Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Reviewing IMMU, EBIO & More

Immunomedics, Inc. IMMU

We began tracking IMMU last month, mentioning it for the first time on May 13th, and then again in a followup on the 20th. Our timeliness in bringing what was already a steady climber to the table, as you can plainly see on the chart below.

It’s been a solid few weeks for the stock since that time. It has risen from our observed low of 3.59 to a new high of 5.44 yesterday, marking a solid 52% PPS increase in just a short time. We can also see that the volume has been steadily creeping up as well.

The last time the stock was this overbought, we saw a leveling out but not much of a consolidation. We’ll look for a similar phenomenon to occur from this point forward, and for IMMU to ultimately continue its general uptrend until we see evidence to the contrary.

Eleven Biotherapeutics, Inc. EBIO

Speaking of plays we called last month that have enjoyed extended moves up, we’ve also got on update on EBIO this morning. We tagged this stock for observation in the first week of May, and would catch it trading at a low of .80.

From there it’s been a fairly steady climb, and yesterday it too shot to new highs. As of yesterday’s top mark of 2.10, we’d witnessed a one-month rise of 163% as the stock temporarily cracked through the 200DMA. We’ll look for it to hold support at or above previous resistance in the 1.70 area on any pullbacks.

Fresh Options Idea

For a closing idea on this short week, we’ve taken notice of the chart on iShares Silver Trust SLV. It’s gapping up moderately in the premarket this morning after recently bouncing off of its lowest price in a couple of months.

Accordingly, today we’re going to look to possibly take advantage of the activity in the SLV $15-16 Weekly Calls* for intraday flip opportunities.

*Caution: As always, heed our caution with regard to trading options contracts with a weekly expiration on Friday. It’s something only to be attempted by advanced traders!

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Bottom-Play Watchlist & More

Mobile Broadcasting Holding, Inc. MBHC

We began taking a look at MBHC yesterday, mostly focusing upon the strong additions to management, and the extreme promise pertaining to the company’s news of a global deal signed with Twitter. We did however, publish a video highlighting some of the key points on the chart, and that’s what we’re going to focus on to start things off today.

The stock would make a handful of intraday moves on almost twice the monthly average volume. Early on we saw a run from .0042-.0057 (+36%), followed by two separate subsequent swings from .0041-.0053 (+29%).

Most importantly the stock recorded a higher low,  holding support above 50DMA of .004 as we’d hoped for, and we want to continue to see it maintained above that level.  Moving forward, we’ll be looking out for a breach of the resistance that cropped up at .006 .

Stocks on Bottom-Watch

The following four plays have been getting beat up pretty bad of late, and whenever we notice stocks in this position, we like to relegate them to a potential bottom-play watchlist. Some of the biggest rapid moves we witness come from course-correction related bounces, so we’ll have these stocks on our recovery watchlist moving forward:

Stragenics, Inc. ASAB

Blue Water Global Group, Inc. BLUU

Windstream Technologies, Inc. WSTI – Letter To Shareholders

Cafe Serendipity Holdings, Inc. CAFS - Recreational Marijuana News Out

B2Digital, Inc. BTDG

BTDG is a momentum-play that we’re going to be monitoring as we head into mid-week, and we’ve gone ahead and pointed out the reasoning behind this on the following chart snapshot. Yesterday brought a break of a key resistance point and with a number of other bullish indicators are leading us to give BTDG part of our attention.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SITO News & More

SITO Mobile Ltd.  SITO

Popping up on our scanner this morning is SITO, which, per a premarket PR (excerpt below) released this morning, has entered into an asset purchase agreement with Hipcricket (HIPP).

Upon approval, this deal will create in SITO, one of the largest mobile ad/marketing firms in the industry. This also comes in the wake of what has apparently been a good year for the company. According to SITO’s CEO, 2014 was “a transformative year… which included 27% year-over-year revenue growth”.

These are all reasons why the fact that we’re catching SITO coming off of its 52-low could carry some potentially exciting opportunities on the chart. We’ll have our eyes peeled for further updates on the progress of the deal as we tag SITO for monitoring in the days and weeks ahead.

JERSEY CITY, N.J., Jan. 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SITO Mobile Ltd. (SITO), a leading mobile engagement platform provider, announced today that it has entered into an asset purchase agreement (“Agreement”) with Hipcricket Inc. (HIPP), the leader in mobile engagement and analytics, for $4.5 million in cash, to acquire substantially all of its assets. Hipcricket reported revenues of $26.7 million for the fiscal year ended February 28, 2014 and currently holds 21 U.S. patents covering technology inventions. >> FULL PR

Medican Enterprises, Inc. MDCN

Speaking of plays coming up off of their annual lows, MDCN represented a feat of perfect timing for us yesterday. We noted that the stock had reached its lowest point of the past year on Thursday, and the rebound offered up the chance at a 57% intraday move to kick off yesterday’s trading session.

Beginning from an early low of .023, the stock surged as high as .036 around 11am, with the bulk of the day’s volume (which exceeded the monthly average by threefold) having traded in that time frame.

Congrats go out to any of our readers who were able to reap a profit off of that excellently-timed call of MDCN!

We’re interested to follow the main MDCN storyline, being the recently announced purchase of a 7200sq.ft. commercial facility and dispensary in Phoenix, AZ. We’ll be certain to relay any developments as they come down the pipe.

Netflix, Inc. NFLX – Options Ideas

NFLX continues to surge on yesterday’s after-hours earnings beat in this morning’s premarket activity, and it sets us up nicely for a possible play on some options calls.

What we’d expect to see is some early profit-taking, causing a classic dip-and-rip, and thereafter we’ll be looking to take advantage. Provided the stock holds support above today’s premarket low of 394.80 we’ll be paying close attention to the  $395-410 Calls for possible intraday/intraweek flip opportunities.

Side Note: GPRO is also bouncing off a recent bottom, and has our attention as a solid recovery play, therefore we will want to radar call options there as well.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MDCN Refocus & More

Pervasip Corp. PVSP

To kick off this short week we’d like to take note of PVSP, a super-subpenny stock that has recently awoken from the dead and begun to show some vigorous swings on the chart. PVSP has been bouncing around in a rough channel between .0002 and .0004 for the past couple of weeks.

Every so often we like to watch super-subpennies like this one for the low-risk-high-reward factor; with little room to fall, the rock bottom prices represent a true ground-floor opportunity. Many times in the past have we caught on with a play in this situation and reaped the benefit of rapid and monstrous upswings. We’ll keep a close eye on PVSP for the possible chance to do it again.

Last week the company announced that it had completed deal that will allow it to write approximately $2M off of its existing debt for an up-front sum of just $100K, and a later payment of $25K in October. >>> VIEW PR 

Medican Enterprises, Inc. MDCN

MDCN is a marijuana-related stock that we’ve had on our long term radar for quite some time. Toward the beginning of the year we re-tagged the stock for monitoring and today seems like a good time to focus in more intently on a couple of key points that seem to indicate a possible opportunity ahead.

In addition to a recent property acquisition with potentially exciting implications (PR excerpt below), we’re catching MDCN off of its 52-week low which was just realized on Thursday. Our regular readers are well aware of how fond we are of stocks coming up off of their annual lows. We’ve successfully navigated countless plays in this exact situation, and in many cases have come up with major gains for our efforts.

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Medican Enterprises Inc. (MDCN), a company seeking promising pharmaceutical and other business opportunities in the emerging medical and recreational marijuana sector, announced that it has entered into a purchase agreement to acquire a 7,200 square foot retail and commercial property in Phoenix, Arizona.

The property is currently leased through August 2018 to an Arizona state licensed medical marijuana dispensary. Per the purchase agreement, the lease agreement will be assigned to Medican. >> FULL PR

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: WATT Recap & More

Energous Corp.  WATT

WATT was included in our extended watchlist on Wednesday before the holiday break, and the stock went on to make a modest yet solid move, despite having only a short session in which to do so. We saw the stock rise from an early low of 8.40 on up to a high of 9.50, which represents an intraday spike of 13%

Apart from its bullish chart, one of the main reasons that WATT is so interesting is that its “WattUp” technology is so close to the cutting edge. Wireless charging has gained a fair bit of steam with charging mats over the past several years, but those require that the device be sitting on the pad. A technology that can rout power wirelessly over a much larger area has yet to make its way to the mainstream.

We’ll be keeping watch over WATT, which could really make a splash if the WattUp technology proves to be as versatile and efficient as the company claims, and is able to clear FCC Certification for which it is currently undergoing tests. >> LEARN MORE ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY

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