ll take a look at where we’re at today in terms of some fresh ideas to consider going forward.

All three of the picks we made for Friday’s report produced good gain opportunities, so lets jump right into that. Those targets were the KMX Weekly $81-83 Calls, the SWBI 07/21 $10-12.50 Calls, and the APOG 07/21 $45 Calls, and here are the moves we subsequently observed:

KMX Weekly $81-83 Calls
 3.50-5.90 (+69%)
$82: 2.69-4.90 (+82%)
$83: 1.85-3.99 (+116%)

SWBI 07/21 $10-12.50 Calls
 2.60-3.40 (+31%)
$12.50: .50-1.30 (+160%)

APOG 07/21 $45 Calls 
$45: 1.00-2.00 (+100%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
WBA Weekly $30-29 Puts
SNX 07/21 $90 Puts
KFY 07/21 $50 Puts
AXON 07/21 $190-195 Calls