Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FRTD Special Report

Fortitude Group, Inc. FRTD

To kick off this new trading week, we’re focusing on FRTD, a stock that we’ve been tracking since we caught it as a marijuana momentum play off of a routine scan back on February 25th.

That day, on the heels of a prior announcement that the company would begin offering transaction processing to legal dispensaries in the medical marijuana industry, the stock took off and gave us a great chance to profit. It ran 122% intraday from a low of .0081 to .018. The next day, it traded in a range from .0151 to .0249, adding another 65% run.

More recently, FRTD gained even more ground, running to a new 52-week high on April 4th at .0784. At that point, the move we’d seen from the stock in less than 6 weeks amounted to 868%

Apart from the multitude of gain opportunities it has brought us in recent months, one of the main aspects of FRTD that we like is the level of activity at which the company has been operating with regard to transparency.  It has seen several developments that it has relayed to the public in the month of April.

It began with a distribution agreement FRTD reached with dry-herb vaporizer manufacturer, VaporVites. On April 2nd, it was announced that FRTD would process orders for 10 dispensaries in Colorado with the expansion of an additional 70 dispensaries over the few months. (Initial 5000-Unit order received 04/08) It was this news that would serve as the precursor to the stock’s run to its annual high.

We are now looking back at the consolidation period that followed, as FRTD began to bounce on Friday following another exciting announcement. The company made good on its promised stock repurchase, wherein in bought up 8.5% of its total public float out of the open market.

Just looking at that, and the other recent developments from FRTD, one can tell that every effort is being made to effect forward progress.


Fortitude Group, Inc. Purchase 8.5% of Their Public Float (Fri, Apr 25)

Fortitude Group, Inc. Gives Qualified Shareholders a $25.00 Affinity Black Card (Mon, Apr 21)

Fortitude Group, Inc. Submits Special Share Issuance Certificate to Transfer Agent (Thu, Apr 10)

Fortitude Group, Inc. Receives Initial VaporVites Order (Tue, Apr 8)

Fortitude Group, Inc. Executes Distribution Agreement With VaporVites (Wed, Apr 2)


That brings us to the current FRTD chart, which appears to be ripening. This morning’s news (below chart) of another large share repurchase by the company is another thing attracting us to FRTD this morning.

We’ve also prepared a video chart:

Today’s Big News:

(In addition to the large share repurchase, FRTD also hinted at an upcoming strategic partnership with a revenue producing company)

ERIE, PA–(Marketwired – Apr 28, 2014) – Fortitude Group, Inc. (OTC: FRTD) is pleased to announce, as part of their previously announced Stock Repurchase Plan, they have retired and returned to treasury 185,000,000 shares of their restricted common stock (20% of the 894,322,304 shares that were formally issued and outstanding).

The Board of Directors, on February 25, 2014, resolved the repurchase of up to 100,000,000 Class A common shares of the Company. On March 26, 2014, the Board of Directors agreed to increase the allotted number of shares in the Stock Repurchase Plan from 100,000,000 to 250,000,000 (which can be purchased over the next 365-days). To date, the company has retired a total of 212,550,000 shares (24%) of their issued and outstanding common stock. >>> FULL PR

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Updates on FRTD, TTDZ & More

Fortitude Group, Inc. FRTD

As we embark on another week of trading action, we need to first post an update on the continued success of one of our recent picks, FRTD.

We brought our readers a prime opportunity with this cannabis play when we put it on our radar the morning of February 25th. That day, the stock would see a low of .0081 and it has been one heck of a ride ever since.

This is one marijuana-related stock that has actual substance, affirmed by a recent distribution agreement the company struck with herb vaporizer manufacturer ‘VaporVites’, that could see Fortitude processing orders from up to 80 Colorado marijuana dispensaries within the next quarter.

That mid-week news helped fan the flames that would push FRTD to a new high on Friday, as it touched .0784. That marked a whopping 868% from the low we observed roughly five weeks ago.

Triton Distribution Systems, Inc. TTDZ

TTDZ is yet another pot stock that we put on watch when it was trading sub-penny, and as a result of the investment community’s rising level of interest in everything cannabis, has burst through the penny barrier to achieve impressive new highs.

From a low of .0012 on 01/30, we’ve tracked TTDZ all the way to it’s new four-cent high on Friday; an overall increase of 3233% TTDZ has become a prime example of our continued interest in the sector.

While it’s true that the fevered hype that we saw at the beginning of 2014 surrounding the marijuana sector has normalized quite a bit, it is still one of the most high-potential market spaces. We are only just witnessing the beginnings of extreme change in this arena. It has already spread far beyond Colorado, with the Obama administration gradually softening its position on pot.

Atty. General Eric Holder, at a recent appropriations committee hearing, even said: “We’d be more than glad to work with Congress if there is a desire to look at and reexamine how the drug is scheduled”

We’ve already reaped vast rewards off of this fledgling space, with total gains numbering in the tens of thousands over the past few months, and we don’t predict an end to it any time soon, so be sure to stay with us!

Hemp, Inc. HEMP

HEMP, another of our favorite cannabis plays (Followed it from subpenny up to .34 earlier this year) came with dividend news this morning that we wanted to pass along:

Options Trading Side Note:

We’ve been tracking PBR heavily for the options trading chances it has provided us. Currently we’re radaring the May $12 Calls and the June $14 calls for longer-term trades, and are sticking with the $13 and $13.50 weekly calls for more rapid flip opportunities.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FRTD, CBGI

Fortitude Group, Inc. FRTD

FRTD is a recent success story that we wanted to share, having afforded us sizable gains over a short time frame. We brought FRTD to our reports for the first time on February 25th, and on that day, were given the chance at up to 122% in intraday gains when the stock ran from its low of .0081 up to a high of .018.

We stayed hot on its trail the following day, and were rewarded with another pop, this time, a 65% rip from .0151 to .0249.

The next session was spent under healthy consolidation, leading us up to last Friday, when FRTD turned itself around and began climbing again, posting higher lows and higher highs for the next three sessions.

FRTD continued its ascent yesterday, reaching a new high of .03, which, from our initial alert low (.0081) from just over a week ago, marked an overall rise of 270%

We’re going to continue to monitor FRTD heavily and we head into the week’s end, because as you can see on the chart below, a Golden Cross has just occurred, and we’re well aware that this formation often contributes to breakout conditions.

Cannabusiness Group, Inc. CBGI

We added CBGI to our marijuana stock watchlist on Monday, and on that day, we saw an intraday run from .0321-.042 with a max-gain opportunity of 31%

We still have CBGI on high alert today for two reasons. First, the exciting, untraded-upon PR of which you’ll find a snippet below, outlining the acquisition of land with the intent of setting up a medical marijuana grow-operation in California. Additionally, the CBGI chart is heading straight for a Golden Cross, so this is definitely a stock that will hold our attention as we go forward.

LONDON, March 6, 2014 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — The CannaBusiness Group, Inc. (OTC: CBGI) Mission Viejo, Ca. March 6, 2014, acquires commercial property or land, they lease out the facilities for Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial and Retail, while managing the properties that it has acquired and leased out.

The facility has a tenant that is a state licensed California medical marijuana cultivator. The land is 17.3 Acres located in Northern California with its own water source which has never been without water. The property is being purchased for $275,000 with restricted common stock and cash.>> FULL PR

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