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Options Recaps:

Our only new idea and primary target yesterday was Target, which performed incredibly well on the day. We had signaled interest in the TGT Weekly $143-146 Calls in our morning report, and those produced some serious multibag gain opportunities.

Here are the total profits that were available to anyone that had caught our premarket report:

TGT Weekly $143-146 Calls 
$143: 4.45-11.70 (+163%)
$144: 3.35-10.65 (+218%)
$145: 3.00-9.81 (+227%)
$146: 2.50-8.80 (+252%)

We are also going to want to stay close to the action as TGT continues to show strength. We are going to roll up to include the TGT Weekly $150-155 Calls, which we will track into the end of the week tomorrow.

Aureus, Inc. ARSN 

We had also tagged ARSN in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist, and multibag gains were to be had there as well. We witnessed a low of .0025 before it ran up to .0067, for an intraday push of 168% that came on an all-time record volume of 427.3M shares.

An interesting factoid on ARSN: The stock actually represents the original dairy company that the Yeungling family established during Prohibition to supplement the losses from their world-renowned brewing business.

Options Ideas:
BJ Weekly $40-45 Calls
LB Weekly $29-30 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Cannabis Updates, Options & More

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. CNBX

We began talking about CNBX earlier this month, mentioning it on the 5th and 6th, as part of our ongoing effort to remind our readers of the myriad opportunities there are, and will continue to be, in the cannabis space. We’re now less than two weeks away from an election that should dramatically alter the landscape of the marijuana business.

CNBX is among a number of pot-related plays that we’ve had on our running tracklist, and with the help of a really strong month overall, it has come all the way from our observed low of .06 on the day of our initial mention (10/05) to a new high yesterday of .377. That works out to an increase of 528% inside of three weeks.

It wasn’t the first time we’ve seen such a huge move out of a cannabis stock, and it certainly won’t be the last.

MyDx, Inc. MYDX

Speaking of the cannabis sector, MYDX is another constituent of that space that we’ve been tracking this month only to witness some excellent moves to the upside.

We entered MYDX into the mix on the 10th, and subsequently observed a low of .0225. Since then it’s been a fairly steady ramp-up and yesterday the stock achieved a new high of .0525. It represents a total PPS rise of 133%, which, like the above-mentioned play, occurred in a span of less than three weeks.

Fresh Options Ideas

We’re going to close things out for the week with the following options ideas.

AMZN Weekly $780-772.50 Puts*

RCL Weekly $67.50-72.50 Calls*

*Don’t forget what we always say regarding the trading of weekly options on a Friday. Advanced traders ONLY!

Extended Watchlist:

ACYD, PROP & Extended Watchlist

American Community Development Group, Inc.  ACYD
ACYD appears on our radar today as a full-bore breakout play, having increased over 3800% in less than a month. In June we tagged this stock as one to watch, and then again on 09/23. This illustrates why it is of vital importance to stay tuned to not only our daily focal points, but our extended watchlists as well.

At this point, ACYD has burst into the stratosphere, making entry from these levels extremely risky, if not inadvisable. We are not in the business of chasing extreme runners like this one, so what we’re going to do is monitor this play for a pullback and subsequent bounce.

It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve reaped profits from a stock in the same situation, if you recall BRND as an example. Over the summer, we timed the pullback after a series of tweets by Dennis Rodman caused the stock to spike violently over a very short period. On the heels of a gain in excess of more than 700%, that play afforded us a chance at over 80% on the dip-and-rip from .0077-.014.

Propell Technologies Group, Inc.  PROP
Another extended watchlist play, yesterday we placed PROP on watch after noticing it had broken its 50DMA in recent sessions. It turned in a solid intraday performance to the tune of 20%, having traded as low as .44 before hitting a high of .527, and closing strong at .52.

The next key resistance resides at .56, coinciding with the current 200DMA. Just a heads-up: Failure to breach that hurdle at .56 would likely give way to a pullback.

Extended Watchlist: