Wrapping Up a Top-Notch Options Trading Week

Multibag Options Runners: 

We spent the whole week going after solid options plays and as usual, found incredible success. Yesterday’s pair of fresh options ideas offered no exception to that trend, as both of them produced significant gain opportunities on the day.

We had the GME Weekly $175-165 Puts and the RH Weekly $620-635 Calls in our sights, and in each case we were met with the chance for multibag gains. Here were the figures on those ideas:

GME Weekly $175-165 Puts
 5.95-24.00 (+303%)
$170: 4.15-18.80 (+353%)
$165: 2.58-14.67 (+468%)

RH Weekly $620-635 Calls
$620: 17.15-39.10 (+128%)
$625: 19.13-35.62 (+86%)
$630: 14.83-32.50 (+119%)
$635: 12.49-27.64 (+121%)

OTC Recaps: 

We’ve also got a couple of OTC-listed stocks that have appeared in our daily extended watchlists which produced some nice moves in recent sessions.

Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. ZNOG
Alerted: Nov.15th
Range: .0132-.0319
Gained: +142%

iGen Networks Corp. IGEN
Alerted: Dec. 6th
Gained: +81%

Fresh Options Ideas: 

All of today’s new options targets expire at the end of the session, so to include our usual disclaimer, we must caution you that only experienced traders with access to disposable funds should trade weekly options contracts on a Friday.

ORCL Weekly $97.50-100 Calls
AVGO Weekly $610-625 Calls
ASO Weekly $43.50-45 Calls

Extended Watchlist: