Blue Horseshoe Stocks: NEPT Recap & More

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources, Inc. NEPT

We want to follow up with NEPT this morning as the stock continues to break out to new highs. We originally slated this one for observation back on November 28th, and it has been a near-continual uptrend since then.

Subsequent to that November report, we would witness a low of 1.30, and as of the newly registered annual high of 3.10 yesterday, it marked a run of 138% in just over four weeks, with volume having been especially impressive this week. That high also represents

We will continue to track NEPT as long as it continues to register higher highs and higher lows. It is a cannabis play, but based in Canada, and thus relatively unaffected by recent statements from the DOJ which caused a selloff in many domestic pot stocks late this week.

ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc. CNET

Speaking of multi-year highs, we tagged CNET in yesterday’s morning report, just in the nick of time to catch the first bullish activity the stock has seen since 2014. An unexpected entry into the crypto space via a new partnership (>> View PR) sent shares through the roof.

CNET traded up from a low of 2.76 and went on to hit 11.90, marking an intraday run of 331% on an all-time high number of shares traded on the day. Course correction is likely, but we’re defintely going to want to keep tabs on CNET moving forward, as dip and rip opportunities may present themselves.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: NEPT Review & More

Neptune Technology & Bioresources, Inc. NEPT

To start off the new calendar year on a high note, we’d like to track back to a stock we placed on our radars on the morning of November 28th, and recap the solid bullish performance that followed.

NEPT has been in a general uptrend ever since our alert, and is showing a strong sign that it may continue. Subsequent to our initial report, we observed a low of 1.30 in the stock, and as of the new high achieved to close out last week at 2.44. it marked an increase of 88%

We’ll continue to observe this stock, and will want to see it maintain support at or above the 2.20-area on any pullbacks.

INSYS Therapeutics, Inc. INSY

We formulated an options trading idea for the INSY 01/19 $8 and $9 Calls on Wednesday morning, and on Friday. mentioned that despite only moderate gains in the previous session, that we’d still be looking for our opportunity to come along.

Friday’s session facilitated some solid moves in our highlighted contracts, and current conditions suggest we could see an extension to the already significant gains that were there for the taking to close out the 2017 trading year.

The $8 Calls ran from .90-2.27, for a gain of 152%, while the $9′s traded up from .60 to 1.51, which works out to a 151% move.

INSY has traded as high as 10.25 in premarket trading today, and we will look to roll up our strike price to the $10-level if the stock holds above this morning’s premarket low of  9.75 once the session gets rolling.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ACBFF Recap & More

Marathon Patent Group, Inc. MARA

Yesterday morning, we were just recapping the recent excellent performance of MARA since our alert on November 2nd, at which time e would observe a low of 1.19 in the stock.

MARA had run all the way up to more than $6 as of Friday, and we mentioned that the stock was gapping up even further in yesterday’s premarket. We came back for this one at an excellent time, and the stock posted yet another bullish session. It picked up right where it left off on Friday once the session commenced, with MARA running to 10.03.

That high also represented an increase of 743% from our original low from early this month. From the current point, the stock has begun to look extremely overbought, so we may need to look out for a dip-and-rip scenario to remain interested in this play moving forward. But the huge move is already on the books and we’ve been very pleased with its performance.

Aurora Cannabis, Inc. ACBFF

We also want to go over the solid run from ACBFF since we last mentioned it on November 7th. We included it as part of a cannabis commentary, wherein we urged readers to consider the current and expected strength in the Canadian marijuana markets. Aurora has long been one of our favorite Canadian pot plays, and for good reason.

On the day of our last alert on ACBFF, it traded for as little as 2.777/share, and as of yesterday’s new high of 6.65, we’ve now seen a run totaling 139% from this play. A very respectable run for the month of November. This is certain to be one of many cannabis stocks from North of the Border that we’re going to continually track with Canada’s nationwide marijuana legalization headed this way in just 8 month’s time.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CYBR, MCP, MEIP & More

CyberArk Software, Ltd. CYBR

Our first experiences with CYBR were good ones, when we successfully called a couple of potentially lucrative options trades around the middle of last month. It was in our report from February 13ththat we targeted CYBR $50 and $55 Calls, and that day we saw moves in those contracts of 72% and 165% respectively.
We flagged CYBR once again yesterday, which had previously been under several weeks of consolidation, yet was gapping up in the premarket. The stock did well in reversing its path, trading in a range from 50.79-55.03, and holding the majority of those gains into the close.

Our current options idea is going to be the 04/17 $50 Calls (Closed at 6.60 yesterday). Should CYBR reach its way back to the $60-level anytime in the next few weeks, the gains we see in those contracts will be quite substantial.

Molycorp, Inc. MCP

MCP appeared in yesterday’s extended watchlist and demonstrated a reversal of its own. We’re going to place MCP on more intensive watch as the week progresses, as it has the markings of a potential bottom play.

We’ve illustrated some of the key characteristics of the chart below, which appears to be gearing up for what could be a big swing. The stock ran well over a dollar at the beginning of last month, so the potential for rapid gains has certainly been demonstrated.

MEI Pharma, Inc. MEIP

We’ve also got an eye on MEIP after the stock was crushed down to a 52-week low yesterday, following the company’s announcement of the failure of its cancer drug in middle-stage testing.

A single-session depreciation on the order of 70% is the hallmark of one heck of a knee-jerk reaction, and the stock appears to be gapping up slightly this morning, so we’ll be on the lookout for a recovery in MEIP shares in coming days.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ACGX Hits New High & Special Reminder

Alliance Creative Group, Inc. ACGX
Despite the fact that ACGX has been appearing continuously in our daily reports since we brought it to readers at a low of .0055 last Wednesday, April 16th,we’re fairly certain that no one is getting tired of hearing about it.
We certainly aren’t tired of reaping the rewards of what has been an extremely productive stock over the past few sessions. Prior to yesterday, we had seen the big 91% run from the low up to .0105 ( *Please excuse our error in yesterday’s report where we accidentally published .105 as the high), as well as some rapid swings and chances for dip-and-rip style plays that added up to a cumulative total of 59% on Thursday.
Yesterday, after coming down to trade at a low of .0091, ACGX ran 21% intraday, once again busting through the penny barrier and touching a new high for us, peaking at .011, an even 100% increase from the low of just three sessions ago.

Congratulations are again in order for anyone who has been following ACGX to substantial and repeated gains. The saving grace with this rare OTC gem is the fact that it boasts solid fundamentals, as your own personal due diligence will certainly confirm.

We’ll continue to keep everyone updated on this stock, which has turned into one of our most exciting and rewarding plays this year outside of the cannabis sector.

Link to Yesterday’s PR: Alliance Creative Group (ACGX) Surpasses $3,200,000 in Revenue and Over $275,000 in Net Income for Q1 2014 (Apr 21)

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American Apparel, Inc. APP

We re-introduced APP to our reports on April 15th, as “more of a long-term watchlist item that we like to continuously monitor for opportunities over extended periods of time.”

The stock was trading sideways off of support at its bottom at the time, and has since begun to come up to fill the gaps that we pointed out on the chart that day.

APP is currently trading up 5% pre-market, at .56, and if it can fill the gap all the way to .58 and surpass it, the next key resistance point comes at .60.

So we just wanted to reiterate our interest in APP as it recovers off of its bottom and we head into the summer months, which serve as a precursor to the busy retail season.


We’ve got another new pick coming tomorrow morning, so make sure to monitor your inbox pre-market, or stop by the Blue Horseshoe Stocks blog just prior to the opening bell so you don’t miss out!

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