Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ACGX News, RSHC, Options

Alliance Creative Group, Inc. ACGX

The first thing we want to point out this morning is the exclusive interview we conducted with ACGX executive Paul Sorkin on our sister site, It will be available later today, and it gives an in-depth look into all of the exciting things going on with ACGX.

As noted in the corresponding PR below, to see the interview, simply navigate over to at noon. Don’t miss it! 

CHICAGO, IL–(Marketwired – February 09, 2015) – Alliance Creative Group, Inc. ( (ACGX), a product development agency with a fully integrated customer engagement campaign platform, COO and General Counsel, Paul Sorkin, will be a featured guest in an interview today at 12pm EST.

An archived recorded version can be found on the homepage of Stock Traders Talk at following the interview.

RadioShack Corp. RSHCQ

Following its delisting from the NYSE last week, Radio Shack(formerly RSH) now trades OTC under the new symbol, RSHC(Q). Even amid the company’s financial woes, we had some success with RSH last year.

We’ll be looking at RSHCQ as it comes up off of a bottom of .09 reached on Thursday. The stock began to bounce and Friday, maintained support at the .12 mark. It came in conjunction with the news that 1,700 RadioShack stores were set to begin liquidation-style closing sales as part of a paring down of the company’s brick-and-mortar businesses.

What we’ll be looking for from here is for RSHCQ to register higher highs and higher lows to confirm the uptrend which began on Friday. Current resistance is sitting at .15, .35 and .41.

Options Trading

Twitter, Inc. TWTR
LinkedIn Corp. LNKD

We’ve made several great options calls in the last couple of weeks thanks in large part due to the predictable nature of trading action during earnings season.

On Friday, we noted our interest in TWTR $45 and LNKD $263 Calls- TWTR closed at  $48.01, and LNKD closed over $263.40, so anyone trading either set of contracts would have been able to walk away with substantial profits on the day as those strike prices were pushed deep into the money., Inc. AMZN

Back on January 30th, we were talking about some AMZN weekly calls, and in that same report we offered up a longer-term idea, specifically the 02/20 $350 Calls. It turned out to be an amazing idea, with those contracts going for as little as 5.58 that day, and running all the way up to $30 last week as AMZN has made its way to $370-range. That marked a move up of 438% inside of a week!

Extended Watchlist:
SPRZ, CTIX, IOSA(merger news)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Refocusing on ACGX

Alliance Creative Group, Inc. ACGX – Update

All but the newest of our readers should be aware of our ongoing interest in ACGX. The stock has appeared in our reports on several occasions over the past couple of years, and it has repeatedly provided us with chances to turn a profit.

This past spring, we tracked ACGX on its way to a 100% move from .0055-.011. Upon subsequent consolidation, we also witnessed many significant swings. Most recently, we focused on ACGX a couple of weeks ago on January 15th. The stock had come down to bounce off of support at the .002-level, and that report turned out to be very well-timed, with the session yielding up a 33% intraday run from .0021 to .0028.

What we’d like to do today before assessing the current positioning of the ACGX chart, is to focus a bit more on the company’s latest acquisition, PeopleVine:

PeopleVine is a complete customer relations platform comprised of an impressive suite of tools that facilitate every aspect of customer engagement for growing businesses.

From identifying, targeting, and acquiring new customers, to managing existing ones and keeping them actively engaged and loyal, Peoplevine’s individual modules are seamlessly integrated from start to finish. It effectively replaces multiple avenues of customer engagement, and therefore has the potential to reduce costs in those areas.

The platform provides economic efficiency by breaking down each customer interaction to individual events called TouchPoints. The pricing structure is divided into multiple levels for scalability, so companies aren’t paying for more than they need to effectively grow their business.

We’re really impressed with the capabilities of the PeopleVine platform and its overall flexibility, and most importantly, the added value its acquisition brings to ACGX. You can take a much closer look over at the PeopleVine product page.


We’ve prepared a video presentation of the ACGX Chart that we’d like you to check out by clicking the graphic below.

As the video states, we want to see support hold for ACGX at or above the .0018-.002 range.  Resistance is sitting in the channel between .0027-.0029 channel so we’ll be looking for a break through that area, where the next target would be the 200DMA of .0035. A return to that point on the chart would spell potential gains in excess of 75% So we’ll continue to devote attention to ACGX, which has yet to let us down over our long history with the stock.

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Side Note – AMZN Options Success:

We want to take a quick moment to highlight some absolutely amazing Options Calls we made on AMZN last week. We scored our first 1000% gainer with NFLX Options the week prior, and it didn’t take us very long to identify a couple more!

On Friday, we highlighted the weekly $345 and $350 Calls for intraday flip opportunities and what we ended up with were some ridiculously large gains. The $345 Calls traded from a low of  1.15 and shot all the way up to 14.25, marking a single session move of 1139%    The $350’s fared even better, registering a run from .39 to 9.56, a mind boggling 2351%

Congratulations to anyone who was following our AMZN calls on Friday. We’ve had immense success with options trading thus far this year, and vow to continue the trend as best we can! The biggest gains are yet to come!

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ACGX Update Report

Alliance Creative Group, Inc. ACGX

It has been awhile since we last zeroed in on ACGX, and with a new PR out this morning for the first time in a couple of months, it seems like a good time to bring this one up again. Before getting into the latest developments, allow us to reiterate a few key points on the nature of the company for some of our newest subscribers.Alliance’s business is well diversified, including the following services and more:

Creative & Design – ACGX conceptualizes and develops brands from scratch, as well as working with pre-existing brand imagery to create practical packaging solutions for everything from labels to product displays, flyers, ads, & more.

Packaging –  Alliance offers a virtually limitless array of product packaging options, which can be custom tailored, or selected for a catalog of thousands of pre-designed packaging templates.

 Supply Chain Management –  ACGX provides customers with supply chain management, evaluating and calibrating every aspect of the product timeline from supplier to consumer.

Printing – ACGX does in-house printing of all kinds with 24-hour distribution capabilities facilitated by a half-dozen supply warehouses across the country.

PR, Brand Development & Managment – Alliance handles these vital mechanisms from start to finish- Product Creation> Marketing> Product Placement> Distribution> Brand Management> PR

As part of its efforts to give back, Alliance has long operated, offering its services with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. More recently it established, which aims to meld corporate gifting and charity, which we think is a great idea.

For over a decade ACGX has been working with John Paul Mitchell Systems (Company responsible for Paul Mitchell haircare products), and in a PR this fall, alluded to having received additional business for Paul Mitchell’s PM Shines line >>> READ PR 

We also want to point out the new PR released this morning which contains significant news pertaining to the expansion of ACGX’s already diverse business via acquisition:

CHICAGO, IL–(Marketwired – January 15, 2015) – Alliance Creative Group, Inc. ( (OTC PINK: ACGX) is pleased to announce the acquisition of PeopleVine, a customer engagement enterprise software platform, to expand its product development and marketing resources. PeopleVine helps build brand loyalty through an easy-to-use customer engagement platform that offers 20 different components in one fully integrated platform.  >>>VIEW FULL PR

***SPECIAL NOTE*** To introduce newly acquired PeopleVine, Alliance is running a $1000 Cash Giveaway!  Anyone can enter the FREE scratch off contest and win cash, along with many other prizes including free print services, a free month of PeopleVine, and other discounts and giveaways. >>CLICK HERE TO PARTICIPATE


Looking at the ACGX Chart, the stock began to come off of a relative bottom toward the end of 2014, and has been maintaining support above its previous resistance level which currently coincides with the 50DMA at .0019.  As you can see on the following snapshot, if ACGX can push through the channel between .002-.0025, we could be in line to witness a significant breakout to the upside.

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