Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Hot Options Calls & More

Bank of America Corp. BAC

Yesterday, for the second consecutive trading day, the BAC options idea we floated on Tuesday morning yielded the opportunity for solid intraday gains. The BAC Weekly $12.50 and $13 Calls produced the following chances:

$12.50 Calls – Range: .49-.74 – Max Gain: 51%
$13 Calls – .16-.34 – Max Gain: 113%

As we’ve been saying from the word go, if BAC can jump the 13.50 hurdle, we’ll be looking to roll up our strike price, and today might very well be the day it occurs. The stock traded as high as 13.48 in post-market trading yesterday, and the markets in general appear to be in line for another solid session.

To remain interested in our ideas going forward, we’ll need to see BAC hold support above 13.15 on any pullbacks.

More Options Recaps

SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) – The SPY was one of a pair of fresh ideas we put in yesterday’s morning report, and with the strong daily performance of stocks across the board, the SPY Weekly $204-206 Calls we signaled enjoyed some huge multi-bag moves:

$204 Calls – Range: 1.45-3.20 – Max Gain: 121%
$205 Calls – Range: .87-2.29 – Max Gain: 163%
$206 Calls – Range: .47-1.55 – Max Gain: 230%


Nike, Inc. NKE – We also highlighted a range of Nike options as the company was just coming off of a post-market earnings beat on Tuesday, specifically the NKE Weekly $52-54 Calls. Again, market-wide bullishness aided an excellent intraday push for each of our alerted contracts:

$52 Calls – Range: 1.23-3.00 – Max Gain: 144%
$52.50 Calls – Range: .85-2.61 – Max Gain: 207%
$53 Calls – Range: .60-2.13 – Max Gain: 255%
$53.50 Calls – Range: .42-1.60 – Max Gain: 281%
$54 Calls – Range: .27-1.20 – Max Gain: 344%

Fresh Idea:

Mobileye N.V. (MBLY) – We’re having such good fortune in options with current conditions allowing for the type of volatility that traders dream of, that we might as well offer up yet another new idea this morning. We’re going to be paying attention to the MBLY Weekly $44.50-46.50 Calls, as the stock is gapping up heavily in the premarket today.

Cemtrex, Inc. CETX

We’re also taking a technical interest in CETX this morning. As you can see on the following chart snapshot, there are a number factors indicating the potential for some increased upward movement.

This comes just a week after the company announced its first ever share buyback program, which will allow for the repurchase of up to a million shares over the next year.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe: ACDU, GOGO, GERN, OXBT, NQ & More

Accredited Business Consolidators Corp. ACDU

We had included ACDU in Friday’s newsletter after noticing increased volume and building momentum in Thursday’s session. Opening strong and rallying out of the gate, the stock touched a high of .0093 before consolidating and retracing on a midday pullback. We observed as ACDU found support and bounced from .0061 back up to .0086 (+42%) and ended the day solidly at .0083.

Congrats to anyone who was able to take a quick profit from ACDU.

Gogo, Inc. GOGO

We’ve been monitoring GOGO pretty closely since Sept. 16th at which time the stock was trading at 14.79.  By Sept. 26th, we saw the stock hit a high of 19.80. Over roughly the next month, GOGO retraced back to 15.90 (10/24). This morning GOGO appears to be gapping up significantly, hitting a high of 22.30 premarket, so we’re definitely going to continue paying close attention to this stock.

Geron, Corp. GERN

After we mentioned GERN in Thurday’s report, we saw a good short opportunity as the stock fell from the high 7.70’s to below 6.00.

On Friday the stock opened in the 5.00-range, and continued its descent, trending down to the mid-4.00 range. As GERN has pulled back so drastically in a small amount of time, we are watching for the dust to settle, and poising ourselves for the potential rebound which could follow.

Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc. OXBT
NQ Mobile, Inc. NQ

OXBT made a move from a low of 1.46 to 11.40 for a 681% gain since we began following it near the end of October.

Roughly around the same period of time, we also starting watching NQ, at the time trading as low as 8.42, which would go on to hit a high of 15.85, an 88% gain.

Both of these stocks underwent big consolidations last week, and began to rebound toward the end of the week. As is often the case following major runs, large pullbacks, if properly timed can make for some excellent quick-strike opportunities to profit. Thus, we still have both of these on our radar.

From Friday’s Extended Watchlist:

Revolution Lighting Technologies, Inc. RVLT

RVLT traded as low as 2.88 on Friday before hitting a high of 3.54, a possible gain of  23%

SunEdison, Inc. SUNE

SUNE traded from a low of 11.00 to 12.75, a positive intraday move of 16%

Groupon, Inc. GRPN

GRPN traded in a range from 9.45-10.43, a 10% gain.

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PPHM

PPHM saw a 1.22 low and went on to close at its high-of-day at 1.30, for a modest 7% increase.

Extended Watchlist:
DROP (Coming off recent lows),TCPS, XCLL(Golden Cross), DSCO, FRO, NNVC, GURE, CLRX, ZLCS (Huge gap down, watching for possible rebound)

FB Calls, GOGO, RNA, EXMT & Extended Watchlist

Facebook, Inc. FB – Options

We were looking for a dip-and-rip scenario from the FB 09/21 $45.50 Calls on Friday, and that is exactly what transpired. After dipping as low as .38, and closed at the high of day at 1.92, marking an enormous 405% intraday gain!

From when we originally mentioned these contracts on Wednesday, Friday’s close represented a move of 1820% off of the ten-cent low.

Gogo, Inc. GOGO

We started watching GOGO on Monday of last week, when the stock was trading as low as 14.79. At Friday’s peak, we observed a share price of 19.18, good for a nice 30% intraweek increase.

Remember, despite a very good short term performance from GOGO, that we are still keeping this stock on our long-term watchlist as well.

Prosensa Holding N.V.  RNA

RNA appeared in Friday’s extended watchlist, in which we clearly stated that we were watching for a bounce after a big gap-down, and that’s just what we got. The stock hit low of 5.65 before traversing its way up to 8.00. That was enough for single session gains of 42%

Anything Technologies Media, Inc. EXMT
This was an extended watchlist play of ours all last week, both on Monday, and Thursday. On Wednesday the stock was as low as .0009, and on Friday, as low as .0011 before closing at .0019. That call yielded us gains anywhere from 73-111%

This is one from our ongoing marijuana stock watchlist that we had noted coming down to its support level, and that sharp eye really paid off. It sets yet another example of why we always urge our readers to pay every bit as much attention to our extended watchlist plays as the stocks that we feature.

Extended Watchlist: