Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Midday Updates

Apple, Inc. AAPL Options
We sincerely hope folks have been following our coverage of Apple Options. More specifically, the $440 Calls we’ve been looking at: They traded for as little as 2.57 today before going on to hit a high of 8.90, for a possible intraday gain of up to 246%

The $435 Calls also yielded chances to profit big, trading from 4.15 to a subsequent high of almost 12.00.

If Apple can break past $445, we will be looking to the $445 and $450 Calls to continue reaping these kinds of rewards.

Yamana Gold Inc. AUY Options
As we suspected it might, AUY has begun to rebound this morning as Gold Prices are doing the same. In addition to the stock itself looking attractive from this vantage, we are looking at the $11.00 AUY Calls, which have been increasing in value as the AUY attempts to break above eleven dollars, which it did for a brief time this morning.

Real Goods Solar, Inc. RSOL
RSOL came off of this morning’s extended watchlist to make a run from 4.55 to 6.43, gaining as much as 41% intraday. We offer congratulations to anyone who was able to take advantage of this rapid gainer.

Evermedia Group, Inc. EVRM
EVRM dipped to Friday’s low of .0012 before touching a high of .0016, for a 33% move.