Blue Horseshoe Stocks: New Options Trading Ideas

Gilead Sciences, Inc. GILD
& Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. CMG – Options Ideas

We see potential opportunities in the options arena this mid-week, from a couple of stocks that we’re catching on the heels of their earnings calls. Despite earnings beats for both, each stock has actually fallen.

Gilead Sciences, Inc. GILD – Despite exceptional 2014 earnings, investors read between the lines on a number of other key aspects following last nights call, and as a result the stock is taking a bit of a beating. This morning’s premarket low stands at 90.60. That will be the price-point we’ll need to monitor to determine an options trading strategy. Should GILD sustain a recovery off of these lows, we’ll be looking at in-the-money Calls, most likely at the $97 and $98 levels. In the event that the stock begins to find new lows we’d need to flip our strategy to Put side of the fence.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. CMG – Here we have a similar situation, with CMG taking a beating in today’s premarket, having hit a low of $675. Like GILD, earnings expectations were exceeded, however shortcomings in sales and other key metrics has momentarily taken the wind out of CMG’s sails. This is another situation where we need to monitor the stock to ensure it doesn’t fall below the premarket low in order to secure our interest in playing the Calls. We’d obviously need to look at Puts if CMG were to backslide any further, but barring that occurrence, were going to be looking at Calls in the $675-$680 range.

Inergetics, Inc. NRTI

NRTI serves as a reminder of why it’s always a good idea to check our blog at Blue Horseshoe Stocks each morning even if you’ve consumed our report via email or elsewhere. The contents of our daily-updated Stock Tracker may or may not be included in that day’s report, and often those stocks we add at the last minute go on to provide big opportunities.

That was the case with NRTI yesterday; we placed it on the tracklist just minutes prior to the opening bell, and the stock made one heck of a move. From a low of .0115, it went on to touch a daily high of .02, marking a healthy intraday move of 74% on just over three times the 30-day average volume.

Extended Watchlist:
AAPT, BABB, DIS, GPRO(Earnings Tomorrow Post-Market)

IWEB, INO & Extended Watchlist

We were exceedingly pleased with the performance of IWEB on our very first day of coverage, as it behaved just as we thought it might, given the conditions of the chart heading into the session.

The initial run out of the gate brought the stock from its opening price of .024, and ran 48% to .0355 before 11 o’clock. Following that, a couple opportunities to catch bounces off of the .028 mark presented themselves, from .028-.0335, and then again from .0282-.033. Along with the price action came some really impressive liquidity, trading roughly 9X its 3mo. average in the highest volume day since early this spring.

To finish off a solid day, IWEB added a solid close, coming in above the previous resistance sitting at .031.

Just a reminder for those who may have missed it, we conducted an exclusive interview with IWEB CEO Rob Howe via our sister site, StockTradersTalk, which contains a lot of good information about IWEB’s operations and plans moving forward. Check it out right here. You can also take a peek at the report we released yesterday which includes a copy of the PR released by the company, as well as several other details.

Our coverage of IWEB also earned us a spot at the top of the Penny Stock Rumble, an accolade we are always proud to receive!

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Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. INO
We added INO to our extended watchlist on June 14th, and at the time the stock was trading as low as .6425. The stock hit a high of 1.20 yesterday, marking a move of 87%

INO is gapping up premarket this morning, having last traded at 1.40. We are going to want to keep an eye on this stock today.

Extended Watchlist:

BFGC, LWSP Updates & Extended Watchlist

Bullfrog Gold Corp. BFGC

BFGC followed our morning alert and first ever mention of the stock with a good performance yesterday, holding support at the 200DMA  of .43. From that low we then observed a high of .49, a modest, yet quick gain of 14% on more than twice the average volume.

Moving forward, we are looking for BFGC to continue to hold support off of the 200DMA, and break this week’s prior resistance at .51. Beyond that, past resistance points crop up at .65 and .85, and a return to those levels from current prices would obviously spell substantial gains.


Legacy Wine & Spirits International Ltd. LWSP

We watched as LWSP had a pullback yesterday morning touching a low of .004, before finishing the day strong with a high of .015, marking single session gains upwards of 275% Considering yesterday was the first time we ever focused on LWSP in a featured article, we’d call that great, if not perfect timing!

Momentum and volume were at all-time highs for this stock yesterday, trading almost 6.5X its 3mo. average volume, so we’d be foolish not to continue to monitor this one closely.


Yesterday morning we also highlighted our interest in APPL & SPY Calls

AAPL and SPY Calls were another two points of focus for us on Thursday, as the pattern of success we established with the aforementioned stocks spilled over into options trading as well.

The SPY 147.50 call traded as low as the .40’s on up to 1.09 for intra-day gains of over 100%


The APPL 505.00 call saw a dip to the $3.00 range before shooting up over 70% into the $5.00’s.


Extended Watchlist: