Blue Horseshoe Stock: TPLM Recap & More

Triangle Petroleum Corp. TPLM

The first thing we want to do this morning is congratulate ourselves for our timely call of TPLM in yesterday’s extended watchlist, as well as any of our readers who were able to take advantage.

The timing was indeed impeccable; Wednesday’s bullish session brought the stock comparatively modest gains compared to what was on the table yesterday. TPLM traded up from an early morning low of .35 and reached .63, for a highly respectable intraday run of 80%

The move occurred on volume which exceeded the monthly average by more than seven times, and the stock managed to close just a shade under its high-of-day at .615, qualifying it for continued observation as a potential momentum play. We’ll look for higher highs and higher lows as have occurred over each of the past three days.

INTREorg Systems, Inc. IORG

We most recently were discussing IORG in our report dated May 25th, subsequent to which we would observe quite a significant uptrend. As you can plainly see on the included chart below, it has been stringing together solid performances for two weeks straight.

Our observed low on the stock was .32 on the 27th, and since then it’s been off to the races, and yesterday the stock managed an impressive new high of 1.09 before closing with strength just a tick below that. For us to remain heavily interested in this play moving forward we are going to need to see it maintain support at or above the channel of previous resistance we’ve highlighted on the chart from .80-.98.

Fresh Options Ideas 

To close things out for the week, we’re going to provide a couple of options ideas with expirations set for next Friday, so this won’t carry the same warning we usually issue about trading weekly contracts at the end of the week. We are still quite intrigued with the possibilities for the following ranges of contracts in these two plays over the next several sessions:

H&R Block, Inc. HRB – 06/17 $21-23 Calls

Global Blood Therapeutics,Inc. GBT – 06/17 $20-30 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: VBLT, PVSP Video Charts & More

We had a large wave of subscribers over the weekend, so before we get started, let us take this opportunity to welcome our new members! Be sure to catch our reports on time every morning within 20 minutes prior to the opening bell- in many cases it can be the early bird that gets gets the worm! 

Vascular Biogenics, Inc. VBLT

We first placed VBLT on our watchlist on March 25th, and on that day witnessed a moderate intraday move of 26% as the stock ran from 6.25 to 7.86.

That was followed by an extended period of consolidation which persisted throughout the month of April. Eventually the stock established support in the mid-$3.00 range early last month, and from there it has been quite the performer.

There was a massive move from 3.60-7.09 (+97%), followed by a dip back to 4.86 (05/20), and to end the short week on Friday, the stock touched a new high of 8.70, representing a 79% swing. That high has been surpassed in premarket trading this morning as the stock breached the $9-mark on word of some positive data from one of the company’s drug trials (Link below). We’ll continue to follow along with the action as we kick off this fresh trading week.

Here’s a video pointing out the characteristics of the current VBLT Chart:

Pervasip Corp. PVSP

PVSP was a thousand-percent-plus gainer for us earlier this year, and we want to return focus to the stock once again this morning.

Subsequent to our alert on January 20th, we watched as this play exploded from an absolute bottom of .0001 in February, all the way up to .003 at the end of April, an incredible 2900% span.

We’re looking at the stock once again this week as we noticed it recently coming down to find support at its 200DMA of .0006 (05/21), and since then it appears as if PVSP is gearing up for another potential upswing. It has been establishing higher lows, and could be ripe for another rip, so we’re keeping our eyes open.

We created a video chart for PVSP as well:

Oncothyreon, Inc. ONTY

We made mention of ONTY as a morning gapper in our report dated May 22nd, and from a low of 2.80 that day, the stock has made quite a bit of forward progress. It hit 3.66 (+31%) two sessions later, followed by only a slight pullback.

We’re watching this morning as the stock is gapping up once again, having already chancged hands for as much as 5.35. That represents a 91% increase from our observed low, and further draws our interest in following the action from here.

Auri, Inc. AURI

Despite a big pullback into the close, AURI did not disappoint in its early performance on Friday. From .0052 the stock surged as high as a penny before tapering off, registering an intraday swing of 92%

We won’t disregard the possibility of a bounceplay once the stock establishes firm support, so we’ll be on the lookout for that.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ATNM Recap & More

Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ATNM

In the midst of what has begun as a relatively slow short week, ATNM has stood out as a solid play. We tagged this stock for observation in last Thursday’s report, and the subsequent move has been quite noteworthy.

Entering into the holiday weekend, we had witnessed a low of 2.78, and yesterday the stock jumped to a new high of 4.34. Considering it took just three sessions for the pick to provide, that 56% swing is quite significant.

ATMN is among a wide array of companies that will be appearing at this year’s Marcum Microcap Conference in NYC  For those unable to attend the company will be providing a live webcast of its presentation (05/28 @ 10:30am Eastern) Read the news release for details  >>> VIEW PR

PlasmaTech Biopharma, Inc. PTBI

Speaking of companies presenting at the upcoming Marcum Microcap Conference whose stocks have recently featured in our reports, we’re turning our attention back to PTBI this morning.

We followed the stock to a nice gain opportunity early last week (+35%), and after an interim period of consolidation, we’re seeing a sizable gap-up occurring in this morning’s premarket activity.

As you can see on the chart, PTBI has built toward what is known as a Bullish Flag, which can be an indicator of more gains ahead. We’ll look for the stock to hold support above yesterday’s swing low (8.55) in order to maintain the trend.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: GTAT Recap & More

GT Advanced Technologies, Inc. GTAT

The unmatched winner of yesterday’s report definitely has to be GTAT. This gem came off of our extended watchlist, and had a breakout session. The impressive run began at a morning low of .88, and the stock continually pushed the envelope, reaching an afternoon high of 2.00.

The move came to an impressive intraday gain of 127% on 17X the three-month average volume. Cheers to all the folks who were able to carve a slice off of the pie!

The PPS did taper into the close, pulling back to 1.21, but is gapping up this morning, with GTAT thus far having traded as high as the 1.60′s in the premarket.

Recapping Yesterday’s Options Idea

Yesterday morning we raised a flag on the November $16 PBR Calls, and our bait wasn’t in the water long before we got a bite. PBR would briefly crack the $17-mark by early afternoon setting the stage for a solid chance.

Our contracts of interest traded in a range from 2.00 to as high as 2.70, making for a 35% intraday swing. With plenty of time before expiration, we could still see further action on the Nov. $16′s, so they’ll stay on our radar for the time being.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AVOP, CETV, PBR Options

AV1 Group, Inc. AVOP

We’ve been tracking AVOP for a few weeks now, having already seen some pretty impressive moves from the stock. Our initial alerts lead to gains in excess of 200%, and we saw another spike yesterday which led to AVOP coming down to .0012 from a high of .0027.

The stock closed out the day at .0016, and it seems to be searching for a bottom, so we’ll be monitoring for that eventuality. As volatile as trading in AVOP is, a properly timed bottom play could yield significant gains.

In order to remain interested in AVOP, we’ll want to see it hold support at or above its recent base range of .001-.0012.

Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. CETV

It’s been quite some time since we caught CETV on a Form-4 scan back in 2013. We followed the stock to highs well over 6.00 back in October.

After searching out a bottom, CETV again surged from the 2.10-range to the 3.40′s from November, and leading up to the beginning of 2014.

The stock produced yet another spike at the end of February that carried it from under 3.00 to nearly 5.00.

We come across this play as it is once again in a bottom-searching pattern. With the kind of moves this thing has made for us in the past, popping after big consolidations, we would be remiss to ignore its potential once it does find solid support and a subsequent rebound.

Petroleo Brasiliero SA (Petrobras) PBR

The PBR options chain has been very kind to us in recent months. When we first introduced this play on March 21st, the stock was trading at a low of 11.25.

It seems every time we called out our interest in a particular set of contracts in the weeks that followed, the gains would pile on, often to the tune of 100% or more. A quick scan through our PBR archive will confirm just how many times we took advantage of this stock’s recovery.

After peaking at a high of 14.87 on April 8th, the stock came back to bounce off support at 12.98 on April 15th.

Since then, it has been testing the boundary at $14, and hit a high of 14.03 yesterday, and already in the pre-market the stock is trading as high as 14.10, so we’ll try to take advantage of the trend using options.

We’ll be monitoring the $13.50 and $14 Weekly Calls throughout the rest of the week for potential dip-and-rip opportunities.

Extended Watchlist: