Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AVOP, CETV, PBR Options

AV1 Group, Inc. AVOP

We’ve been tracking AVOP for a few weeks now, having already seen some pretty impressive moves from the stock. Our initial alerts lead to gains in excess of 200%, and we saw another spike yesterday which led to AVOP coming down to .0012 from a high of .0027.

The stock closed out the day at .0016, and it seems to be searching for a bottom, so we’ll be monitoring for that eventuality. As volatile as trading in AVOP is, a properly timed bottom play could yield significant gains.

In order to remain interested in AVOP, we’ll want to see it hold support at or above its recent base range of .001-.0012.

Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. CETV

It’s been quite some time since we caught CETV on a Form-4 scan back in 2013. We followed the stock to highs well over 6.00 back in October.

After searching out a bottom, CETV again surged from the 2.10-range to the 3.40′s from November, and leading up to the beginning of 2014.

The stock produced yet another spike at the end of February that carried it from under 3.00 to nearly 5.00.

We come across this play as it is once again in a bottom-searching pattern. With the kind of moves this thing has made for us in the past, popping after big consolidations, we would be remiss to ignore its potential once it does find solid support and a subsequent rebound.

Petroleo Brasiliero SA (Petrobras) PBR

The PBR options chain has been very kind to us in recent months. When we first introduced this play on March 21st, the stock was trading at a low of 11.25.

It seems every time we called out our interest in a particular set of contracts in the weeks that followed, the gains would pile on, often to the tune of 100% or more. A quick scan through our PBR archive will confirm just how many times we took advantage of this stock’s recovery.

After peaking at a high of 14.87 on April 8th, the stock came back to bounce off support at 12.98 on April 15th.

Since then, it has been testing the boundary at $14, and hit a high of 14.03 yesterday, and already in the pre-market the stock is trading as high as 14.10, so we’ll try to take advantage of the trend using options.

We’ll be monitoring the $13.50 and $14 Weekly Calls throughout the rest of the week for potential dip-and-rip opportunities.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Updates on ACGX & AVOP

Alliance Creative Group, Inc. ACGX

As you know, ACGX brought us an excellent chance at gains of up to 91% following our initial alert on Wednesday, (trading in a range from .0055-.0105) and the stock continued to provide opportunities as we closed out the short week on Thursday.

It traded with increased volatility compared to the previous session, but the chances to profit for the quick-witted trader were present. The chart below shows how one could have taken advantage of the swings and flipped ACGX for cumulative gains adding up to 59%

Thursday’s Major Swings:
.0084- .0099 (18%)
.0078 -.0089 (14%)
.008-.0088 (10%)
.0076-.0089 (17%)

We pointed out on Thursday that we wanted to see support hold above .0069, and that’s still true as we kick off a new week. We also want to focus on a PR released by Alliance just a few minutes ago:

Net Income Increased Over 150% in Q1 ’14 Compared to Q1 ’13

CHICAGO, IL, Apr 21, 2014 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — Alliance Creative Group, Inc., ( (PINKSHEETS: ACGX) is pleased to announce it has surpassed $3,200,000 in revenue and over $275,000 in Net Income for the first Quarter of 2014 ending March 31, 2014.

The 2014 First Quarter numbers, ending March 31, 2014, represent an increase of about 30% in revenue and an increase of more than 150% in Net Income compared to the first quarter of 2013. The full financial statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, stockholder equity and information and disclosure statements will be completed and posted on the OTC Market Company website at under the stock symbol ACGX under the section for filings and disclosure around the 2nd week of May, 2014. >> FULL PR


BARCHART.COM is currently rating ACGX an “88% Buy” Overall

AV1 Group, Inc. AVOP

While our coverage of the cannabis sector spans back to 2012, and covers a vast range of stocks, AVOP is one marijuana play that we only just recently added to our ongoing watchlist.

After it popped up on a routine scan for interesting news, we tagged it in our report dated  Tuesday, April 8th, and were duly rewarded for our efforts as we witnessed a subsequent run from  .0006 to .0018 (+200%).

AVOP pushed to a high of .0023 on Wednesday (overall move of 283% in roughly a week), and on Thursday after having come down to .0015, ran once again as high as .0021.(+40%)

The relaxation of the cannabis sector is undeniable, but stocks like AVOP have shown us that the opportunities are still out there.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Updates on ACGX & Others, Bottom-Bounce Watchlist

Alliance Creative Group, Inc. ACGX

Our first order of business as we wrap up this short trading week is to congratulate everyone who caught our special alert of ACGX yesterday! An enormous pat on the back is due for folks who caught it at its daily low of .0055, because it wasn’t long before it embarked on a huge run that lasted all day, as the stock took on a life of its own.

Not only did ACGX very nearly crack into the top ten on the OTC Markets most-traded list (11th Most Active), but it surged into Pennyland, breaking out to a high of .0105 on the day; that was good for an intraday move of 91%

Adding to the excitement was the fact that this occurred on well over 5x the 3-month average volume. In fact, it was the second-highest trading volume in the history of the stock, so we are calling our coverage of this play yesterday a rousing success.

It’s easy to get lost in the short-term brilliance of this stock, but remember, we’re interested in ACGX on a longer-term basis as well. If you didn’t catch yesterday’s report, and missed out on the big gains, we don’t think it will be your last chance. This is a steady-growth, revenue producing outfit that we feel has an extremely bright future. If you didn’t read yesterday’s ACGX Report, please do so now; it will be a good place to start your due diligence on this gem.

That being said, The near-term fireworks may not yet be over. The amount of momentum flowing through ACGX yesterday was awe-inspiring, and the stock held the majority of its stellar gain overnight. Caution should be exercised in situations like these, but an accurate play on the trends from this point forward could still make for notable profit-taking opportunities.

Rest assured that we will keep everyone abreast of further happenings with ACGX, and again, cheers to anyone who was already able to pad their pockets by way of our perfectly-timed alert!

It also enabled us to claim the top spot on yesterday’s Penny Stock Rumble:

ACGX is still receiving an 100% Overall “Buy Rating” over at BARCHART.COM

More Info:

With ACGX requiring our undivided attention yesterday, we were unable to include updates for our members on the impressive performances of some of our other recent interests, so let’s look at those now:

Wave Systems Corp. WAVX

Appearing as a feature in Tuesday’s report, WAVX really made waves as it came out of the gate, touching 1.18 in the early morning, before taking off on a run that would propel the stock as high as 1.97.

Total gains of up to 67% were possible with WAVX in what was an extremely liquid session; WAVX traded 22.48M shares on the day Tuesday, an all-time record.

AV1 Group, Inc. AVOP

Tracking back just a bit further, we find AVOP, which last appeared in Friday’s newsletter. We were patting ourselves on the back for calling attention to the stock the previous Tuesday, which had allowed us to see a 200% run from .0006 to .0018.

AVOP would come down to find support in the .001-.0013 range, where it traded in a tight channel leading up to yesterday’s session. Another run ensued, and we saw a new high of .0023. That means we saw an overall move of 283% from AVOP in just over a week! Gains of up to 91% were possible during yesterday’s session alone; we salute anyone who was able to take advantage!

When we brought this pot play to the table last week, it was in the midst of a general pullback throughout the cannabis sector. AVOP did buck the trend, although we are seeing a bounceback for many of the other marijuana-related stocks that we’ve been tracking.

A big development in the sector came a few days back, when Walmart announced that it would begin selling marijuana in Colorado (and Washington, when legal sales begin there this summer). Review the article here.

Bottom-Bouncing Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: State of the Cannabis Sector

State of the Cannabis Sector

Shockwaves rippled through the burgeoning cannabis sector yesterday, as the SEC imposed a halt on the trading of PHOT stock (effective through Apr. 24th). Being such a major player in this fledgling market space, the sanction on PHOT caused pot stocks across the board to register losses on the day. Coupled with the general backsliding of the overall markets, many of the pot stocks that we’ve been tracking ended in the red, however our overall feelings toward the sector have not changed.

This was not the first halt of a cannabis stock, with CANN having just resumed trading after its own halt just a few weeks ago. With the free-for-all that was taking place earlier this year at the height of the “Green Rush”, it is unsurprising that some have used the opportunity to take advantage, and only natural that the SEC would tend to these cases in such a manner.

The fact remains that many states have pending marijuana legislation on the docket for 2014, so we can be certain that we are only at the beginning of the story. Just look at the following map of the current state of marijuana law in the US:

As a whole, the progress that legalization proponents have made over just the past couple of years has been nothing short of astounding. In government, nothing happens overnight; it takes time to change laws, and the pace at which marijuana reform is occurring is impressive.

Bumps in the road like the PHOT halt (and others which are bound to occur) are to be expected, and in fact, makes the need for us to keep our fingers on the pulse of the cannabis space that much more vital. General pullbacks caused by fear and panic like the one we observed yesterday can often be used to acquire cheap stock, which in many cases will yield future opportunities.

AV1 Group, Inc. AVOP

One exception to the overall trend yesterday, was a recent successful marijuana-related call of ours, in AVOP. If you recall, when we brought this play to the table on Tuesday, the stock ran from a low of .0006 to .0015, gaining 150%

The following day, AVOP pushed to a high of .0018, moving our total possible gains on the stock up to 200% before coming down to find support in the .0012-.0014 range, which it held yesterday, despite pullbacks occurring all around the space.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AVOP, PBR, FRMC, UTRM

AV1 Group, Inc. AVOP
First thing’s first; we want to congratulate anyone that caught AVOP off of yesterday’s Extended Watchlist. Marijuana-related news strikes again! The stock traded as low as .0006 early in the morning, and would go on to push as high as .0015 just prior to the close.
That was good for an intraday run of 150% from this play on the heels of a press release stating that the company had been the subject of a friendly takeover by the Marijuana Incubator Group, which specializes in cultivation technology. We’ll definitely be following along with this story moving forward.

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR

Yesterday we saw PBR make its first big consolidation since we began tracking its recovery off of all-time lows, but not before gapping up to a new high. It provides a good lesson as to why it’s always a good idea to sell into a gap-up and lock in those profits on strength.

Despite the dip, yesterday’s low of 13.70 is still significantly higher than its 11.25 price when we first came across the play on 03/21. We’d like to see support hold at or above that 13.70-mark, or risk seeing a more substantial pullback. Below that, the next level of support is the 200DMA at 13.47.

Overall, PBR and its options chain has exceeded our expectations at every turn, and provided it holds the level of support we just mentioned, we still like the May $12, and April $14 Calls for longer-term chances, and the $13.50 and $14 Weekly Calls for possible short-term opportunities.

Formcap Corp. FRMC

One of the potential bottom-plays we put forth in yesterday’s morning report went on to have quite a session. FRMC traded in a range from .031-.0489, representing a positive intraday move of 58%

It also marked the third consecutive session of the stock making both higher lows and higher highs, further confirming the uptrend off of its recent bottom.

United Treatment Centers, Inc. UTRM

We also want to point out one of our recent interests with fresh news hitting the wires this morning. We’ve been expecting an update from UTRM and it’s finally arrived:

LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwired – Apr 9, 2014) – United Treatment Centers Inc. (OTC Pink: UTRM) (PINKSHEETS: UTRM) DBA “We have closed our first round of financing and will launch full scale website/video operations on 4/20/2014. After fielding several offers, we have put together a structure that enhances shareholder value and is commensurate with our long term objectives” >> FULL PR

Speaking of marijuana-related plays, we will be re-alerting one of our old favorites tomorrow, be sure not to miss out on Thursday’s report hitting your inboxes between 9-9:30AM! This stock is primed with the potential for a serious move, so stay tuned!

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