Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Bottom-Play, Options & More

Adaptive Medias, Inc. ADTM

To kick things off on a fresh trading week this morning, we’re going to return to ADTM, a stock we’ve been familiar with in the past. We want to approach this play as a bottom-watch candidate. The stock has been in a general downtrend for the better part of four months, and just recently had been bashed back to a new 52-week low last week.

The stock has fallen, in just a short period of time, down into subpenny territory from prices of more than a dime a share just a couple of weeks ago. We’re always intrigued when a stock undergoes such a rapid sell-off, because in many instances, it leads to a serious rebound-play opportunity.

Should we be able to properly time the bottom, the potential rewards would be staggering if the stock managed to regain even half of its recent lost ground from current pricing. We’ll be sure to watch closely for that possibility.

Bank of America Corp. BAC – Options Idea

Sometimes, when searching for trading opportunities, the best way to identify items of significance is to follow the money. In the case of this morning, we’ve noticed an exceedingly high amount of open interest in BAC Calls, and are going to be looking to signal some longer-term contracts for monitoring in sessions to come.

Our highlighted targets in this instance are going to the BAC 07/15 $15 & 15.50 Calls. With such an extended expiration, it’s going to give us plenty of time to see BAC stock begin to approach that $15-mark again, and if/when it does, the gains in these contracts should prove to be quite significant.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: News Update, Options Highlights & More

Aperture Health, Inc. APRE – News Update

Our first order of business this morning is to update our readers on APRE, which we’ve been following for the better part of a month. In that time the stock has provided us with multiple swing trade opportunities and has been stretching the envelope on its latest upswing. From the .0188 swing-low we observed last Wednesday APRE has rapidly gained 219%, running up to a new high of .0599 yesterday.

We’ve pointed out a few key highlights of the current chart on the following snapshot:

We also want to point out some untraded-upon news that hit the wires yesterday post-market:

NEW YORK, May 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – Aperture Health, Inc. (OTC APRE) and CSS Alliance LLC (“CSS”), are pleased to announce that the company has branched out and signed a Joint Venture agreement which includes an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with CSS Korea R&D Co., Ltd for new technologies and products that include solar powered A/C units, and powerless generators, as well as solar powered boilers (>>View Full PR)

Options Highlights

Jack in the Box, Inc. JACK - We had a couple of our active options targets turn up sizable opportunities for profits yesterday beginning with JACK 05/20 $70 and $75 Calls. We caught JACK on the heels of its Q2 earnings release, and various circumstances allowed for us to take advantage of the idea on its first day of mentioning.

The $70 Calls traded in an impressive range from a low of 2.25 on up 6.85 for an intraday gain of 204% The $75 Calls fared even better as they ran from .39 to 1.61, a single-session rip of 313% With performances like those, we’ll continue to track these contracts through to their expiration next week.


Macy’s Inc. M  – Our signaled range for Macy’s from Wednesday’s report added to its gains yesterday. We had been tracking the M Weekly $36-34 Puts. At the top of the range, the $36 Puts surged from a low of 1.83 up to 5.15, for a two-session swing of 181% Gains increased incrementally into the lower strike prices, culminating in the $34′s which traded up from Wednesday’s low of .50 to a new high of 3.62; a 624% swing.

Cerebain Biotech Corp. CBBT

Just after we were reviewing CBBT’s recent performance in yesterday’s morning report, (We’d added it to our radars last Tuesday) the stock went on to set another new high for us.

The stock traded in a daily range from 1.25-1.75, a respectable 40% intraday rip. From our observed low of .53, the new high represents an overall move of 230%

Extended Watchlist: