Blue Horseshoe Stocks: TSLA Rebound & More

Tesla, Inc. TSLA

We’re looikng at TSLA from a purely technical perspective, not paying much mind to the company’s reduction in standard available vehicle colors to simplify production, especially since the removed colors are still available at a small added cost.

The stock has recently shown signs of a bottom-bounce, and we’re going to want to be ready with some options trading possibilities if it can mount a reasonable rebound. We’re going to put the TSLA 10/06 $285-290 Calls on watch in the days and weeks ahead.

Tilray Inc. TLRY

We also wanted to backtrack a tad to our summer coverage of TLRY. We tagged this stock in our watchlist several times between July 20th and the present. Our observed low was at 21.50, and in an incredible multi-week run, the stock subsequently reached a high of 97.36! That’s an eye popping 353% which, for that to occur in a $20+ stock in roughly six weeks time is practically unheard-of!

To provide another related idea going forward, we’re going to begin tracking the TLRY 09/21 $91-93 Calls in forthcoming sessions.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SODE New Highs & More

Social Detention, Inc. SODE

It was just yesterday morning that we commenting on our coverage of SODE, the subject of a special report we did two weeks ago, at which time the stock was trading for as little as .10.

We mentioned the 53% gain it had already made leading into yesterday’s session,
and that we wanted to watch for it to establish higher highs and higher lows, continuing its current uptrend.

We didn’t have to wait for new highs to come rolling in- SODE once again pushed its upper limits and attained a high of .27, marking an overall two-week upswing of 170% It traded with volatility as well, providing not one but four separate intraday swings, as you can see on the intraday chart below.

In sequential order, those swings came from .145-.26 (+79%), .19-.26 (+37%), .19-.27 (+42%) and from .20-.26 (+30%), for cumulative gains of 188% on the day.

Signet Jewelers Ltd. SIG – Options Idea

With SIG posting a solid beat on earnings this morning, we’re going to want to be standing ready with a set of options ideas to take advantage of what is some intense premarket acivity, with the stock in the process of filling a gap on the chart from late March.

Based on the stocks early hours performance, we’re going to slate the SIG Weekly $47.50-50 Calls for observation as we head through this midweek.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Fresh Options Ideas & More

Caterpillar, Inc. CAT – Update

After a huge earnings beat yesterday morning, we mentioned that we’d be monitoring the CAT Weekly $157.50-162.50 Calls to take advantage of the big boost in activity.

We did end up seeing some very nice moves from those contracts early on, before the market took a dive and took Caterpillar with it. The gains that were on the table in the morning prior to that dip were as follows:

$157.50′s : 2.30-4.50 (95%)
$160′s: 1.26-2.84 (+125%)
$162.50′s: .52-1.60  (+107%)

After the stock’s course correction, we’re going to dip back into the pool and slate the Weekly $143-145 Calls for observation as we head through this midweek.

Fresh Options Idea:

Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. CBI – We like the current setup of the CBI chart so we’re going to be tracking some options ideas there as well, with the CBI 05/18 $15-16 Calls.

Marathon Patent Group, Inc. MARA

We want to circle back around for an update on MARA this morning, after what has been a fruitful month for the stock. We last signaled this play on March 28th, and shortly thereafter witnessed a low of .92.

In the three weeks that followed we have seen some very nice, steady increases from MARA, with its new highs being registered at 1.94 yesterday. That marks an intra-month run of 111%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AAPL Update & More

Apple Inc. AAPL – Options

We once again found a way to leverage AAPL’s current uptrend to our advantage yesterday using the options chain. Just to refresh people’s memories, the idea we highlighted in our premarket report was to monitor Weekly Calls in the $130-132 range.

As AAPL pressed to a daily high of $133.13 we saw significant action in both the $131 and $132 Calls. The $131′s dipped as low as 3.60 before running to a subsequent high of 4.50, for an intraday move equaling 25%, and the $132′s made a nice spike from 3.10-3.88; also a 25% swing.

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

We also want to mention the performance of PZOO which surged to a new high of .0204 yesterday. In the video charts we’ve published on PZOO over the past couple of trading days, we mentioned that the 200DMA of .0204 should act as key resistance, and that’s where yesterday’s intraday run topped out. From a morning low of .0177, it marked a 15% jump.

From our observed low of .0049 on April 6th, PZOO’s new high marked an overall increase of 316% We stated this week that we want to see the stock maintain support in the channel between .011-.014, and that remains true today.

Any way you slice it, PZOO has performed admirably in the month of April.

Netlist, inc. NLST

Hitting our scanner this morning is a stock that has been in a steady downtrend for quite some time, which is gapping up in the premarket on the heels of an early PR linking the company to LG Electronics.

NLST has spent the better part of the last three months bottoming out, and the stock just set a new 52-week low yesterday. This is exactly the type of play that we like to monitor, as it gets kicked up off of annual lows.

Other Notable Gainers From Yesterday’s Watchlist

We’d also like to highlight two other plays that appeared in yesterday’s premarket report that provided opportunities for our readers.

SYMX traded in a daily range from 1.65-2.10, an increase of 27%

CANF rose from a low of 2.61 to hit 3.57; an intraday move of 37%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FRO Review & More

Frontline Ltd. FRO

FRO has definitely turned out to be one of our biggest success stories of the past several weeks. Just to refresh people’s memories, we caught this play coming off of some of its lowest prices of the year back on December 1st. Our observed low on FRO was 1.33 at that time, and in two huge upward moves the stock has traversed quite a bit of territory since then.

Yesterday FRO achieved a high of 5.05, which marks a total increase of 280% in just under six weeks! As we did after the initial push, we could now see a possible dip-and-rip scenario. We’ll remain interested provided the stock maintains support at or above the $3-area on the pullback.

As we can see on the chart above, there is a potential Golden Cross in the making, and with tens of millions of barrels of crude to be held on tankers over the next few months given the current oil landscape, this may not be the last time we point to big moves from FRO.

BARCHART.COM is currently giving FRO a “100% Buy” rating.

Twitter, Inc. TWTR – Options

Following up on one of the options ideas we were mulling over on TWTR last week; the TWTR February $40 Calls. When we first mentioned them last Wednesday (Saw a low of 2.15), we mentioned that they “could be in line for significant gains if TWTR continues to recover off of recent lows” and we did in fact see some substantial movement.

Those Feb. $40′s hit a high of 3.70 during the day yesterday, for an overall increase of 72% in a span of just four sessions! Even further gains could be forthcoming provided TWTR continues the current trend, so we’ll want to reserve it a slot on our watchlist as we head into mid-week.

Extended Watchlist: