Key Recaps, 4 Fresh Options Ideas

Recap of Friday’s Options Plays:

For those who took Monday’s break to relax and may have missed out on our relaying of Friday’s activity, we’re going to drop the recap of those plays one more time this morning. We didn’t do so yesterday of course, because we gave sole focus for the day to a special report on a new company that has engaged us for investor relations. We urge those who might have missed that report to click here and read it now.

As for our last active options ideas, here are those figures from Friday’s report one more time, and today we’ll do our best to generate some more good ideas today:

COIN Weekly $185-190
: 1.85-8.58 (+364%)
$190: .72-4.95 (+587%)

MARA Weekly $27.50-28.50 Calls
$28: .09-.78 (+767%)

TTD Weekly $87-89 Calls
$87: 1.01-3.66 (+264%)
$88: .76-2.83 (+272%)
$89: .54-2.03 (+276%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
VRT Weekly $56-54 Puts
GRMN 03/25 $130 Calls
PANW Weekly $280-275 Puts
PSA 03/15 $290-300 Calls

AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ:AGRI) – Recap:

We recently tagged AGRI on Feb. 9th, and caught the stock at a subsequent low of .20. Yesterday it registered a new high of .706, which equates to a respectable rise of 253% over the past couple of weeks.

It’s always pleasing to find NASDAQ plays that are making OTC level runs in such short periods of time, and another reason why it’s a good idea to pay as much attention to our extended watchlist plays as you do to our featured content!

Extended Watchlist: