Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AUPH Update, Options & More

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals, Inc. AUPH

We’ve been tracking AUPH in the roughly seven weeks since our mention of it on January 27th, and for a stock that started out at lows of 2.95 subsequent to that report, it sure has been quite a ride.

We followed it all the way to a high of 10.54 last week, which was an increase of 257% over our observed low. As is expected when a stock sees such a sharp rise in such a short period, AUPH did begin to consolidate, but that was only in preparation of another nice swing. From 7.51, where it ultimately found support, AUPH went on to reach 9.83 yesterday, which marks a 31% upswing on the rebound.

It’s the volatility in AUPH, which has been terrific for a stock in its price range, that makes it such an interesting stock to watch, and we’ll continue to have it on our radars moving forward.

Fresh Options Ideas  - We’ve got a trio of options ideas this morning that are earnings-related. Solid earnings generally give stocks a sizable enough boost to provide great opportunities in the options chain. It’s a phenomenon we’ve observed time and time again, so here’s what’s hitting our scanner this time:

FedEx Corp. FDX- While FDX didn’t meet the expectations of Wall Street on its earnings yesterday post-market, very optimistic guidance from the CEO in which he stated “margins, cash flows and returns are going to increase over the next several years” has the stock gapping up this morning to the tune of 5% We’re going to be standing at the ready with the FDX Weekly $192.50-200 Calls to try to take advantage of the immediate reaction.

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR - We’ve had a ton of success with trading PBR options in the past, and are going to revisitWe are going to signal a range of short and longer-term options for PBR, which had a whirlwind release yesterday post-market in which it revealed a profit for 2016 and a cut to debt levels, which also helped to earn it an analyst upgrade from Credit Suisse Group AG. We’ll be looking at the PBR Weekly $9 Calls, as well as the PBR 04/21 $9.50-10.00 Calls.

Dollar Tree, Inc. DLTR – Dollar Tree held its earnings call last week, so the reaction isn’t as fresh, but we’re more interested in what this one is going to do over a more extended period. They reported net sales increases of 5% year-over-year, while diluted earnings-per-share spiked over 40% year-over-year. We also like the look of the chart from a technical perspective, currently at a double-bottom on the chart and looking like it’s ripe for a recovery. We’re going to zero in on the DLTR 04/21 $78-80 Calls.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: JNUG Recap & Much More

Direxion Daily Jr Gld Mnrs Bull 3X ETF  (JNUG) – Recap

Despite only providing a fleeting opportunity for gains on Tuesday morning after we submitted our options trading idea for the JNUG chain, we followed up with a reminder in yesterday’s report that the idea was still in play, and that we’d need to keep our heads on a swivel looking out for the move we were hoping for.

With the help of a Fed rate hike of a quarter of a percentage point, announced by Chairperson Janet Yellen yesterday, our specified contracts, the JNUG 03/31 $7-8 Calls took a serious turn for the better.

The daily ranges and potential profits were as follows:

$7 Calls – Range: .40-1.40 – Max Gain: 250%
$7.50 Calls – Range: .35-1.00 – Max Gain: 186%
$8 Calls – Range: .20-.87 – Max Gain: 335%

Once again, we’re going to reiterate our interest in these ideas, which could be in line to extend their highs, with JNUG gapping up in early trading this morning.

Aralez Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ARLZ

We placed ARLZ on bottom watch yesterday morning in what turned out to be a fantastic stroke of good timing. We just wanted to update readers this morning on the reversal which did indeed occur during the session. While the intraday gain potential topped out at 25% as the stock ran from the open (and also low of day) at 2.11 to as much as 2.63.

The inverted hammer candle that the stock posted yesterday is often thought to be an indicator of the end of a downward pattern, so we’ll be very interested to continue tracking ARLZ in sessions to come. Chart indicators are still looking very ripe, and we’d be surprised if the show was over after just a 25% rise.

Cannabis Sector Comments

Lastly, we just want to address the cannabis sector, particularly those stocks that are connected to legal recreational marijuana. After some very damaging comments made recently by the Trump Administration wherein it was suggested that the government could crack down on legal weed, yesterday we witnessed something of a reversal from Jeff Sessions.

Sessions appeared to hint at insufficient DOJ funding as a primary reason that perhaps the current regime will not be changing Obama-era guidance on leaving the treatment of recreational weed as a states’ rights issue.

On the heels of this development, we’re going to want to keep closer tabs on the cannabis sector once again, particularly those plays that lost a lot of ground after the first round of comments from Washington.

Some of our go-to favorites in the space have been OWCP, TRTC, SING, SGDH, CBIS, and MJNA, so we’ll be tracking these more closely in the days and weeks ahead, along with the sector as a whole, as stated above.

Fresh Options Idea:

The TSLA chart is looking ripe for a recovery, and the stock is gapping up moderately in premarket trading this morning. We want to signal a range of calls to monitor in the TSLA chain to potentially take advantage of what could be a protracted recovery. We’re going to zero in on the TSLA 04/07 $270-277.50 Calls, and monitor them in the days and weeks ahead.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: News Update, Options Highlights & More

Aperture Health, Inc. APRE – News Update

Our first order of business this morning is to update our readers on APRE, which we’ve been following for the better part of a month. In that time the stock has provided us with multiple swing trade opportunities and has been stretching the envelope on its latest upswing. From the .0188 swing-low we observed last Wednesday APRE has rapidly gained 219%, running up to a new high of .0599 yesterday.

We’ve pointed out a few key highlights of the current chart on the following snapshot:

We also want to point out some untraded-upon news that hit the wires yesterday post-market:

NEW YORK, May 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – Aperture Health, Inc. (OTC APRE) and CSS Alliance LLC (“CSS”), are pleased to announce that the company has branched out and signed a Joint Venture agreement which includes an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with CSS Korea R&D Co., Ltd for new technologies and products that include solar powered A/C units, and powerless generators, as well as solar powered boilers (>>View Full PR)

Options Highlights

Jack in the Box, Inc. JACK - We had a couple of our active options targets turn up sizable opportunities for profits yesterday beginning with JACK 05/20 $70 and $75 Calls. We caught JACK on the heels of its Q2 earnings release, and various circumstances allowed for us to take advantage of the idea on its first day of mentioning.

The $70 Calls traded in an impressive range from a low of 2.25 on up 6.85 for an intraday gain of 204% The $75 Calls fared even better as they ran from .39 to 1.61, a single-session rip of 313% With performances like those, we’ll continue to track these contracts through to their expiration next week.


Macy’s Inc. M  – Our signaled range for Macy’s from Wednesday’s report added to its gains yesterday. We had been tracking the M Weekly $36-34 Puts. At the top of the range, the $36 Puts surged from a low of 1.83 up to 5.15, for a two-session swing of 181% Gains increased incrementally into the lower strike prices, culminating in the $34′s which traded up from Wednesday’s low of .50 to a new high of 3.62; a 624% swing.

Cerebain Biotech Corp. CBBT

Just after we were reviewing CBBT’s recent performance in yesterday’s morning report, (We’d added it to our radars last Tuesday) the stock went on to set another new high for us.

The stock traded in a daily range from 1.25-1.75, a respectable 40% intraday rip. From our observed low of .53, the new high represents an overall move of 230%

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: NUGN Recap, New Watchlist & More

NuGene International, Inc. NUGN

We entered NUGN into the mix on Friday as one to put on bottom-watch, and it instantly became the latest in a string of perfectly timed rebound plays. After taking an absolute beating during Thursday’s session, wherein the PPS decreased by roughly 40%, the stock displayed an absolute turnaround.

From its open at 2.65, NUGN made a very respectable 26% intraday move on relatively heavy volume, hitting 3.33 shortly after noon. It maintained the majority of those gains into the close (3.10), so we’ll be on the lookout for possible momentum carryover.

We’ve identified some of the key aspects of the NUGN chart here:

Adding to Our Radar:

We’ve got a few stocks we want to put on a speculative watch for various reasons as we kick things off this week:

Axion Power International, Inc. AXPW – This fresh news play is the first that we want to enter as a possible new item of interest. The stock is trading massive premarket volume as the company published an interesting PR this morning. Take a look>> READ PR  

Trucept, Inc. TREP – This is a thinly-traded subpenny stock that is unusual due to its revenue-producing status. The company published its Q1 2015 financials this morning, so we want to tag this play for observation. An influx of volume could send TREP on a ride.

Indo Global Exchanges Pte Ltd. IGEX - This is a super-sub-penny momentum play for which we’ll want to reserve a spot on our watchlists. It’s began to trade up off of a relative bottom on Friday so we’ll be on the lookout for the possibility of some of that activity to spilling over into this week.

Enertopia Corp. ENRT – This is a stock that has been the subject of recent promotion. We’ve never mentioned it ourselves, but we want to put it on the radar today as it is coming off of quite a thrashing on Friday. There’s a chance it could present itself as a rebound play upon finding support.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Two New Plays & TASR Recap

TASER International, Inc. TASR

We re-tagged TASR in yesterday morning’s watchlist along with a link to the new PR pertaining to the influx of orders for body cameras from several law enforcement agencies across the country (View PR).

We’ve been tracking this play continuously since we first inserted into our reports the day before Thanksgiving. Over those 5½ sessions, we’ve observed a low of 20.79 (12/01), followed by a gradual rebound to back above the $24-mark.

In this morning’s premarket, the stock has thus far made its way to a high of 24.72, which represents an increase of 19% over Monday’s low. We’re going to want to keep close watch on this play as the national dialogue over the need for more stringent police oversight continues to heat up. As we stated in one of our previous reports on TASR, TASER is already a trusted name in law enforcement/personal safety products, and thus a natural choice for many of the agencies now considering the implementation of body-worn cameras.

Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc. ALSK

ALSK is running like a scalded dog in concurrence with an after-hours PR from yesterday regarding the sale of the company’s wireless division for $300M.

Already up over 60% in premarket trading, we’re going to be on the lookout for a dip-and-rip setup to occur. After a big initial push, we’re no strangers to sniping out profits on a course correction and subsequent rebound.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Alaska Communications (ALSK) has entered into a transaction to sell its remaining wireless assets to GCI Communications, Inc. (GNCMA) for $300 million and plans to use net proceeds to de-leverage its balance sheet. A stronger balance sheet, combined with top and bottom line growth, better positions the company to evaluate a variety of additional opportunities to create shareholder value.>> Full PR

Barristas Coffee Company, Inc. BCCI

We also have a possible momentum play to add to the mix this morning. In the wake of a PR announcing BCCI’s uplisting to the OTCQB yesterday, the stock began to trade up off of a  bottom and bull-rushed its way to close at its high of day (.05). The move occurred on more than 7X the monthly average volume, and any time we see momentum like that, we go on full alert for a potential continuation into the following session.

Extended Watchlist: