Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Success, MNKD & More

Eleven BioTherapeutics, Inc. EBIO

Out of four focal points for yesterday morning’s premarket report, three of them worked out very nicely. From the stock side of things, we had EBIO, which we designated as a potential momentum play after noticing it picking up steam in prior sessions.

Our hunch was good, as the stock ran from a low of 2.31 to 2.955 (+28%) on roughly nine times its monthly average volume. It was a relatively modest gain, yet we did see a temporary breach of the 50DMA as well as a strong close at 2.78. It was a solid enough performance to warrant further observation.


MannKind Corp. MNKD – We drew attention to MNKD on Wednesday morning and just want to provide an update on its excellent progress so far. In the past two sessions since then it has traded up from a low of .44 to .68 (+55%) in two bullish sessions. We’ll be looking for a possible continuation of that trend.

Options Winners

The other two winners from yesterday were both successful options ideas that we formulated on the heels of strong earnings reports, and the gain opportunities there were quite a bit larger.

We’ve come to routinely expect huge multi-bag intraday runs when we hit on a good post-earnings idea, and that’s just what we got from every single contract we signaled.

Macy’s, Inc. M – Weekly $38-41 Calls

$38 Calls – Range: 1.52-3.85 – Max Gain: 153%
$38.50 Calls – Range: 1.27-2.90 – Max Gain: 128%
$39 Calls – Range: 1.00-2.97 – Max Gain: 191%
$39.50 Calls – Range: .81-2.25 – Max Gain: 178%
$40 Calls – Range: .50-1.90 – Max Gain: 280%
$40.50 Calls – Range: .30-1.47 – Max Gain: 390%
$41 Calls – Range: .15-1.16 – Max Gain: 673%

Shake Shack, Inc. SHAK – Weekly $35.50-37 Calls

$35.50 Calls – Range: .39-2.00 – Max Gain: 413%
$36 Calls – Range: .37-2.62 – Max Gain: 609%
$36.50 Calls – Range: .35-.77 – Max Gain: 120%
$37 Calls – Range: .18-1.90 – Max Gain: 956%


Fresh Idea – Nvidia Corp. NVDA – Nvidia beat on earnings in a post-market release yesterday, and to correspond with the activity we’re observing here in the premarket, we want to highlight the NVDA Weekly $77-80 Calls* for potential daytrades.

*Our regular readers are well aware of the warnings we post every time we issue an alert, but for everyone just joining us, please be aware that trading options contracts with a weekly expiration on a Friday is a highly risky proposition, and should only be undertaken by expert traders!

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CBGI Update, Form-4 Scan & More

Cannabusiness Group, Inc. CBGI

After adding CBGI to our radar on Monday, (At a low of .0321), and putting the stock on high alert yesterday, we’ve managed to do very well with this new player in the medical marijuana game. If you recall, yesterday, we sounded the alarm on CBGI in our pre-market report, putting it on “high alert” after receiving news that the company had acquired a plot of land in California to commence its plans for a licensed cannabis grow operation. In addition, we pointed out the Golden Cross that was forming on the chart as another reason why CBGI was in a prime position to blow its top.

That’s exactly what took place, as the stock opened at .045, dipped briefly to .041, and the it was off to the races. We saw CBGI run 217% to .13, which also marked an overall gain of 305% from Monday’s low. Following that initial rip, the stock would pull back and bounce several times for added intraday opportunities, and landed us at the top of the Penny Stock Rumble:

Congratulations to anyone who was able to take advantage of the chance for quick-strike profits!

CBGI ended the day at .076 up over 120% from its previous close, and we’d like to see support hold in the .06-.07 range in order for this play to retain our interest. We are still on the cusp of seeing that Golden Cross, so we’ll be keeping an eye on CBGI through to next week, when it looks like that might occur.

Extended Watchlist Winners:

Pixelworks, Inc. PXLW

We’ve got to take a minute to applaud ourselves for another of yesterday’s selections. PXLW appeared in our Extended Watchlist and went on to have a beast of a day. The stock shot up from 6.31 to 9.05, a solid 43% increase, and did so on more than 30x  its 3-month average volume.

Fanny & Freddie (FNMA & FMCC)

Also making several appearances in our recent reports, we like the gains we’ve seen from this mortgage-lending pair. Both stocks have recently come from the $3.00-range and are now trading well over $5.00.

Form-4 Scan

Our regulars know that we periodically like to conduct Form-4 (Insider Trading) Scans, and have gleaned some big winners by doing so in the past (e.g. CETV made a 147% move for us). As a result of the one we ran this morning, we have a couple of stocks we’d like to throw into the mix:

Biodel, Inc. BIOD

BIOD popped up after several company officers filed their form-4’s which denote an exercise price of 3.37 (Currently trading in the mid-3.40’s), so we’ll be placing this one on our radar for sure. For our readers who may not be as well-versed, let us explain the significance. While Form-4’s reflecting the acquisition of shares by insiders shouldn’t be taken as a definite sign of something big brewing behind the scenes, it does suggest a certain in-house confidence in the stability of a stock that we like to see. It never hurts to put a stock on watch just in case there is something bigger going on.

Career Education Corp. CECO

The other one we spotted on this scan was CECO. A good number of Form-4’s have been submitted over the course of this week, so we’ll be throwing this one up on our radar sceens as well.

Side Note:

MLCG and MDCN are a couple of longer-term marijuana stocks that we think folks should have on their watchlists.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Pot Sector Updates & Much More

Commenting on Canadian Cannabis

Perhaps some of you may have already seen the stories that have been circulating about the current state of medical marijuana in Canada. This is a very complex issue that we are going to try to briefly break down to brass tacks. Essentially, beginning on the 1st of April, we are looking at the end of Canada’s MMAR (Medical Marijuana Access Regulations program, introduced more than a decade ago to allow Canadians with a need for cannabis to obtain a license to grow their own, or purchase it through one of the many dispensaries now operating across the nation.

The new rules will relegate supply duty to one of Health Canada’s eight commercial growers, or to one of roughly a dozen new growers that the Canadian health organization expects to lisnce when the new program takes effect. The move certainly has its opposition in the medical community and private sector, but barring some major development (such as a ruling by the Supreme Court of B.C., where the government is being sued under the assertion that the new laws are unconstitutional), all growing will fall to just a handful of state-sanctioned operations. What excites us most about the potential behind this development, is the direct involvement of some of the companies that we’ve been successfully tracking for quite some time which have formed a series of strategic partnerships.

Among the expected participants is one of our recent favorites in the sector, Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc (FITX). We’re eagerly awaiting further news regarding the status of its build on a 53,000sq. ft. grow facility in Lakeshore, Ontario, where it will become the largest such facility in all of Canada.

This also implicates another of our top pot performers, GrowLife, Inc. (PHOT) which has joined forces with FITX’s CEN Biotech subsidiary in this venture. The operation is expected to yield over a million pounds of marijuana annually to be distributed, with government approval, to the nearly 40,000 medical marijuana patients in Canada, a consumer-base that is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years.

Also in on the deal is ENDEXX Corp. (EDXC), whose “M3Hub Seed to Sale Tracking Platform” will be implemented to help track and maintain compliance for the facility’s huge crop output.

Other pot stocks we’ve covered stand to gain from Health Canada’s new regulations as well. Many of you will recall the huge gains we’ve already seen from Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. EAPH. Earlier this month, we received word that the company formed an alliance with a private B.C-based firm which has obtained government approval for its own grow operation.

All in all, we see the upcoming changes as even more reason why we can’t let the cannabis sector slip off of our radars. The new developments have been rolling in at a rapid rate, something we expect to continue indefinitely. Be sure to stay tuned as we keep you up to date on all of the exciting happenings!

Other Marijuana Related Interests

Fortitude Group, Inc. FRTD – We observed nice intraday activity from FRTD on Friday, as we had for most of the week up to that point. On the strength of a PR outlining the company’s new medical marijuana product “MariMist” designed for cancer patients, the stock made an intraday run of 43% as it spiked from a low of .0181 to touch a new high of .0259. From our initial alert low (Tuesday) at .0081, Friday’s high represents an overall move of 220%

Triton Distribution Systems, Inc. TTDZ – TTDZ has undergone a recent consolidation period after delivering us some sizable gains. Today we see news regarding the absorption of Triton into Green Cures, a story that we’re going to want to follow closely, as it could be just the catalyst we’re looking for to see TTDZ bounce back and potentially afford us a rebound opportunity:

TIBURON, CA–(Marketwired – Mar 3, 2014) – Green Cures, Inc. and Triton Distribution Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink: TTDZ) managements, announced today the conclusion and the closing of the takeover transaction and the full control of Triton by the Green Cures management. >> Full PR

Advanced Cannabis Solutions, Inc. CANN – Our first alert on CANN came on January 8th, at which point we observed a low of 6.31. What we’ve seen since then has been a rousing success-story, as the stock has gone on to hit a new high of 35.88. That’s a monstrous move of 469%, an unbelievable figure considering the price range of this stock.

Also, we have a couple of new marijuana stocks to add to our ever-expanding watchlist:

Cannabusiness Group, Inc. CBGI

Intelligent Living, Inc. ILIV

Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. CETV

We originally caught CETV on a Form-4 scan back in May of last year.  We were excited to see the buyer listed on the form as Time Warner. At the time, the stock was trading at 2.67. By late October, it hit a high of 6.60. After consolidating gradually to find support near our original alert price, prompting us to include it on Friday’s extended watchlist. After dipping to a morning low of 3.30, the stock would run as high as 5.17. marking an intraday move of  57%

Positive ID Corp. PSID

PSID has been responding extremely well since we re-commenced coverage on the stock on February 18th. At the time we observed a low of .0572. On Thursday, after several consecutive sessions of positive movement, the stock reached a high of .125, good for an overall move of 119%

We prepared a video of the PSID chart, pointing out current levels of support and resistance:

Extended Watchlist:

FRTD, PSID, PLUG & Extended Watchlist

Fortitude Group, Inc. FRTD

Leading up to yesterday, FRTD had already afforded us the opportunity to make up to 122% as we called out the stock on Tuesday and watched as it subsequently ran from .0081-.018.

At the start of yesterday’s session, FRTD briefly peeled back to .0151, found support, and would go on to hit a high of .0249. That marked an intraday gain of 65%, and brings our two-day total of cumulative gains on this stock to 187%

That performance came behind a PR that was released after the open announcing the possible repurchase up to 100M shares, read ahead for the whole story:

ERIE, PA–(Marketwired – Feb 26, 2014) – Fortitude Group Inc. (OTC: FRTD) CEO Thomas J. Parilla today announced that its Board of Directors on February 25, 2014 adopted a corporate resolution to authorize a stock repurchase plan pursuant to which Fortitude Group, Inc. may repurchase up to 100,000,000 (100 Million) shares of its common stock. >> FULL PR

Positive ID Corporation PSID

Ever since we brought PSID, an old favorite, back to the table in a report we published on February 18th, the stock has been creeping steadily higher each day. At the time of that initial alert, we observed a low of .0572. That places our total possible gain on this play at 92% as of yesterday’s high mark at .11.

Take a look at the following chart we’ve annotated to highlight some of the key aspects of the chart. Conditions appear to suggest that a sustained uptrend could be in the cards. In the event that another consolidation period occurs we’d like to see support hold at or above the 200DMA.

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Feb. 26, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PositiveID Corporation (“PositiveID” or “Company”) (PSID), a developer of biological threat detection and diagnostics solutions, today provided a review of its 2013 accomplishments and its outlook for 2014.

William J. Caragol, PositiveID’s Chairman and CEO, commented, “2013 was a very important year for us as we continued to position the Company and its products to address and capitalize on significant current and forecasted market opportunities in defense, healthcare and the molecular diagnostic sectors. We are currently in strategic discussions with several large government and commercial partners related to our biothreat detection (M-BAND) and medical diagnostics (Firefly) products, and expect to enter into agreements with one or more of these partners/customers in the first half of 2014. >> FULL PR

Plug Power, Inc. PLUG

February 15th marked the one year anniversary of PLUG appearing in our reports for the first time. We’ve continuously monitored this stock’s amazing progress, coming all the way from .1155, and continuously growing into the $4.00+ gem that you see today. If you take a look at the search results for PLUG in our archives, you can see that we’ve followed it every step of the way.

You don’t need a calculator to tell how impressive the overall move from PLUG has been, but just for fun, let’s use ours: In one year’s time, PLUG has given us the gift of an absolutely unreal increase of 3,917% measuring from yesterday’s high of 4.64!

The stock reached these heights thanks in part to orders the company has received from the world’s largest retailer. Along its current trajectory, we would not be surprised to see this stock continue its steady advance:

Plug Power Receives Milestone Order From Walmart for Multi-Site Hydrogen Fuel Cell Deployment

LATHAM, N.Y., Feb 26, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) — Plug Power Inc. (Nasdaq:PLUG) today confirms the company has received a multi-site GenKey purchase order from Walmart Stores, Inc. to roll out its hydrogen fuel cell solution to power electric lift truck fleets at six North America distribution centers. The first of six sites will be deployed by the second quarter of 2014. >> FULL PR

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FRTD, A Word on the Cannabis Sector

Fortitude Group, Inc. FRTD

We sincerely hope that our readers caught yesterday morning’s report, and read all the way through to the Extended Watchlist where we included FRTD as new cannabis momentum play. The head of steam that the stock began to build on the heels of a recent series of PR’s regarding the company’s entry into the trendy cannabis sector led to continued advances during yesterday’s session.

We saw FRTD touch a low of .0081 before exploding to its high-of-day at .018, a positive intraday move of 122%

FRTD is just the latest in the long line of companies we’ve seen take advantage of the hysterical nature of 2014’s “Green Rush”. While much of the initial fervor we witnessed in December and January has relaxed, don’t expect to stop hearing about this sector anytime soon. In fact, as more and more data comes in, we expect the marijuana business to grow exponentially as each state realizes the financial benefits and caves to economic pressure.

This hypothesis was reinforced by the January tax numbers from Pueblo Country, CO (where the substance is now completely legal) came in. See THIS ARTICLE, which shows that based on their January tax income from marijuana sales, the county stands to increase their annual bugdet by nearly 5%  Colorado is currently serving as an experimental template, and you can be sure that all across the nation, legislators and business people alike are watching intently.

In other news, US banks are quickly clearing hurdles in the way of providing services to pot-related business, and the general sentiment in Washington, is to let this all play out naturally. Even the current administration has made statements which set the table for widespread marijuana reform. Several legislators have petitioned the president to reclassify marijuana, a relatively harmless substance when considering the fact that it now shares a classification with heroin and similarly dangerous drugs.

While many obstacles remain to be navigated, the proverbial ball has begun rolling, and it seems now that there is little that can ultimately stand in the way of progress.


ERIE, PA, Feb 24, 2014 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — Fortitude Group, Inc. (OTC: FRTD) CEO Thomas J. Parilla is pleased to announce that on February 22, 2014, the Company executed a Master Agent Agreement with Under the terms of the agreement, Fortitude will offer and facilitate closed-loop transaction processing to legal dispensaries in the medical marijuana industry as well as provide processing for entities in states that have legalized recreational marijuana sales.

Fortitude shall acquire from the URL’s and Both domains will be used as a pre-paid platform allowing legal marijuana merchants customers to process purchase transactions using a debit card vs. cash. The private-label card will offer additional rewards and points to the card holders which can be custom designed to fit their individual likes and needs. Fortitude expects to derive approximately $155.00 annual profit per retail card user. The Company intends to launch on March 17, 2014.

Be sure to stay tuned to our reports, and/or check our blog at regularly. We’re continuously tracking the cannabis sector as a whole, and often add new plays just like FRTD to the list.

Extended Watchlist: