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Reviewing Yesterday’s Puts 

We warned of the bearish session that we had incoming, in our premarket report yesterday, and featured some puts in the chains of plays with upcoming earnings. We had signaled the INTU Weekly $290-287.50 Puts as well as the PANW Weekly $240-235 Puts.

Here were the modest, yet respectable, single session gain opportunities provided by those two targets, which were available to ourselves and our readers:

INTU Weekly $290-287.50 Puts
 8.61-10.91 (+27%)
$287.50: 7.30-8.90 (+22%)

PANW Weekly $240-235 Puts

$240: 10.11-12.70 (+26%)
$237.50: 8.85-10.75 (+21%)
$235: 7.75-10.08 (+30%)

Important: We want to update these ideas today, flipping over to the bullish side of the fence on the INTU $287.50-292.50 Calls, and modifying our strike area on PANW with the $210-200 Puts

Fresh Ideas:
HD Weekly $245-250 Calls
KEYS Weekly $95-100 Calls 

OTC Updates

Given the turbulent forecast for the markets at large yesterday, our extended watchlist was comprised solely of stocks listed on the OTC Markets. When the big boards are suffering, it’s often a good idea to track OTC activity, which is typically heightened during these periods. We got nice daily moves out of both IQST and HDII.

Range: .1483-.33 | Gain: 123%

Hypertension Diagnostic, Inc. HDII
Range: .0205-.0349 | Gain: 70%

Join Our Private Traders Chats!

Foresight Energy (LP) FELPU

Our first order of business today is to highlight a call that was made by a member of our daily traders chats on Skype. As you can see in the included snapshot, “DJ” offered up an alert to the group on Friday morning, and the stock responded with a two day rally from .03 to .135. That works out to a total upswing of 350%

This is also a great example of why we encourage our readers to join in our daily private traders chats. Anyone can get in on the action, simply by sending a skype contact request to the user “stocksumo”. We look forward to seeing some of you there!

Fresh Options Idea
Kohls Corp. KSS Weekly $53.50-51 Puts 
Home Depot Inc. HD Weekly $227.50-232.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FTNW Ripping & More

Unity Group, Inc. UNIT

To kick off the fresh trading week yesterday, we tagged quite a large number of stocks in our Extended Watchlist, including UNIT with the note ‘Bottom-Watch’ attached. The stock had been absolutely pummeled in previous sessions, and a rebound appeared imminent.

We didn’t have to wait any time at all for that bounce to occur, with the stock posting a heck of an intraday performance. From a low of 8.29, UNIT surged its way up to a daily high of 11.5. That marks a very solid first-day performance for this play amounting to a gain of 37% We will continue to track the stock for further gains as the week the progresses.

General Electric Co. GE

We also wanted to recap the recent performance of GE. We mentioned this play shortly after the new year on January 8th, and observed a low of 8.18 the following day. Since then,we’ve seen fairly steady growth out of the stock, as it has run from that low up to a new high of 11.75 yesterday.

That represents an overall increase of 47% in roughly 7 weeks’ time. GE also just cracked its 200DMA yesterday, with the RSI about to head into the power zone, so we’ll want to continue our monitoring of its activity in coming sessions as well.

FTE Networks, Inc. FTNW

After being in a general downtrend since June, we’re seeing some sparks of life from FTNW, which is roaring up off of its 52-week lows as a result of announcing over $115M in new contracts. We are going to place this on our radar and strap in for what could be an impressive push off of its bottom.

Up considerably in the premarket, there are resistance areas roughly around $4, $6 and $10, and FTNW has the potential to crack some or all of those levels with the surge off of this latest news.

Fresh Options Ideas:
Etsy, Inc. ETSY 03/15 $60-65 Calls
The Home Depot, Inc. HD Weekly $185-180 Puts

Extended Watchlist:
AYX, VSI, WP, SKYS, THC, SOLO, WIN(Bottom-Watch)