Week of Wild Gains Continues, 4 New Ideas

Reviewing a Great Start to Our Week:

There was a lot going on for yesterday morning’s premarket report. Not only did we have our typical fresh ideas for the day, but we mentioned how we Monday’s plays on the GME and AMC chains to tack on some impressive new highs, and that played out just as we foretold. To sweeten the pot, our fresh targets for the session also all produced good intraday runs to take advantage of, two of which were simply roll-ups in the above mentioned plays.

So below, we’re posting the absolutely massive two session swings from Monday’s GME and AMC calls (GME Weekly $22.50-24 Calls & AMC Weekly $3.00-3.50 Calls), along with the single session performance of yesterday’s roll-ups (GME Weekly $65 Calls & AMC Weekly $8-10 Calls), and finishing out with the other two fresh ideas from yesterday’s report, the ONON Weekly $33-34 Calls and the BABA Weekly $82-81 Puts. All in all it’s been an awesome start to the trading week, with these enormous runners posting numbers like this:

GME Weekly $22.50-24 Calls
 .93-38.52 (+4042%)
$23: .81-38.07 (+4600%)
$24: .79-36.38 (+4505%)

GME Weekly $65 Calls
 4.19-9.20 (+120%)

AMC Weekly $3.00-3.50 Calls
 .19-8.40 (+4321%)
$3.50: .10-8.00 (+7900%)

AMC Weekly $8-10 Calls
$8: .74-2.09 (+182%)
$8.50: .81-2.00 (+147%)
$9: .75-1.95 (+160%)
$9.50: .69-1.87 (+171%)
$10: .69-1.73 (+151%)

ONON Weekly $33-34 Calls
 .85-4.09 (+381%)
 .75-3.90 (+420%)
$34: .58-3.30 (+469%)

BABA Weekly $82-81 Puts
$82: 1.54-4.39 (+185%)
$81: 1.16-3.50 (+202%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
DELL Weekly $137-138 Calls
SONY Weekly $82 Calls
NXT Weekly $50 Calls
MNDY Weekly $210-220 Calls

Extended Watchlist: 

Top-Notch Tuesday Gainers, 5 Fresh Plays

Terrific Tuesday Recap:

Tuesday’s trading session brought more sweeping success for the picks we highlighted in our daily premarket report. We offered up ideas for three potential targets, and all three recorded some very nice intraday runs. In the entire month of January we haven’t missed on more than one or two targets at the very most, continuing the success we’ve been enjoying for years now, into 2024.

Yesterday’s three runners were the UPS Weekly $152.50-148 Puts, the WHR Weekly $113-111 Puts, and the SMCI Weekly $545-555 Calls and below you’ll find their single session performances. Additionally, we have our TSLA Weekly $182.50-185 Calls and NVDA Weekly $610-615 Calls picks from the previous session that also tacked on some nice new highs. Those ranges represent a two day swing.

UPS Weekly $152.50-148 Puts
3.93-8.00 (+104)
$150: 2.31-5.70 (+148)
$149: 2.00-4.80 (+140)
$148: 1.55-4.15 (+168)

WHR Weekly $113-111 Puts
$113: 2.10-3.40 (+62)
$112: 1.85-3.00 (+62)
$111: 1.15-1.82 (+58)

SMCI Weekly $545-555 Calls
3.50-7.49 (+114)
$550: 2.75-6.48 (+136)
$555: 2.35-5.41 (+130)

TSLA Weekly $182.50-185 Calls
$182.50: 4.90-14.23 (+190)
$185: 3.60-12.00 (+233)

NVDA Weekly $610-615 Calls
 12.69-28.00 (+121)
$612.50: 11.56-25.60 (+121)
$615: 10.41-24.26 (+133)

Fresh Options Ideas:
BSX Weekly $62-64 Calls
SBUX Weekly $96-98 Calls
BA Weekly $200-205 Calls
GSK Weekly $39.50-40 Calls
AMD Weekly $167.50-155 Puts

Extended Watchlist:

VYST Recap, Fresh Targets

Sintx Technologies, Inc. SINT

With the earnings calendar for today essentially empty, we have to switch tactics and search out some other type of opportunities to kick off this fresh trading week. Catching our eye early on this morning has been SINT.

The company recently reported success against the coronavirus in a controlled study of its special silicon nitride powder. This morning, the stock is gapping up in a big way, so we’re going to attempt to use this volatility to seek out swing trade opportunities with SINT.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, June 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SINTX Technologies, Inc. (“SINTX” or the “Company”), an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ceramics company focused on silicon nitride and its applications, today announced that in a controlled laboratory study, the SARS-CoV-2 virus was inactivated when exposed to SINTX’s sintered silicon nitride powder. The Company expects to share additional data soon (>> View Full PR)

Varex Imaging Corp. VREX

We want to also put VREX on an extended term watch today. The stock has been beaten up severely in recent months, and is just coming off of new annual lows last week. Not only that, but there re a couple of topside gaps on the chart that need filling.

We’re going to use the options chain and signal a couple of sets of ideas. One that expires next month, and one that stretches the playing field out to November. We’re going to highlight the VREX 07/17 $15-17.50 Calls and the 11/20 $20 Calls for observation in the weeks and months ahead.

Vystar Corp. VYST

We had signaled VYST in Thursday and Friday’s premarket reports, and we are pleased to report that the stock produced a healthy two-day swing over that stretch. From Thursday’s low of .0134, VYST hit .0325 on Friday. That works out to a two session increase of 143% which occurred on volume of nearly 150 million shares!

Based off of the fact that the stock closed near its high on that increased volume, we’re going to look for a possible continuation of momentum into this week.

Extended Watchlist: