Options HOT Streak!

Options Roundup

Yesterday brought more extreme success in the options trading arena for us, as we formulated two new ideas that worked out nicely, as well as increasing our strike field on the SPY by an extra two sets of contracts.

Our initial targets from Wednesday were the SPY Weekly $334-335 Calls, and we rolled up to include the $336 and $337’s as well. In each case, we saw some nice gains on the day yesterday:

SPY Weekly $334-335 Calls
$334: 2.47-4.87 (+97%)
$335: 2.00-5.64 (+182%)
$336: 1.88-2.95 (+57%)
$337: 1.46-2.35 (+61%)

The two fresh options plays that we highlighted were the NKLA Weekly $21.50-23 Calls and the BBBY Weekly $16-18 Calls, and in both cases, we saw some fantastic opportunities to profit.

NKLA Weekly $21.50-23 Calls 
$21.50: 1.17-5.40 (+362%)
$22: .91-5.20 (+471%)
$22.50: .66-4.57 (+592%)
$23: .50-4.16 (+732%)

BBBY Weekly $16-18 Calls
: 1.55-4.20 (+171%)
$16.50: 1.57-3.80 (+142%)
$17: 1.28-3.30 (+158%)
$17.50: .93-2.79 (+200%)
$18: .26-2.46 (+846%)

We also saw some more really great moves out of the UBER Calls we began tracking on Tuesday morning, including a ten-bagger!

UBER Weekly $34.50-36 Calls
: .68-3.35 (+392%)
$35: .39-2.58 (+561%)
$35.50: .25-2.29 (+816%)
$36: .15-1.81 (+1040%)

ABCO Energy, Inc. ABCE 

After mounting a run from .0004 up to .0009 as we mentioned in yesterday morning’s report, we cautioned readers that the stock had traded massive volume, and that we’d be on the lookout for a continuation of momentum.

That’s just what ended up happening, as ABCE pushed to a new high .0013. That extends our two-day observed gains on this play to 225%

Extended Watchlist:

SPY on a Run, Fresh Options Ideas

Options Recap

Yesterday morning, despite reactions to the presidential debates causing a premarket dip in the markets, we decided to go bullish on the SPY, as four positive economic reports had also just dropped. Our hunch proved to be beneficial right from the opening bell as the markets spent the majority of the day ripping.

Our targets were the SPY Weekly $334-335 Calls, and both sets of contracts produced double bag gain chances for us. We did see a pullback late in the day after these runs, bringing them down to new lows, and based on this morning’s premarket activity, we should have another opportunity to see some big upswings from there.

SPY Weekly $334-335 Calls
$334: 2.45-5.55 (+126%)
$335: 2.21-4.81 (+117%)

We are also going to want to roll up to include the SPY $336-337 Calls on our watchlist.  


Fresh Options Idea:
BBBY Weekly $16-18 Calls
NKLA Weekly $21.50-23 Calls 

ABCO Energy, Inc. ABCE – Recap

Also included in yesterday’s report was a tag of ABCE in our extended watchlist, which is most typically where you can find our penny stock plays. It put together a solid multibag run from .0004 up to a high of .0009. That works out to an intraday gain of 125%

Based off of the momentum we saw yesterday, with the stock trading right around a billion and a half shares (over 26X the 30-day average volume), we will want to continue to monitor this play as well.

Extended Watchlist:

Recent Successes, New Ideas

Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. SPCE – Review

To kick things off this week, we are first going to highlight the fantastic performance of the options targets we selected in the Virgin Galactic chain in Thursday morning’s premarket report. We signaled the SPCE Weekly $18-19 Calls, and while we had already witnessed multibag runs, all three sets in our designated range pushed the envelope on Friday.

The following ranges are two-session gains from Thuirsday’s low to their new Friday highs, and the total possible profits that were on the table over that span:

SPCE Weekly $18-19 Calls
$18: 1.28-6.55 (+412%)
$18.50: .86-5.95 (+592%)
$19: .62-5.64 (+809%)

We had also added the SPCE Weekly $22-22.50 Calls to our watchlist on Friday morning, and those plays also produced significant gain opportunities on the day, which were as follows:

SPCE Weekly $22-22.50 Calls
$22: .66-2.75 (+317%)
$22.50: .52-2.25 (+333%)

Novavax, Inc. NVAX

It was less than two weeks ago on the morning of the 8th, that we highlighted our coverage of NVAX beginning in May, and lauded the highs that the stock had reached in that time. The stock had run from our observed low in May of 36.08 to an impressive 111.77 (+210%).

Following another week of solid sessions, one after the other, NVAX has now reached an incredible new high of 144.54. That works out to an increase of 301% in a shade over two months! Even those who had only caught our update on July 8th, could have caught NVAX as low as 93.48. From that point, Friday high comes to an upswing of 47%

Vystar, Inc. VYST

VYST is an OTC stock we caught for some really nice gains in the spring and recently tagged again in our report on July 9th. Shortly thereafter we watched as VYST ran from .0178 to a new high of .044 on Friday. That’s a gain of 147%

Like many OTC plays we’ve recently been attracted to, this one has made multiple distinct and noteworthy moves.

Fresh Options Idea: 
HAL Weekly $13-13.50 Calls
MSFT Weekly $205-210 Calls

Extended Watchlist: